I'm not a writer, nor am I a developer, I dream to be either or both, who knows what the future holds for a kid like me, I hated every step invloved in creating this "game," I loved writing, but I fear this product is nothing I'm proud of, if you wish for more you should just stop, it will never occur again, if you wish to read anything more of mine, <a href="http://sn0wcrack.net/wp">my blog</a> cotains posts which will link to word documents of things I've written.\n\nI surely hope that gaming will evolve to a level that gives gameplay, story and graphics at an equally amazing level, oh and I cannot forget the music! \n\n-- Sn0wCrack
The boy walked to the local store, he stepped inside to find all sorts of things unguarded, he thought not to steal, even if no one was left on earth, he found nothing of use within the store.\n\nStill no one existed on earth, except for this one boy.\n\n[[Bench|BenchOne]]\n[[Outside House|OutsideOne]]
The boy stood with another human, at last he had found a human, someone alive, someone like him, the girl and boy both stood awkward, with varied glances, both fidgity, neither one had words, suddenly the world sank around both and suddenly returned to the real world, people around them, a world that was full, did either party wish for this?\n\nIn reality, the human race was never gone, it was mearly the minds of two young children, they did not belong within the world, or so they thought, they wished everyone away, at the same moment in time, they wished together almost, they still stood awkward, nothing to say.\n\nGOOD END\n\n[[Afterword|Afterword]]
The boy stopped running, and turned, he feared the another human's face, he didn't want to see one, this day he felt was wasted, his courage was not enough to see another human, he returned to his home, and placed himself to sleep.\n\nThe boy awoke to a world of white.\n\nBAD END\n\n[[Afterword|Afterword]]
The boy began to run towards the figure, a hope for the boy was found, nothing he wanted more right now than to see a human's face, it could even be the ugilist thing he's ever seen, he must see someone, or the world would be destroyed.\n\n[[Return Home|BadEnding]]\n[[Keep Running|GoodEnding]]
The boy finished his toast, picking up his plate and taking it to the sink, he had no idea what he could do next, so he moved outside.\n\n[[Next|OutsideOne]]
He began to walk again, this time he found himself at a park, he aproached the swingset and sat on it, swinging lightly back and forth, he saw the sun set atop the hill the park was placed, the day had gone, nothing was left, he feared the world would end if he did not find at least one live human, he feared of even finding such a person, he jumped form the swing, and began to walk yet again, now he stood outside his house again, in the distance he saw something, a shadowy figure lurking forward, the moon was shining in the sky, only moments remained for the earth, or so the boy believed.\n\n[[Next|TheGirlOne]]
The boy awoke one morning to an empty world, no life was left,\nhe checked high and low, no one was to be found, he was left alone on a lonely earth, what would the boy do?\n\n[[Eat Breakfast|KitchenOne]]\n[[Walk Outside|OutsideOne]]
The boy cotinued to walk down the path, he felt no pain or sorrow or even fright from the disappearence of the whole world, he thought if he could only find someone that he would fix this problem, if only he could find that one person to help fix all of this.\n\nHe continued to walk, for what felt like hours to the boy, not even knowing the time, the boy found a bench and sat down, his fatigue getting the better of him.\n\n[[Next|BenchOne]]
I hate these kinds of games, nothing but text, a story to be shown, it's like a choose your own adventure book that can have multiple meaningful endings.\n\nI feel the plight of this insudtry is the fact that it ignores the issues that face it, the lack of what really makes a game a game, that being gameplay, I fear the industry is losing what it once had, the feeling of family and heart, I'm not saying we must return to the days of when graphics were square, but to the future, a brighter and greater one, I feel this problem plagues more than a single industry, the problem that the future is all about money saving, I know the problems these businusses face is real, realler than just creating the games we enjoy, but if a studio that has thousands at its disposal cannot create something more than a mediocre shooter every know and again, I fear for what the future may hold for the industry of video games.\n\n-- Sn0wCrack, a Dev in Training\n\n[[START|Openning]]\n
A tale of a boy, no one special, he was average, just the plain kid you'd see on the street every day, he thought normal thoughts and thought of him self as normal, he was an average boy.\n\n[[Next|OpenningTwo]]
The boy opened his front door to an empty world, no one existed, he found no one on his search of the house nor on his inspection of outside, maybe walking around town could help him figure things out.\n\n[[Store|StoreOne]]\n[[Keep Walking|PathOne]]\n
No Days Left On Earth
The boy sat upon a blue bench in front of a local store, he was tired form the trip here, he heard nothing but static and saw nothing but blackness, what felt like moments later, the boy awoke, he must have fallen asleep, he picked himself up and continued to walk down the path.\n\n[[Next|PathTwo]]
The boy placed a piece of bread in the toaster and took out some jam and a knife, the boy waited for his toast to be finished and wondered many things about what had happened to the world, he wondered many other things also, questioning his life, just how many pieces of toast <i>have</i> I eaten in my life? Why have I eaten so many? Why so little? But his questions lead him back to nothing, he still wondered what in the world was happening today, his toast popped out, he placed the piece of toast onto his plate and began to spread his jam on the toast, he took the plate into the living room and turned on the television, all channels were blank, nothing but static.\n\n[[Next|KitchenTwo]]