You answered wrong and the room exploded now you are dead. \n[[Back to Start|Start]]
Obama sits down at a conference with the Knights of Sealand and they make an offical document stating that America is now under Sealand's control and in return Obama will recieve a Sealand Style Grilled Cheese Sandwhich. This is an example of a...\n[[Treaty because it is an offical document which was negociated and must be ratified|Question5]]\n[[Economic Foreign Policy because the sandwhich costs money|Failure]]\n[[Military Foregin Policy because the Knights are Involved|Failure]]\n[[Humanitarian Aid because its inhimane for the president to go without such a good sandwhich|Failure]]\n[[Diplomacy because theyre trying to keep relationships peaceful|Failure]]
You have escaped the room! Good job.\n[[Restart|Start]]
Sealand explodes. Obama gives them the entirety of the Navy's Fleet to live on. This is an example of...\n[[Humanitarian aid because Obama is giving them things to rebuild.|Escape]]\n[[Military Intervention becaus the ships are for war|Failure]]\n[[Military Foreign Policy because the ships are battle ships and it could be threatining to Sealand|Failure]]\n[[Economic Foreign Policy because those ships are expensive|Failure]]\n[[Diplomacy because it's keeping relationships pecful wit Sealand|Failure]]\n[[A treaty because its offical|Failure]]\n
You wake up in a room and they only way to escape is to answer a series of questions.\n[[Advance.|Question1]]
A man gathers an army and takes over a small country for his own personal gain this would be an example of...\n[[Military Foriegn Policy because they are attacking the other country to get something.|Question2]]\n[[Military Intervention because they are using their forces in an already existing conflict.|Failure]]
Obama and the Queen of England go have lunch and talk about how much they like the other ones country. This is is an example of.\n[[A Treaty because they are formally negotiating a document.|Failure]]\n[[Diplomacy because Obama is trying to keep realations peaceful with G.B.|Question4]]\n[[Economic Foreign Policy because Obama is buying her lunch.|Failure]]\n[[Military Intervention because Obama is trying to make the Queen's sensetive tummy upset.|Failure]]
America decides to give Sealand 100,000,000,000 Dollars if it will declare war on Russia this is an example of.\n[[Military Invervention because they are using The Knights of Sealand to make a new conflict|Failure]] \n[[Economic Foriegn Policy because they are providinf an incentive for seland to do something|Question3]]\n[[Diplomacy because this will make the U.S. look better in Russia's eyes.|Failure]]