Meis plays with her necklace for a moment then closes her eyes and lays her head down on a lab table covered in tools for a quick cat nap. The fog of dreaming quickly sets in. A woman's voices calls from the distance begging for help.\n[[The dream becomes more vivid, lifelike, even.|2A]]
It's just another day in the lab for Meis as she works diligently on completing her and her husband, Siol's work on their time machine. Meis yawns, the day's work is getting to her.\n[[Take a nap.|1A]]\n[[Eat an apple and select parts.|1B]]\n
Meis grabs an apple and plays with her necklace while she eats to recharge. Then, she continues tinkering on the time machine. She needs help finding the right parts to complete the hydraulics system.\n[[Help Meis match the pieces.|2E]]
"You must come with me now. There may yet be another way out," Callian urges and grabs Meis' arm to pull her up.\n[[Meis goes without question.|18A]]\n[[Meis hesitates.|18B]]
Meis questions herself on whether or not the dream was real.\n[[Meis shakes off the dream.|4A]]\n[[Unsettled, Meis sets off to the library to do some research.|4B]]\n
At the library Meis checks out several old mythology and architectural books and sits at an empty table. Dust flies off the books as she opens them. "Now I need to find where you are," she says as she flips through pages. She finds a picture of Atlantis that looks similar to the architecture in her dream.\n[[Log onto a computer and internet search Atlantis.|6A]]\n[[A moment of disbelief.|6B]]\n[[Calls her husband to share and he hangs up. |6C]]
Not sure where to start, Meis closes her eyes, spins in a circle and points as to which direction she should go.\n[[Travel to the left.|13A]]\n[[Travel to the right.|13B]]\n[[Travel straight.|13C]]
Siol arrives in a temple room with another blue orb hovering over the floor. He then runs out in a fury to locate Meis and stop her.\n[[Failed attempts to stop Meis.|13A]]\n[[Failed attempts to stop Meis.|13B]]\n[[Failed attempts to stop Meis.|13C]]\n\n
Meis begs Siol to free her and Callian, promising to never speak of the events or truth to anyone, but he refuses and prepares to use his daggar to kill both Meis and Callian.\n[[Meis accepts her fate.|23A]]\n[[Meis chooses to fight.|23B]]
Meis and Callian appear in Atlantis, but in the afterlife, along with all the other souls that sank with the island.\n[[End Game.|End Game]]
"I think I know where, and in theory, when. Now it's just getting to you," says Meis. "First things first, I must finish the time machine.\n[[Go back to the lab and help Meis.|8A]]\n[[Meis asks Siol permission to travel to Atlantis.|8B]]\n[[Meis tells Siol she plans to use the time machine.|8C]]\n
Meis and Callian rebuild new time machine and go on to discover further secrets of Atlantis.\n[[End Game.|End Game]]
Siol is outraged at the notion that Meis would believe in a dream and forbids her from using the time machine to travel to Atlantis. He then tells her it is late and time for bed.\n[[Meis wakes in the night.|10A]]
Meis wakes in the middle of the night after having the same dream of a woman screaming for help. She checks to make sure Siol is sleeping then slips out of bed into the lab. She pulls a change of clothes out of a cabinet and puts them on then enters the time machine. She keys in a series of numbers then disappears.\n[[Travel to Atlantis.|11A]]\n[[Siol tries to stop her, only he's too late.|11B]]
"I don't know where I got it," says Meis. "I just know I've always had it and is something I don't like to take off. I feel naked without it. Why do you ask?"\n[[There's another way out.|17A]]
"It was a gift from my parents when I was born. At least that's what I was always told growing up," says Meis. "Why do you ask?"\n[[There's another way out.|17A]]
This concludes the game "Finding Home"
Callian and Meis appear back in Meis' time and home where Siol is angrily waiting and takes the two hostage, brandishing a moonstone crusted daggar; his necklace in view for Callian and Meis to see. Confused, Meis demands to know what is going on.\n[[Callian explains everything.|21A]]\n[[Siol tells his story.|21B]]
Meis finds Callian at the end of the obstacle (Crystal Cube puzzles, Mosaic Bridge, or Divine Crossing) and tells her she is there to save her. The two backtrack to the time machine as fast as they can, the earth quaking sending more falling rock. They find the time machine smashed by a boulder.\n[["Is there another way out?".|15A]]
Meis hesitates to follow. A large piece of rock comes falling down, barely missing Meis. Scared for her life she quickly changes her mind and follows Callian after all.\n[[Meis follows Callian after all.|18A]]\n[[The escape.|19A]]
Meis goes without further question and follows Callian through the falling rock. Every step is dangerous and they must be careful not to get hit by rock.\n[[The escape.|19A]]
Choosing to go to the right leads Meis to a mosaic bridge. Meis must watch the patterns of light on the bridge and recall the illuminating pattern, stepping in order to the tiles that light up. One wrong step could be Meis' last, as the tile will fall from the bridge.\n\nSiol is always one step behind Meis and his attempts to thwart her progress fail. So he does the only thing he knows will stop her, he pushes a boulder off the cliff near the time machine and crushes it.\n\n[[The time machine is ruined.|14A]]
Choosing to go to the left leads Meis on a treacherous path of falling rock with multiple barricades protected by crystal cubes. Meis must solve the cube's puzzle in order to proceed through the barricades.\n\nSiol is always one step behind Meis and his attempts to thwart her progress fail. So he does the only thing he knows will stop her, he pushes a boulder off the cliff near the time machine and crushes it.\n[[The time machine is ruined.|14A]]\n
Meis stops in her tracks, searching an expanse of white sand for the woman's fading voice. \n\n[[Meis snaps awake.|3A]]\n
Help Meis match parts that fit into time machine to finish it. After a few Meis gets really tired and decides a nap is in order. [[Exhausted, Meis takes a nap afterall.|1A]]
The fog begins to part and Meis is able to see a woman wearing light blue robes and long white hair calling out, "Help, someone, please!"\n[[Meis snaps awake.|3A]]
The woman's cries continue, as her figure turns to stone - a section of a tall white pillar. Meis follows her echo, surging through rows of towering pillars. \n\n[[Meis' dream continues.|2C]]\n[[Meis snaps awake.|3A]]\n
Meis rushes through a wide archway, chasing after the woman's terrifying cries. \n\n\n[[Meis' dream continues.|2D]]\n[[Meis snaps awake.|3A]]\n
Meis shakes off the dream and continues working. She finds herself taking another cat nap and has the dream again.\n[[Time to research.|4A]]\n[[Meis falls asleep again and has the same dream.|2A]]\n
Convinced that it was more than just a dream, Meis decides to dig further to find where this mysterious woman could be.\n[[Head to the library for some research.|5A]]\n
Choosing to go straight leads Meis to the Divine Crossing, an area guarded by crystal statues that ask questions before a traveler is allowed to pass. Meis must answer the questions quickly and correctly as the statues begin to cruble with each aftershock and falling rock. \n\nSiol is always one step behind Meis and his attempts to thwart her progress fail. So he does the only thing he knows will stop her, he pushes a boulder off the cliff near the time machine and crushes it.\n\n[[The time machine is ruined.|14A]]
Not sure if she can believe her own eyes, Meis logs onto a library computer and runs a search on Atlantis and browses through pictures.\n[[Meis thinks she's discoverd Callian's location.|7A]]
"I can't believe I'm doing this. It was a dream. Plus it would be like finding a needle in a haystack if it were real," Meis says to herself.\n[[Follow the trail.|6A]]\n[[Meis' hunch is confirmed.|7A]]
Meis calls Siol and tells him, "You won't believe what I just found." In a haste, Siol hangs up the phone displeased with what he hears. Convinced she has found something, Meis treks on.\n\n[[Meis' hunch is confirmed.|7A]]
Meis arrives on Atlantis, which is suffering aftershocks from an earthquake. Rocks seem to fall from all directions as the city starts its slow demise.\n[[Meis must decide which path to take to find Callian.|12A]]
Awakened by the noise of the time machine, Siol jumps out of bed and runs into the lab, but he's too late. Meis has already disappeared in the time machine. Enraged he locates a secret compartment where he pulls out a necklace similar to Meis'. Then, he pulls a lever and a secret door opens up to a small room with nothing but a big blue orb hovering over the ground. He walking into the orb and disappears.\n[[Siol arrives in the temple.|12B]]\n
Meis tells Siol of her dream and that is was so vivid she knew it was real. She explins her librabry research and is convinced that the woman is stuck on Atlantis. She asks for Siol's blessing to use the time machine to travel to Atlantis.\n[[Go back to the lab and help Meis.|8A]]\n[[Siol overreacts.|9A]]
Meis tells Siol of her dream and that is was so vivid she knew it was real. She explins her librabry research and is convinced that the woman is stuck on Atlantis. She tells Siol that she plans to travel to Atlantis using the time machine.\n[[Go back to the lab and help Meis.|8A]]\n[[Siol overreacts.|9A]]
Back at the lab Meis needs help finishing the time machine. Like puzzle pieces, she needs to find the right ones to fit in order to complete the machine.\n[[Tell Siol (Meis' husband) about her dream and what her research found.|8B]]
Meis chooses to accept fate. Siol pulls out a knife and kills both Callian and Meis to keep the secrets of Atlantis buried. \n[[Sent to the afterlife.|24A]]
Meis chooses to fight, and struggles to overtake Siol. Callian frees herself in the process. Meis manages to disarm Siol and the knife slides across the floor. Callian takes the blade and lodges it into Siol's back, killing him. \n[[Free to explore.|24B]]
Meis asks Callian if there is another way out. Callian tells her, "No." Meis falls to the ground in defeat, her necklace falling into view as she does. Callian sees the necklace, eyes widening she asks Meis, "Where did you get that?"\n[["I don't know."|16A]]\n[["A gift from my parents when I was born."|16B]]
Siol confesses he was responsible for the sinking of Atlantis and why he did it: a ship of tradesmen discovered their home and the treasures it held, unlimited power, golden statues, a library with extensive knowledge, then left to spread the word of Atlantis. For fear of their secrets being discovered by the unworthy Siol summoned the gods to destroy everything, but fled for his life at the last moment. He knew Meis had been sent through the orb and traveled back and forth watching her. When she became old enough he pursued her as a mate in order to have control over her. \n[[Callian explains.|21A]]\n[[Meis demands to be freed.|22A]]\n
Callian tells Meis the only explaination as to why she has that necklace is if she's Callian's daughter. She tells Meis she sent her infant away through the orb with that necklace many years ago to protect her from the prophetic dream she had about the demise of Atlantis.\n[[Siol tells his story.|21B]]\n[[Meis demands to be freed.|22A]]
Callian leads Meis to the main temple at the center of the island which is beginning to crumble. The path winds until they come to a room with a blue orb. Callian instructs Meis to unhook her necklace and rehook it around both their necks. Meis does so without question. When done Callian tells her to think of home then leads her into the orb. Obsucred from their view, Siol also travels through the orb.\n[[Taken hostage.|20A]]