You attack her first. You put all of your strength into defeating her. It's not good enough. You are lying on the floor, badly wounded. Azaria steps over to you and gives you one final chance. She will use her blood you heal you and you can join her, or she can leave you there. You will eventually die.\n[[Take her offer. |7A]]\n[[Turn her down. |7B]]
She is the most powerful thing created. If you fight her you may lose. "Okay." You find yourself saying. "What?" she asks, not sure she heard you right. You're not sure you heard right either but you say it again. "Okay." "Follow me," she says leaving the room. You [[follow. |8A]]
Since drinking from the three women in the abandoned building, you have joined Azaria. In the beginning, you were miserable. You worked so hard to stop drinking human blood and now it was an everyday affair.\n\nNow you have to admit that you enjoy the rush you get. You feel powerful, like no one can stop you. The more human blood you drink the stronger you feel. Almost unstoppable.\n\nThat is you run into the vampires from your old crowd. They remind you of the harm you are causing and they give you the opportunity to rejoin them and [[restart |1A]] your mission or [[continue |8B]] with life as it is.
You refuse to ever join her. "So be it." She says before leaving you alone. You struggle to move. The bags in her jacket have burst. Your blood has mixed with the spilled blood. You rub your hands in the blood and lick what you can from her fingers. "I should've went with her." You continue to lick blood from your fingers.
Azaria bites into her wrist and allows you to drink from her. Your wound closes and she beckons for you to follow her. You both leave the [[room. |8A]]
Life has never been the same since joining Azaria. You've never been the same. The guilt that used to torture you no longer does. You leave your old life behind you. This life feels too good.
You find what you have been looking for on the top floor. Azaria, the most powerful vampire. Story has it that she was created after the great flood but she has only just become a vampire. She can give vampires the ability to walk in the day. This is what she has done to you. She doesn't want to fight you, instead she gives you a choice.\n[[Join her and live. |6B]]\n[[Try to defeat her. |6A]]
You make your way down to the basement. There are humans caged there. She opens one of the cages and commands the woman to step out. She ask you to drink from the woman. You approach the woman and sink your teeth into her neck. She taste so good. You drink until the woman falls lifeless to the floor. Azaria applauds you. She leaves the basement. You follow, defeated.
Adrenaline is pumping through your veins. You can feel yourself getting closer. You enter the hospital, no one pays you any attention. You find the two victims of the most recent vampire attack. You find yourself drawn to them. A nurse approaches the room and you run off. Trying to get away from the smell of blood, you duck into a room. You're in the hospital blood bank. Now, you're really thirsty.\n[[Drink from a blood bag. |2A]]\n[[Leave the blood bank. |2B]]
The news has reported that two people have been rushed to the hospital. The report is unclear of what has happened to them, but your gut tells you that they have been attacked by a vampire but you know you have to confirm. Who are you?\n\nAs a human you lived as Lawson Smithers. Now you just go by Lawson. On your 18th birthday, you were bitten and then turned into a vampire. You lived as vampires lived, feeding on human blood, until you were taken in by a group of vampires that survived on animal blood.\n\nNow you spent your time hunting down, Azaria, the first, and stopping her.\n\nYou make your way to the [[hospital |1A]]
You manuever your way out of the hotel without being caught but just as your exit the ER doors, a patient who's been badly injured and is bleeding everywhere is walking past you into the hospital. You try your best to restrain yourself, but temptation starts to take [[over |4C]].
You grab the nearest bag and rip into it. You have not tasted human blood in years. You toss the empty bag to the floor and wipe the remaining blood from your face. You feel your strength building. You grab a few bags and stuff them in your [[jacket |3C]]. You [[leave |3A]] the blood bank.
You rush from the blood bank. In your hurry you bump into a nurse. She asks if you are okay. You watch her pulse beat beneath the necklace she is wearing. Thirst over takes you. You grab the nurse and [[rip |3B]] into her neck.
Vampire Hunter
After you have drank all you can, her body drops to the floor, lifeless. You are racked with guilt. You begin seeing things. Her body becomes you. You pick up her necklace. The cross burns your hand but you put it in your mouth. You die.
TaQuanda Taylor
You arrive at an abandoned building. When you enter, three women approach you. They are not vampires and they all have exposed wounds on their necks. They beckon for you to feed from them. There are three fresh bags in your pocket but they are cold. The women beg you to feed.\n[[Knock the women unconscious. |4A]]\n[[Drink from the women. |4B]]
You grab her and drink from her. When the third woman walks over to you, you haven't had enough. You drink from her and drop her body with the others. You sink to your knees in tears. Azaria approaches you. "Well done, child." She [[applauds |6C]]
You grab the first woman and drink from her. You feel guilt when you drop her body. The second woman steps over to you.\n[[Drink from her. |5B]]\n[[Knock them unconscious. |4A]]
You turn quickly to attack but the patient has entered the doors and is now inside, you know it would make a scene and grab a bag and down the blood so fast, no one sees you. You decide to get out of there [[before |3A]] another patient comes.
You have strength, more now that you've had human blood. It doesn't take much for you to knock the women down. They don't put up a fight. You check to make sure that they are still breathing. Satisfied you continue into the [[building. |5A]]