You are the Runningback.\nThe Quarterback has just handed you the ball.\n\n<<display 'Holding the Ball'>>
The ball recoils from your helmet harmlessly.\nWhile you contemplate the meaning of life in general and yours in particular and the choices that brought you here, playing a sport which's rules you struggle to understand you start to remember something from the back of your head. No, not the last words of motivation your mother left with you when she left your family to become a celebrity astronaut and Spanish teacher. The dull feeling that you were supposed to be doing something-\nYou drop the thought when yo see your team mates approaching. It is hard to make out their faces beneath their helmets but they look upset. Maybe you can help in some way? It is nice to see them coming to you with their problems. They must trust you a lot. Fistbump? Of course!\n\nThe fist connects and the world turns black.\n\nGAME OVER
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What do you do?\n\n[[RUUUUUUUN!]]\n[[Stand around]]
This is the final and decisve play of the Super Bowl.\nYou are the Quarterback.\nYou hold the ball.\n\nWhat do you do?\n[[Pass]]\n[[Handoff]]\n[[Stand around]]
Super Text Football 2014
You are the Receiver.\nThe ball is coming your way.\n\nWhat do you do?\n[[Catch ball]]\n[[Huh?]]
You caught the ball.\n\n<<display 'Holding the Ball'>>
Yeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!\nTouchdown!!\n\nYOU WIN!
You get murdered be the defense!\n\nGAME OVER