The Wrecks' handlers usher you into the Ramblin' Wreck and they hop in to the additional seats. With the crowds of adoring fans at your back, you and the band parade down Freshman Hill. \n\n[[Hurray!|theEnd]]\n\n<html><IMG SRC= ""height = "500" width = "600"></html>\n
Leaving the band behind, you sprint up a huge staircase and take in the view from the top of Freshman Hill. Huge white and gold balloons bob against the sky, while ecstatic fans mill about. Nearby sits the Rabmlin' Wreck, gleaming in the sunlight. At the bottom of Freshman Hill is Bobby Dodd Stadium. \n\n[[Buzz on over to the stadium|goToStadium]]\n[[Inspect the Wreck|goToWreck]]\n<html><IMG SRC = ""></html>
You bounce and roll and spin. The band laughs.\n\n[[Harass the band some more|bandHarass]]
With a nimble leap, you crash into the backs of the Wrecks' handlers right as the picture is snapped. The students turn and laugh. \n<<if visited("stealInstrument")>>What they don't know is that they're lucky that you aren't going to steal any of their stuff, like you did to that band kid.<<endif>><<if $has_trumpet eq 1>> You drop the trumpet in the process, but you're too busy darting about to notice.<<endif>>\n\nSuddenly, over the roar of the crowd, you hear the blasting of "Up With the White and Gold!". A sea of white marches down the hill, as the band makes their way to Bobby Dodd.\n\n<<if $has_trumpet eq 1>>One exasperated marching band member wanders up to you, looking for his trumpet. He turns away when he sees you no longer have it.<<silently>><<$has_trumpet = 0>><<endsilently>><<endif>>\n\nThe game is starting soon! [[Get Ready!|getReady]]\n\n<html><IMG SRC = "" height = "600" width = "850"></html>
You swing yourself into the car, rev the engine, and stomp on the gas before the Wreck's handlers have a chance to react! The wheels screech against the asphalt and you take off towards the stadium. The crowd dodges out of your way as you swerve down Freshman Hill.\n\n<<if $has_trumpet eq 1>>You lift up the trumpet you stole from the band and blast it as you drive. \n<<else>>Watch out!<<endif>>\n\n[[Onward!|driveOn]]\n\n<html><IMG SRC = ""></html>\n\n
You approach the Wreck, gently placing one gloved hand onto its gleaming surface. The strong hum of the engine resonates through the hood. You look around you, noticing the Wreck's handlers have their backs turned to you - they're taking selfies with the car. \n\n[[Photobomb them|photobomb]]\n\n[[Steal the car|stealCar]]\n<html><IMG SRC = "" width = "800" height = "600"></html>
You reach the bottom of the hill - the whole crowd and laughing and cheering for you. You stop for a moment, wave to your fans, and drive on into the stadium for the start of the game. TO HELL WITH GEORGIA!\n\n<html><IMG SRC = "" width = "800" height = "600"></html>
<<set $has_trumpet = 1>>You rip a trumpet from someone's hands and run away, waving the instrument over your head. \nBut you're wasting time Buzz! Get out of there!\n\n[[Head to Bobby Dodd|run2]]\n\n<html><IMG SRC =""></html>
But Buzz, what are you doing here?? The football game against the U[sic]GA Bulldawgs is starting now! Get going!\n\n[[Run!|pass3]]\n\n<html><IMG SRC =""></html>
You run through campus, passing fans as they cheer you on! As you race past the Campanile, you notice the marching band playing spirit songs on the steps. \n\n[[Keep going|run2]]\n[[Harrass the band|bandHarass]] \n\n<html><IMG SRC ="" height = "600" width = "850"></html>
<<silently>><<set $has_trumpet = 0>><<endsilently>>You're Buzz, the Georgia Tech Yellow Jacket! \n[["Well of course I am!"|pass2]]\n\n<html><IMG SRC=""></html> \n
What a great time to be a Georgia Tech Yellow Jacket!\n\n<html><IMG SRC = "" width = "800" height = "500"></html>
A Yellow Jacket Tale
Ashley Jennings
You dart down Freshman Hill, dodging left and right around your adoring fans. Finally, you reach the bottom of the hill and turn to inspect your surroundings. A swarm of white and gold swirls about you, and cheering fills the air. Suddenly, over the roar of the crowd, you hear the blasting of "Up With the White and Gold!". A sea of white marches down the hill, as the band makes their way down to Bobby Dodd.\n\n[[Hurray!|theEnd]]\n\n<html><IMG SRC = "" width = "900" height = "550"></html>
You run up to the band, jumping and spinning. They stop playing to wave and cheer at you. \n\n"Hey Buzz!!"\n"WOoohooOOooo!"\n"Look over here, Buzz!"\n\n<<choice "Dance for the band">>\n\n[[Steal someone's intrument|stealInstrument]]\n[[Keep running|run2]]\n\n<html><IMG SRC =""></html>