On the edges of your small clearing is the densely packed forest. The trees are tall and old here. The the forest has been surprising quiet in your stay here. \n<<if $timer gt 8>>Looking for the source of the noise, you peer between the trees. Whatever is lurking around is not making itself visible.\n\nYou begin to turn back, when the sound of chaos comes from your campsite.<<endif>>\n\n<<if $timer eq 8>><<display 'firstSignOfDanger'>><<endif>>\n\n<<if $timer lte 8>>[[Return to campfire|lookAround]]<<endif>>\n<<if $timer gt 8>>[[Return to campfire!|attackedCamp]]<<endif>>\n
You munch on the crackers and feel slightly more full.\n<<set $timer = $timer + 1>>\n<<if $timer eq 8>><<display 'firstSignOfDanger'>><<endif>><<if $timer gt 8>><<display 'dangerApproaching1'>><<endif>>\n[[back|Tent]]
You scoop the granola into your hands and eat it. It probably would have been better if you didn't eat it dry.\n<<set $timer = $timer + 1>>\n<<if $timer eq 8>><<display 'firstSignOfDanger'>><<endif>><<if $timer gt 8>><<display 'dangerApproaching1'>><<endif>>\n[[back|Tent]]
Thankful for your quick thinking, you collapse down onto the log. You've escaped a horrifying death, and will gladly live to see another day. In just a few hours the sun will rise, and you'll be able to safely travel back home. \n\nHuddled by your campfire, you know you'll be fine. \n\n\n\nThe end.
<<silently>><<set $timer = 0>><<set $inventory to "nothing">><<endsilently>>The fire crackles and pops. Flames lick logs and flutter against stones. Shadows scatter across the ground. The stars of the sky twinkle between the opening in the old trees. A night breeze sighs softly.\n\nYou recline against a log, staring into the fire of your campsite. Three days out in the wilderness alone have been good for you, but you look forward to going home tomorrow.\n\nThe campfire flickers. \n\n[[Stoke the flames|stokeFlames]]\n\n\n
<<if $inventory eq "nothing">><<set $inventory to "a torch">>You pick up the torch.<<else>>You're currently holding <<print $inventory>>, and you have to drop it if you want to pick up the torch.\n\nDrop <<print $inventory>>?\n\n[[Yes, drop it|dropItPickTorch]]\n[[No, keep it|inspectFire]]\n<<endif>>\n\n<<if not visited("seeLion")>>[[back|inspectFire]]<<else>>\n[[back|doSomething]]<<endif>>
<<if $inventory eq "nothing">>You pick up the stone.<<set $inventory to "a stone">><<else>>You're currently holding <<print $inventory>>, and you have to drop it if you want to pick up the stone.\n\nDrop <<print $inventory>>?\n\n[[Yes, drop it|dropIt]]\n[[No, keep it|inspectFire]]\n<<endif>>\n\n<<if not visited("seeLion")>>[[back|inspectFire]]<<else>>\n[[back|doSomething]]<<endif>>
On the floor of your tent is a blanket, and a foodbox.\n<<set $timer = $timer + 1>>\n<<if $timer eq 8>><<display 'firstSignOfDanger'>><<endif>><<if $timer gt 8>><<display 'dangerApproaching1'>><<endif>>\n<<choice "check hand">>\n\n[[Exit Tent|inspectTent]]\n<<choice "Look in foodbox">>\n
Suddenly, from the forest, you hear a twig crack. The hairs stand up on the back of your neck as the sound of leaves rustling among the trees reaches your ears.\n\nListening intently, you hear a deep throated growl.\n\nSomething is here... and it's looking for you.
Stirring the flames releases sparks that float away toward the sky. The fire has been good company to you during your stay. \n\nYou recline again, taking in your surroundings. \n\n<<set $timer = $timer + 1>>\n<<if $timer eq 8>><<display 'firstSignOfDanger'>><<endif>><<if $timer gt 8 and $timer lt 11>><<display 'dangerApproaching1'>><<endif>>\n<<if $timer gt 10>><<display 'dangerApproaching2'>><<endif>>\n\n[[Look around|lookAround]]
The Campfire
You drop <<print $inventory>> on the ground and pick up the new stone.<<set $inventory to "a stone">>\n\n[[Okay|inspectFire]]
You lift the scratched metal lid off the foodbox. Inside is the remainder of your food a few crackers and granola you were saving for tomorrow's breakfast. \n<<set $timer = $timer + 1>>\n<<if $timer eq 8>><<display 'firstSignOfDanger'>><<endif>><<if $timer gt 8>><<display 'dangerApproaching1'>><<endif>>\n<<if not visited("Eat crackers")>><<choice "Eat crackers">><<endif>>\n<<if not visited("Eat granola")>><<choice "Eat granola">><<endif>>\n<<back>>\n
Suddenly a shadow leaps out from behind your tent. It flashes by you - by the light of your fire you see finally it. \n\nCrouched before you, teeth bared, is the hulking figure of a full grown mountain lion. \n\nIt growls angerly. \n\nIt's hungry, and you're its next meal. \n\nUnless you can stop it.\n\n[[Quick! Do something|doSomething]]
You're frozen in fear! The cat senses your hesistation, and makes its move. \n\nIn a single motion, it leaps at you, teeth and claws bared! \n\nYou close your eyes and everything goes dark.
Ashley Jennings
Do something quickly! Fear coarses through your body.
Hurry up! Something sinister is in those woods. You better check out the forest.
<<if $inventory eq "a stone">>With all your might, you fling the stone at the ferocious beast. \n\nIt's a solid hit!\n\nThe mountain lion roars and turns from you. He quickly runs for the trees, deciding you would not make an easy meal. <<else>>You brandish the firey torch at the ferocious beast. It hisses and puts his ears back. You yell and wave the stick.\n\nFrightened, the mountain lion turns and pounces away into the forest.<<endif>>\n\nYou listen to the sound of the massive cat disappearing in the forest. Even long after its gone, you're still shaking.\n\n[[Continue|theEnd]]
The huge mountain lion stalks toward you, growling.<<if $inventory eq "nothing">> You aren't holding anything! Try to arm yourself with something before you get attacked!<<else>> Maybe you can fight back with <<print $inventory>> that you're holding!<<endif>>\n\n<<if $inventory eq "nothing">> You quickly look down at the ground. There is a stone and a torch lying by the campfire\n[[take stone|take stone]]\n[[take torch|take torch]]<<else>>\n[[use <<print $inventory>>|useThing]]<<endif>>\n\n[[Do nothing|doNothing]]\n
You drop <<print $inventory>> on the ground and pick up the new torch.<<set $inventory to "a torch">>\n\n[[Okay|inspectFire]]
<<if not visited ("Tent")>>Your simple white tent is very cozy. You feel like you could very well be at home when you sleep in it.<<else>>You are standing outside of your tent.<<endif>>\n<<set $timer = $timer + 1>>\n<<if $timer eq 8>><<display 'firstSignOfDanger'>><<endif>><<if $timer gt 8>><<display 'dangerApproaching1'>><<endif>>\n<<choice "check hand">>\n\n[[Enter tent|Tent]]\n[[Return to campfire|lookAround]]\n\n\n
<<if visited("inspectFire")>>You return to the middle of your campsite.<<endif>>\nYour humble tent sits at the north part of your campsite, only ten feet away. The forest stands to your West and East. You and your campfire are at the southern end of the camp. \n\n<<if not visited("lookAround")>>Next to you sits your plate of half-eaten dinner. The glassy eye of the roasted trout stares at you blankly. <<endif>>\n<<if $timer eq 8>><<display 'firstSignOfDanger'>><<endif>><<if $timer gt 8>><<display 'dangerApproaching1'>><<endif>>\n<<choice "check hand">>\n\n[[Inspect Campfire|inspectFire]]\n[[Inspect Tent|inspectTent]]\n[[Inspect Forest|inspectForest]]\n\n\n<<set $timer = $timer + 1>>\n
You built this fire up the day you arrived. Nearby the pit is a bucket of water, a torch, and several stones.\n<<set $timer = $timer + 1>>\n<<if $timer eq 8>><<display 'firstSignOfDanger'>><<endif>><<if $timer gt 8>><<display 'dangerApproaching1'>><<endif>>\n<<choice "check hand">>\n<<choice "take stone">>\n<<choice "take torch">>\n[[Return|lookAround]]\n\n
You return to your camp... but something's not right. By the flickering light of your campfire, you notice that your sleeping bag has been moved, and the bucket of water kicked over. The remaining food on your plate has disappeared, too.\n\nYour heart quickens as you make out long tears in the side of your tent. Like claw marks.\n\nBut where is the intruder?\n\n[[Look around|seeLion]]
You are holding <<print $inventory>> in your hand right now.\n\n<<back>>