my lover's heart is a thousand years old,\nand with every beat it stretches \nback and forward together, folding on itself\ngrowing immeasurably wise and irreverently youthful\nthe child sage\nit governs him with a strong hand\nand feeds him with the fruit of Paradise\n\nevery second it sends through him life,\nit sends life through me as well\nit forms a ring around us,\nand i am less alone than anyone in the world\n\nso I live for my lover's heart.
all blue and grey like the sky before a storm\ndappled with sunny depths and filled\nwith the sweetest kind of sadness\n\nso that you know\nwhen the corners crinkle up\nand the spotted sun breaks through\nthe feeling is real and it floods you\n\n\nso yes, I [[love]] my lover's eyes.
his [[eyes]]\n\nhis [[hands]]\n\nhis [[lips]]\n\n
he has always been self-conscious about his teeth, but they are perfect. he likes to joke that he is a shark because he has a third set, hidden away, and i have no doubt that if they ever came in, they'd look just as good. \n\nhis [[lips]]
i was a lonely boy and the world was rushing up to meet me faster than i could pull the covers up over my head. \nhe brought me such complete confusion and clarity of purpose that it could be nothing other than [[love]].
[[Four years ago]], the man I would come to [[love]] swept me off my feet.
warm sentinels over his [[pearly gates]], they\n\nlaugh\n\nand pout\n\nand always get their way.\n\nI am powerless, but to [[love]] [[my lover]]'s lips.
at once pliant and firm,\nwith softness they break down\neverything scary\n\nso you'll never feel so safe\n\nthe nails get chewed down because he often gets nervous\nbut it's just more fingertip\nto gently trace with the nerves in your back\nelectric, back and forth,\nhis hands take but they give so much more, and maybe that's why\n\nthey can be so weathered but stay so soft\n\nso yes, I [[love]] my lover's hands.
My Lover
his [[heart]]