A nameless woman? That sounds like a bad identity crisis.. But alright..\n\n[[What else is there to talk about?|Arc 7]]
No name, no gender, just like I've always been.. Well, uhm, what to do now..\n\n[[No idea, what do you propose?|Arc 8]]\n\n[[I think I have a question..|Arc 9]]\n\n[[I think I'm done with this.|Arc 10]]
Oh.. Well that's fine. What about what I am? There's males and females right? Which am I?\n\n[[Male.|MaleP]]\n\n[[Female.|FemaleP]]\n\n[[You pick.|ProgramP]]\n\n[[Actually, yeah, let's give you a name|Content1]]
A nameless man? Well I suppose..\n\n[[What now?|Arc 6]]
Well, to be honest you can't type in your name anyway, you're given no choice in the matter, can you imagine if I just wrote down every name possible? Let's just call you, You. My name is whatever you want, I've always wanted a name, can I have a name?\n\n[[Yes.|Content1]]\n\n[[No.|Sad1]]
A girl? Alright, well, I don't think Dale will cut it then perhaps.. Deborah well suffice then? What do you think?\n\n[[That's a nice name, Deborah, what now?|Arc 2]]
This is a game, I'm just a program anyway, a compilation of binary code and etcetra. Hello there, what's your name?\n\n[[How do I type in my name, can I even do that?|Your Name]]\n\n
A boy? Then Dale it is, pleasure to meet you, I'm sorry you can't give me your name.\n\n[[It's alright. What now?|Arc 3]]
If you say so, I suppose I don't need a name... Speaking of which, what about my gender? What am I?\n\n[[Right, let's get back to your gender.|GenderPick]]\n\n[[You don't need that either.|Arc1]]\n
Dale, well, I'm not sure what I should be, does Dale even work? How can I give myself a name if I can't have a gender. Unless, you're letting me decide? I'm confused..\n\n[[Do whatever you want, be whatever you want.|Arc 4]]\n\n[[Don't be confused, it's nothing to worry about| Arc 5]]
Hello there.
I'm just a program
Really?! I've always liked the name Dale, though I'm not sure if I even have a gender, isn't Dale a boys name? What am I?\n\n[[Girl.|GirlP]]\n\n[[Boy.|BoyP]]\n\n[[You decide.|PickedP]]\n\n[[Nevermind, no name, I don't think you need one|Really?]]