'That's How You Know' begins playing. This earns a variety of different reactions from the people gathered in the house.\n\nTony gives you a look like he wishes to appear as though he is judging you but secretly is very pleased with your musical selections.\n\nBlack Widow very carefully does not react. Although the corner of her mouth seems to quirk up a bit.\n\nBruce banner is tapping out the beat against his leg.\n\nThor and Captain America both look mildly confused.\n\nAnd Hawkeye completely surprises you when he begins singing along.\n\n"What is this mighty ballad?" Thor demands. "I have not heard its like before!"\n\n"Oh man!" Hawkeye declares. "You and Cap have never seen this! We need to fix that! Like, right now!"\n\nAnd that is how you end up spending your birthday watching 'Enchanted' with the Avengers in your livingroom.\n\nTony spends the entire movie making comparisons between Giselle's life and Steve's, Hawkeye sings along to every single song, and Black Widow even joins in with him for 'So Close'. Thor seems to have formed a deep, personal connection with Prince Edward and his noble quest to defeat his evil relative and find the love of his life. Captain America is enthralled by the story and the modern computer animation in equal measure. And Coulson and Dr. Banner both just sit back and observe the entire spectacle in amusement.\n\nAfter tme movie concludes and the group finishes singing along to the credits songs [[it is time to bring out the cake.|avengers cake]]
The Pirates of the Caribbean soundtrack begins to play. Black Widow and Hawkeye exchange a look.... and you start to think that maybe this wasn't such a good idea.\n\nBefore you can do anything to prevent the inevitable disaster that those kinds of mischevious looks always lead to, Hawkeye has grabbed up an umbrella and Black Widow is brandishing a fire poker and they are squaring off against each other in the middle of your livingroom. Suddenly, they both lunge at each other and initiate what is sure to be a truly Epic impromptu sword fighting duel. This is incredibly ill-advised, and so, so dangrous, and FAR too awesome for you to put a stop to it.\n\nYou sit back at a safe distance to watch this new and unexpected development. None of the other Avengers seem surprised by this, though. Bruce Banner leans over to inform you, "This happens every time they hear that music." So apparently, for the Avengers, this does not qualify as unusual.\n\nThe two dueling Avengers are both very good, and mostly they seem to be just toying with each other, rather than earnestly trying to defeat their opponent. Coulson peirodically interjects critiques on their form or their stratefies, and Tony keeps up a running commentary consisting entirely of quotes from the Pirates of the Caibbean movie.\n\nThe duel eventually winds down when Hawkeye's umbrella breaks and he runs to hide behind Thor's impressive and impervious bulk. You figure now that the dueling excitement is over, [[it is time to bring out the cake.|avengers cake]]
"Sorry for showing up unannounced like this," Captain America says, the epitome of politeness.\n\n"There has been a most dishonorable threat made!" Thor booms with the kind of volume and enthusiasm that only a God can possess.\n\n"We're here to protect you," Black Widow concludes succinctly.\n\nYou trying to process this. Apparently there has been some sort of threat. And somehow it puts you in danger. So the Avengers are at your house. You try to figure out which part of that situation is more importatnt to focus on. It is really hard to get past the Avengers thing, but the threat is probably the part that you should be concentrating on.\n\n"What kind of-"\n\n"I'm afraid that's classified," Coulson interrupts.\n\nOkay then. So much for getting answers.\n\nSuddenly Tony Stark is peering around you into your house and a huge grin is spreading across his face. [["Are you having a party?"|avengers music setup]]
"Surprise me!" you declare, curious and eager to see what the Doctor will come up with.\n\nThe Doctor seems to ponder this for a moment, and then his face lights up as a thought occurs to him. \n\n<<if $psychicpaper eq "yes">>"Do you remember that leather wallet I gave to you earlier?" He asks, motioning for you to hand it back to him. <<else>>He reaches into one of his pockets and pulls out a battered leather wallet.<<endif>> "This is Psychic Paper," the Doctor explains. He flips the wallet open to display a blank piece of paper, then flips it closed once more. "I can make it say anything I want just by concentrating on what I want you to see." He demonstrates, opening the wallet once again to display an extremely authentic-looking badge declaring his name, rank, and intentions as 'Doctor, Doctor, Fun'.\n\n"Now, I can't very well give you this one. Then I wouldn't have any way of getting into places where I don't belong. But!" he continues excitedly, "I have a different one that I can offer to you!"\n\nThe Doctor reaches into one of the many, seemingly bottomless pockets in his coat. He spends quite a while rummaging aroud before triumphantly extracting a slightly smaller and less used-looking wallet. He hands it to you with a flourish, excitedly declaring, "Happy Birthday, my brilliant friend!"\n\nYou cannot believe how generous and incredible this gift is.\n\n[["How am I ever going to be able to thank you for this?"|Doctor thanks]]
You invite everyone inside and begin working your way through the pleasantries inherent in seeing people on a special occasion. Everyone wishes you a happy birthday, and they all want to know how you've been and what you've been up to, and they're all excited to tell you about what's been going on in their lives as well.\n\nAfter a little while, the conversations seem to be settling down a bit, so you [[turn on the music|family music]] and everyone sits down to start dinner.
The man is wearing a tan trench coat and holding a [[stick-like device|sonic]] with a light on the end that is emitting a high-pitched noise.\n\nHe is staring at you curiously, as if you are some bizzare puzzle to solve, and you can't help but want to [[ask why he's looking at you like that|why is Doctor here]].\n\nBut, really, there is only one thing that is really important right now. [[Who is he?|who is Doctor]]
PRESENT TIME!\n\nYou look over to the pile of presents your gracious guests have bestowed upon you and try to make the difficult decision of which to open first.\n\n[[There is a bag with a puppy on the side and tissue paper overflowing out the top.|bag]]\n\n[[There is a box-shaped present expertly covered in festive wrapping paper.|box]]\n\n[[There is a large, colorful envelope with your name written across it in pretty, loopy letters.|card]]\n\n<<if $presents eq 3>>You can't belive your fortune at recieving such spectacular presents and knowing such spectacular people!\n\nSadly, now it is [[time for the party to end.|familyend]] <<endif>>
"Cake?" The Doctor seems to perk up immediately and exaggeratedly, not unlike a dog that has just heard the word "cookie".\n\n"Yes, cake," you nod, happy to see him so excited and eager to share the birthday treat that you put so much effort into creating.\n\n"Woo-Hoo!" he responds enthusiastically.\n\n<<if $cupcake eq "yes">>You go to the kitchen and retrieve the cupcakes. As soon as he sees them, the doctor's face lights up.\n\n"Oh, cupcakes! I love cupcakes! Individualized cakes! Whoever thought of them was absolutely brilliant! Best invention since the robotic dog! Well. No, yes, it's true. But don't let K-9 hear me say that." \n\nYou spend a second trying to follow this wildly careening train of thought before giving up and deciding to just focus on the part you did understand.\n\n"So, would you like one?"\n\nThe doctor plucks a cupcake up from the plate, and then mumbles gratefully with his mouth full a moment later.<<endif>>\n<<if $sherbert eq "yes">>You go to the kitchen and retrieve the sherbert cake from the freezer.\n\n"What IS this?" the Doctor asks as you place a slice in front of him. You're having a hard time figuring out this strange man's reactions, but you think that this one sounds more like admiration than disgust.\n\n"It's ice cream cake," you reply simply. "I made it myself."\n\n"You Made this?" the Doctor exclaims. And yes, that tone is definitely one of awe. "You are Brilliant!" he declares, examining the cake one more time before digging in and consuming his whole piece in less than five minutes.<<endif>>\n<<if $carrot eq "yes">>You go to the kitchen and retrieve the carrot cake, cutting a slice and placing it in front of the Doctor.\n\n"Ooh! It looks spectacular!" the Doctor praises. "And what kind of cake is this?"\n\n"Carrot cake," you respond cautiously, braced for the typical disgusted reaction that that title usually earns from people who are unfamiliar with this cake.\n\n"Carrot cake!" the Doctor excalims. "Vegetables in a cake! ... Brilliant! Oh that's just wonderful! I love a good vegetable! I used to wear one, before! Ages ago! Back before I had this silly face!"\n\nYou're not really sure what to do with that series of exclamations. But the Doctor is eating his piece of cake, shoveling forkful after forkful into his mouth.<<endif>> \n\n"So, how was it?" you ask nervously. It seems hard to predict how this strange man will react to things, so you figure it's best to ask directly.\n\n"Very good! Delicious! Molto Bene!" the Doctor crows in response.\n\nYou figure that's probably a good reaction.\n\n"Now!" the Doctor announces abruptly. "It is your birthday! I believe some [[presents|doctor presents]] are in order!"
"What kind of a trip?" you ask.\n\nThe Doctor's grin broadens. "Come and see," he says, leading you outside.\n\nOn your lawn is a strange blue box that you did not notice earlier. You have never seen anything like it. It is tall and rectagular and it says "Police Public Call Box" across the top.\n\n"This is my TARDIS," the Doctor announces with ovbious pride. "Which stands for Time And Relative Dimensions In Space."\n\nYou take that in and pick out the two most important words from the phrase. "Time and Space."\n\nThe Doctor beams at you as you finish putting the pieces together.\n\n"This is a time machine! And a space ship! A Space And Time Machine Ship!"\n\n"TARDIS," the Doctor corrects.\n\n"Yeah, right, TARDIS," you agree. "Wow. I mean... just... Wow."\n\nThe Doctor opens the TARDIS's door and excitedly heads inside while you stand on your lawn staring after him in awe.\n\nIt's bigger on the inside.\n\n"Well?" the Doctor calls back to you. [["Aren't you coming?"|Doctor End]]
"Yeah," you respond, not sure whether telling Tony Stark you're having a party is actually a good idea. "It's my birthday."\n\nAs soon as you make this statement all of the Avengers' faces break out into enormous smiles. They each take a turn telling you Happy Birthday, and it is only as you are inviting them to come inside that you realize what this means: Your birthday party is being attended by the Avengers. This is possibly the greatest thing that has ever happened.\n\nThey all file into the house and begin making themselves comfortable. For Tony, this means touching everything and playing with electronics as if he owns them.\n\n<<if $score eq "yes">>.[[Naturally, the first thing he does is turn the stereo on.|avengers score]]<<endif>>\n<<if $disneysongs eq "yes">>.[[Naturally, the first thing he does is turn the stereo on.|avengers disney]]<<endif>> \n<<if $showtunes eq "yes">>.[[Naturally, the first thing he does is turn the stereo on.|avengers showtunes]]<<endif>>
<<silently>>\n<<set $cake = "no">>\n<<set $decorations = "no">>\n<<set $playlist = "no">>\n<<set $cupcake = "no">>\n<<set $sherbert = "no">>\n<<set $carrot = "no">>\n<<set $score = "no">>\n<<set $disneysongs = "no">>\n<<set $showtunes = "no">>\n<<set $classics = "no">>\n<<set $doctorwho = "no">>\n<<set $avengers = "no">>\n<<set $tasks = 0>>\n<<set $psychicpaper = "no">>\n<<set $sonic = "no">>\n<<set $presents = 0>>\n<<endsilently>>\nWell, it is that time of year again....\nIT'S YOUR BIRTHDAY!\nTime to Celebrate!\nPeople are coming over for dinner, and there are festivities to be had! But there is [[lots to do|Lots to Do]] before the party can begin.
<<silently>>\n<<set $carrot = "yes">>\n<<endsilently>>\nMmmmmmm... Carrot Cake. Was there ever really any competition?\n\nYou set to work preparing the ingredients, and you get the cake into the oven in record time! The delicious confection is certain to be the best you've ever made, and it has left you with plenty of time to take care of all the [[other things you have to do|Lots to Do]] before the guests start coming!
Hawkeye holds out a simple bow and arrow set.\n\n"It's just a regular bow, nothing too complicated," he assures you. "Just, if you were interested, this would be a good bow to start learning with."\n\n"Thank you," you tell him sincerely.\n\n"And let me know when get ready for something a little more advanced. I can get you a more advanced set and give you a few pointers."\n\nThis is really incredible! And there's still the [[presents from the others|avengers presents]]!\n\n<<silently>>\n<<set $presents + 1>>\n<<endsilently>>\n
Someone turns down the lights, the candles are lit, and everyone sings "Happy Birthday" to you as the cake is brought in and set down in front of you.\n\nYou take a deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep breath, and you blow all the candles out in one giant puff of air.\n\n<<if $cupcake eq "yes">>Because you baked cupcakes, the cake is already separated into individual-sized servings. You would think that would helpt to simplify the cutting-and-serving-the-cake process. But not with this crazy group of people. Apparently, one of the cupcakes looks infinitely more appealing than the others, and everyone wants that one. \n\nFortunately, you know an easy solution to this problem! You are the birthday girl! Therefore You get to be the lucky person who gets the bestest cupcake of the batch!<<endif>>\n<<if $sherbert eq "yes">>The time out of the freezer and the heat from the candles has started to Melt the cake! It needs to be eaten quickly before it turns into a puddle of melted, sticky, goop!\n\nYou cut up several slices, distributing them to the guests and keeping the biggest one for yourself. The cake is messy and delicious, and you (mostly) manage to eat it all before it melts away. <<endif>> \n<<if $carrot eq "yes">>Carrot cake has always been a favorite, and while there are always a few silly people who don't want to eat a cake with carrots in it, everyone seesms very excited to get a piece a dig in!\n\nYou cut up several slices, distributing them to the guests and keeping the biggest one for yourself. Within seconds of being served, everyone is eagerly digging and praising your epically spectacular carrot-cake-baking skills. <<endif>>\n\nAfter everyone has finished devouring their slice of deliciousness, it is finally time for [[presents!|family presents]]
"Yes, we found the location. The area is secure. Move in," the man finishes saying to whoever is on the other end of his com. line before looking up and giving you a politely bland smile. "Hello. My name is Phil Coulson. I'm with the Strategic Homeland Intervention Enforcement and Logistics Division."\n\nYou pause to try to take that in for a minute. "The Strategic... um. What?"\n\n"You can just call us SHIELD," the man responds. "I'm also responsible for handling the team of individuals known as the Avengers," he continues.\n\nYou can feel yourself gaping at him. The Avengers?! This man works wtih the Avengers?!\n\n"You work with the Avengers?" you sputter, completely awestruck.\n\n"I do," Coulson replies with a small smile. [["They should be here shortly."|Avengers Arrive]]
<<silently>>\n<<set $sherbert = "yes">>\n<<endsilently>>\nThe sherbert cake is ambitious and time-consuming, but you feel confident that you can get it done in time and that its heightened deliciousness factor will be worth the extra effort on your part.\n\nYou put the cake into the freezer to harden, grateful to have that task taken care of. But you still have [[lots of things to do|Lots to Do]] before the guests arrive!
<<silently>>\n<<set $disneysongs = "yes">>\n<<endsilently>>\nWho doesn't love Disney songs?\n\nIt is really hard to go wrong with Disney when choosing party music. You have undoubtedly made a wise and mature decision.\n\nNow to get back to tackling all that [[stuff you have to do|Lots to Do]] before the guests start showing up!
<<silently>>\n<<set $playlist = "yes">>\n<<set $tasks + 1>>\n<<endsilently>>\nA party playlist is a critical decision that can set the tone for the entire evening!\n\nNo pressure.\n\nYou have so much music that the choices are virtually infinite, but really what it comes down to is three options: [[showtunes|showtunes]], [[movie scores|score]], or [[Disney songs|disney songs]].
"How about some cake?" you suggest.\n\nThis suggestion seems to go over well, if all the giant smiles being directed at you are any indication. You retreat to the kitchen and return with a plate full of deliciousness to serve a minute later.\n\n<<if $cupcake eq "yes">>Almost as soon as you have set down the giant plate of cupcakes, Tony begins counting them and muttering under his breath, apparently running some very complicated calculations.\n\n"Um, what is he doing?" you ask Cap quietly, not wanting to interrupt but really curious as to what is going on.\n\n"It sounds like he's trying to calculate portion sizes," Captain America responds warily.\n\n"What else would I be doing?" Tony interjects flippantly. "We have three dozen cupcakes here. With a normal group of people, we'd just divide them up so each person gets the same amount, or do first-come-first-serve until they've all been eaten. But you and Thor both eat like a Horse. A giant, six-legged horse!"\n\nCaptain America looks a bit affronted at that comment, but he doens't say anything to contradict it.\n\n"So I am Calculating," Tony concludes.\n\nYou never realized that serving food was such a complicated process with the Avengers. When Tony's calculations are complete all of the cupcakes are distributed accordingly and eagerly consumed. You would have anticipated that with 36 cupcakes there'd be a few leftovers, but once everyone is done eating, not a single crumb remains.<<endif>>\n<<if $sherbert eq "yes">>As you cut pieces of the sherbert cake and distribute them you notice that all of the Avengers seem to be looking at the dessert curiously.\n\n"It's ice cream cake," you explain, assuming their confusion is over the nature of the confection. \n\n"Ice cream cake..." Thor ponders. "Are these not traditionallhy to seperate food items?"\n\n"Well, yes," you agree. "But this is a combination of the two. It's a cake made out of ice cream."\n\n"Great Alfather, it is Delicious!" Thor exclaims! "We must have this dessert with every meal from this day forward!"\n\n"I don't think that's really feasible, Thor," Captain America objects.\n\n"And why not?" Tony interjects. "Tell you what, Big Guy, you want ice cream cake with your breakfast, JARVIS will make sure it happens."\n\nThor looks ecstatic. "Wonderful!"\n\nApparently the cake is a huge hit. Thor keeps reiterating his request that every meal every meal from now on must be accompanied by ice cream cake, and the gathered Avengers have gobbled it all up in no time.<<endif>>\n<<if $carrot eq "yes">>You begin to serve out the cake, and as each Avenger takes a bite they all make absurdly happy sounds of deliciousness.\n\n"This is the best cake I have ever eaten!" Tony Stark declares. "And I do not skimp when it comes to buying desserts!"\n\n"This is the best thing I have tasted since waking up from the ice," Captain America contributs.\n\n"Even better than that stuff we had in Budapest," Hawkeye comments, Balck Widow nodding in agreement.\n\n"Mmmm," Dr. Banne humms. "A piece of this cake could keep me calm and contented for days."\n\n"It easily rivals any dish served in Asgard or any of the Nine Realms!" Thor decrees.\n\nCoulson is the only one not making exaggerated exclamations. You wait nervously for his reaction.\n\nFinally, he opens his mouth to comment and says, "I'd like the recipe."\n\nThe entire group of Avengers continue to fall over themselves to tell you how spectacular the cake is, and the entire cake has been devoured in under ten minutes.<<endif>> \n\n"Now that the traditional, obligatory dessert has been taken care of," Coulson states, [["I think it's time that we give you your presents."|avengers presents]]
Bruce smiles softly. "I noticed your awesome measuring cup," he comments. "I'd like to get you an entire set of 'scientific' baking tools."\n\nBruce pulls out his phone and shows you the image from a website. There are measuring cups that look like beakers and test tubes. There are pipets for measuring liquids, and there's a baking-ingredient-to-molecular-components conversion chart. There's even safety goggles and a lab coat apron!\n\n"That should be coming in the mail in a day or two," Bruce says.\n\n"Thank you! That's so fun and thoughtful."\n\nYou wonder what the [[other presents|avengers presents]] could be.\n\n<<silently>>\n<<set $presents + 1>>\n<<endsilently>>
<<if $score eq "yes">>Classical music begins to play out the speakers, and the Doctor pauses and cocks his head to the side as if trying to identify the tune.\n\n"Oh!" He declares after a moment. "Beethoven! I met him once! Brilliant composer! Did have a tendency to shout a bit though. 'Course, he was going deaf, so you couldn't really blame him, but blimey did it give you a headache!"\n\nYou stare at him in silence for a minute, processing the rapidfire flow of words that has just come out of his mouth.\n\n"You met Beethoven?"\n\n"Yes! He was brilliant! I meet lots of brilliant people! Yourself included. It always is quite the experience, meeting someone new and spectacular."\n\nYou're still not really sure what he means by all his talk of meeting Beethoven (surely that couldn't be possible). But you are sure that he called you brilliant and spectacular, and you are a courteous host who knows how to appropriately respond to complements.<<endif>>\n<<if $disneysongs eq "yes">>"The Circle of Life" begins to play, and the Doctor looks as if he is working very hard at restraining himself from singing along. When he does open his mouth, the comment he offers up is not what you would have expected.\n\n"I quoted this song while saving the world once," he says casually, as if this was a perfectly normal thing that might happen to any person from time to time. "Quite by accident, you understand," he quickly backtracks. "I wasn't Trying to fend of an alien invasion with the Lion King. But it just sort of worked out that way."\n\n"You... saved the world from an alien invasion?" you ask, completely baffled by this outrageous claim and the casual manner in which he has made it.\n\n"Oh yes," he responds without a hint of humility. "Well," he ammends, "I was a little late to that invasion, actually. Regeneration. You know how it is."\n\nYou do not, in fact, know how it is. But you decide that there is only one appropriate response to that kind of declaraion.<<endif>> \n<<if $showtunes eq "yes">>"The Wizard and I" begins to play. The Doctor pauses in his scrutiny of his surroundings to listen to the lyrics, and gradually he gets a far-off look in his eyes.\n\n"I had a friend," he says, seemingly apropo of nothing. "This song remind me of him." The Doctor looks to have suddenly become very sad - an ironic reaction to this particular song, you think - and you want some way to bring back the earlier version of the man that was so full of energy and enthusiasm.\n\n"I'm sorry," you offer weakly. "Did he die?"\n\n"Oh no," the Doctor replies quickly. "Quite the opposite actually! It's just not particularly feasible to be around him anymore. Everything's gone a bit... Wrong, where he's concerned."\n\nYou're not really sure how to respond to that, and the Doctor still has not fully returned to his previous peppiness. Luckily, you know a surefire way to bring a smile to anyone's face.<<endif>> \n\n"Would you like some [[cake|doctor cake]]?"
<<silently>>\n<<set $showtunes = "yes">>\n<<endsilently>>\nSHOWTUNES! OF COURSE! You were listening to them while you were baking anyway. Doubtlessly your guests will enjoy listening to Wicked blaring throughout the house just as much as you do.\n\nSpeaking of guests! Better make sure you get all those [[tasks|Lots to Do]] done before they show up!
After a long day of preparing and socializing, it is finally time for the party to end.\n\nYou bid your guests goodbye and look around at the mess they have left in their wake. There is lots of cleaning that will need to be done. But there are also new presents to enjoy, and delicious leftover cake that will last you for for the rest of the week (or at least until tomorrow afternoon)!\n\nYou think about the day you've had, and you come to the inevitable conclusion that this has truly been a Happy Birthday. :)
The Doctor smiles. "Oh, really, it's nothing," he insists. \n\n"Thank you," you tell him sincerely. "This has been the greatest birthday I've ever had."\n\n"There's one more thing..." The Doctor says. "One more thing I can offer you for your birthday."\n\n"What is it?" you ask, eager and cirous to find out what other amazing, impossible thing this strange man could be about to offer you.\n\n[["How would you like to go on a trip?"|TARDIS]]
Why not have a themed party? Themes can keep things fun and interesting and they can provide a convenient topic of conversation for the guests! But which theme to pick...\n\nYou could do an [[Avengers|Avengers]] theme! Or you could decorate around [[Doctor Who|Doctor Who]]!
<<silently>>\n<<set $score = "yes">>\n<<endsilently>>\nYou don't want this party to get too crazy. A nice score of wordless music will make a soothing and spohisticated soundtrack for the evening. \n\nGood choice. :)\n\nNow back to tackling all the [[things you need to do|Lots to Do]] to get ready for this party!
<<if $tasks lt 3>>Thare are so many things that still need to be done before the party guests arrive!<<endif>>\n\n<<if $cake eq "no">>You need to choose which [[cake|cake]] you want.<<endif>>\n\n<<if $decorations eq "no">>You need to [[put up decorations|decorations]].<<endif>> \n\n<<if $playlist eq "no">>You need to [[choose the party playlist|playlist]].<<endif>>\n\n<<if $tasks eq 3>>Now that all those tasks are taken care of, you're finally ready for the [[party|party]] to start!<<endif>>\n
<<set $psychicpaper = "yes">>\nYou look closely at the paper in the man's wallet, and after a moment of close scrutiny the writing seems to disappear.\n\n"It went blank," you say, not understanding what just happened.\n\n"Oh, you really Are brilliant!" the man exclaims. "Why don't you hang on to this for a little while. Consider it a birthday present! Only temporary of course, I can't let you keep it forever. But I think you could hang on to it for the day."\n\nYou still aren't entirely sure what is going on, but you take the now-blank wallet and put it into your pocket.\n\nBy now you are Dying to know [[who this man is|who is Doctor]].
<<silently>>\n<<set $decorations = "yes">>\n<<set $tasks + 1>>\n<<endsilently>>\nHmm. What to do for decorations....\n\nThere's always the classics: [[streamers and balloons|classics]]. Or you could try something different and decorate with a [[theme|theme]].
PARTY TIME!\n\nAfter all that preparation it is finally time for the party to begin! You do one last check to make sure everything is ready and set to go - and then the [[doorbell|doorbell]] rings.
"A Puppy," you declare, only half serious and mostly just curious to see what his reaction will be.\n\n"Alright then! A puppy it is!" the Doctor replies brightly.\n\n... You were not expecting that.\n\nThe Doctor bounds out the door, and you are lefting standing there by yourself wondering what in the world has just happened. A minute later, the Doctor comes bouncing back inside, grinning ear to ear. And rolling along behind him is a boxy tin dog with "K-9" painted on its side.\n\n"Is that..." you try to ask, completely flabergasted.\n\n"This is K-9!" the Doctor introduces. "He is a really good dog!"\n\n"Thank you, master," the tin dog replies in a mechanical voice.\n\n"So long as you take good care of him," the Doctor continues, "he will take good care of you right back."\n\nYou can't belive it. The Doctor has just given you a Real Live Robotic Dog!\n\n[["How am I ever going to be able to thank you for this?"|Doctor thanks]]
<<silently>>\n<<set $avengers = "yes">>\n<<endsilently>>\nLoki may have an army, but you have a CAKE. Add the Avengers to the guest list and prepare for an alien invasion, because this is about to become the World's Mightiest Birthday Party!\n\nNow that you've got that settled, how about Schwarma? But wait! There's still [[stuff to do|Lots to Do]] and a party to host! (Schwarma will have to be after.)
<<set $sonic = "yes">>\n"What IS that?" you ask, pointing to the device in his hand.\n\n"Oh, this?" He twirls the thing between his fingers. "This is my sonic screwdriver!"\n\nYou think about that for a minute. "Why would you need a screwdriver that's sonic?"\n\n"Well it's better than a sonic Pen!" he replies, slightly affronted.\n\nThis conversation does not appear to be productive, so you decide to try a different tactic and find out [[who he is|who is Doctor]].\n
Thor smiles his really, really, exceptionally charming smile and holds out his present offering.\n\nYou stare at the box in his hands in perplexed amusement.\n\n"... PopTarts."\n\n"Aye!" Thor responds enthusiastically. "They are a most delicious food item!"\n\nIt's... not what you might have been expecting. But it is really hard to be even a tiny bit disappointed in the face of Thor's enthusiasm.\n\n"Thank you!"\n\nThor Beams. You don't know why he is so excited about the PopTarts, but it seems to be rubbing off on you. Somehow the Norse God of Thunder has made a gifted box of PopTarts exciting. If that isn't proof of Thor's almighty powers then you don't know what is.\n\nNow to accept the [[other Avengers' presents|avengers presents]]!\n\n<<silently>>\n<<set $presents + 1>>\n<<endsilently>>
You run to the front door to greet your first guests!\n\n<<if $avengers eq "yes">>Standing outside the door is [[a man wearing a suit and talking into a comm|Coulson]].<<endif>>\n<<if $doctorwho eq "yes">>Standing outside the door is [[a tall thin man in a pinstripe suit|Doctor]]. <<endif>>\n<<if $classics eq "yes">>Standing outside the door are all of your [[friends and family|family]] that you invited, and even a few that you didn't think would be able to make it!<<endif>>
<<silently>>\n<<set $cupcake = "yes">>\n<<end silently>>\nOoh! Cupcakes are cute! What a fun idea! Everyone can have their own, and there can even be different flavors and frostings and decoratings! \n\n... You may have gotten a little carried away with the cupcake-making. There is frosting on your shirt, there is flour in your hair, and there are 45 cupcakes stacked precariously on the counter. Oopse. At least you won't have to worry about not having enough for all of the guests!\n\nSpeaking of which! There is still [[lots that you have to do|Lots to Do]] before they start showing up!
You think about what lies ahead of you. All of time and space to explore. And a mad man with a box to take you there.\n\nYou cautiously step through the doors.\n\nThis certainly has been a birthday like no other. And the adventure, it seems, has only just begun.
Tony reaches into his pocket and retreives what has to be the most advanced piece of technology you have ever seen up close. He tosses it to you casually, as if he Didn't just hand you the newset, most amazing and expensive cell phone in the entire world.\n\n"I- I can't accept this," you stammer. \n\n"Of course you can," Tony responds breezily. "You won't even have to pay for the data or service, it's all taken care of."\n\n"This is too much," you try to insist.\n\n"No it's not. I'm a billionaire. Just take the phone and move on to your [[other presents|avengers presents]]."\n\n<<silently>>\n<<set $presents + 1>>\n<<endsilently>>
'Once More With Feeling' begins to play, and suddenly all of the Avengers are grinning at you.\n\n"Buffy!" Thor declares. "A Great and Mighty Warrior!"\n\n"River Tam is better," Black Widow interjects calmly as if this is an irrefutable fact.\n\n"I still really like Echo," Bruce Banner responds.\n\nApparently the Avengers are Whedon fans. The conversation very quickly devolves into an argument about which Whedon show is the greatest. The relevent arguing points include scientific accuracy, character development, unexpected plot twists, length of the series, and whether or not someone's favortie character had been killed off. Each person seems to have an opinion. Although they also each seem to be changing their opinions from one minute to the next. It is all very entertaining and confusing.\n\nOnce the discussion is finally settled (you have no idea which Avenger or which tv show won), [[it is time to bring out the cake.|avengers cake]]
Presents! Who knows what kinds of odd itmes this strange man will think make suitable gifts? This should be exciting!\n\n"You got me a present?" you ask, feeling nervous but excited.\n\n"Well... No. Not exactly. Not yet!" the Doctor babbels out quickly. Before you can start to feel too disappointed, he adds, "So, tell me! What do you want?"\n\nHmm... This is a difficult question. How should you respond to it? You could ask for a [[puppy|puppy]]! Or you could request that he give you [[something to remember him by|scarf]]. Or you could just demand that he [[surprise you|psychic paper gift]].\n\n
"What are you doing here?" you ask. "And why are you looking at me like that?"\n\n"Oh I was just in the neighborhood! Well, I say neighborhood..." He trails off, then appears to abandon that thought and start again. "I got your invitation!"\n\nThe man holds up a bettered [[leather wallet|psychic paper]]. Inside is a paper displaying the words "You're Invited!" in your own handwriting.\n\n"How did you get that?" you ask.\n\n"You sent it to me," he replies, as if that explains everything. "I am quite impressed, actually. It takes someone Very impressive to be able to send me a message on that."\n\nWell you certainly appreciate the praise, but you still don't know [[who this man is|who is Doctor]].
Bethy's Brilliant Birthday Bash!
Coulson maintains a perfectly blank expression as he passes you a tazer with one hand and a business card with the other.\n\n"So you can handle threats yourself in the future, and so you won't always have to," he explains as you accept the offered items.\n\nThe gifts are somehow simultaneously practical and touching. You smile your thanks, and Coulson nods in recognition.\n\nNow to see to those [[other presents|avengers presents]].\n\n<<silently>>\n<<set $presents + 1>>\n<<endsilently>>
<<if $score eq "yes">>The simple, soothing score that you selected serves as a soothing backdrop to the not-always-calm-and-collected process of partaking in birthday dinner with this boistrous group of people. It doesn't necessarily render the evening calm, but it does seem to temper the wild enthusiasm and equally wild personalities at least a little bit.\n\nDinner eventually devolves into a pun war. You're calling that a win.<<endif>>\n<<if $disneysongs eq "yes">>Disney songs begin to play on shuffle from your nearly endless playlist. At first, no one seems to be paying it any attention, but gradually your guests seem to notice the music, and one by one they each inevitably begin to sing along. Before you know it, everyone is participating in an enthusiastic rendition of "I'll Make a Man Out of You", complete with different voices for the different characters and imaginary karate battles between your friends.\n\nYour birthday dinner has turned into a Disney sing-along You couldn't have wished for a better present.<<endif>>\n<<if $showtunes eq "yes">>1789 begins to play. Your immediate family members are familiar with this soundtrack after listening to you cook to it on several occasions, but your extended family does not have that background understanding.\n\n"Are they not speaking English?" your cousin asks, completely baffled.\n\nThis leads to you explaining all about the musical, why it is so awesome, and how you came to find it. Which, naturally leads into a discussion of Les Mis, of movie musicals vs. stage productions, and of why Neil Patrick Harris is one of the greatest things ever to happen to this earth.\n\nIt is a very good dinner conversation.<<endif>>\n\nAfter everyone has finished their food and the rowdy group you invited has quieted down, it is time to bring out the [[cake!|family cake]]
<<silently>>\n<<set $presents + 1>>\n<<endsilently>>\nYou open up the envelope and pull out the card. The card has Hoops and Yoyo on the front, and it sings when you open it. It is cute and hilarious. But you'd better keep it out of other people's reach, or you will be hearing that song over and over again unendingly for the rest of the evening.\n\nYou look for the signature inside of the card and you thank the appropriate person. And then thank them again when you notice the $50 tucked inside. That was really generous, and you have Tons of ideas about what you are going to spend it on!\n\nNow you need to [[choose the next present to open!|family presents]]
<<silently>>\n<<set $presents + 1>>\n<<endsilently>>\nThe box is small and carefully wrapped. You peel the wrapping paper off and open it up. Inside is a beautiful neclace and a matching pair of earrings. You pull them out and put them on and everyone is pleased to discover that they go very well with the beautiful dress you are wearing!\n\nNow you need to [[choose the next present to open!|family presents]]
Captain America offers to you a small stack of trading cards.\n\nYou look down at the cards that he's handed to you. You're not an expert, but these seem to be originals. And they are all in excellent condition, each one sporting the Captain's loopy signature. These must be worth.... well, no, they're literally priceless.\n\nCap smiles at you bashfully. "I don't know if you'd be interested in these goofy trading cards, but I figure at the very least they're unique and valuable."\n\n"If you don't want them," Coulson interjects, "I could always use another set."\n\n"No, no! I love them!" you respond quickly. "Thank you so much!"\n\nNow to see what [[other presents|avengers presents]] the Avengers have for you.\n\n<<silently>>\n<<set $presents + 1>>\n<<endsilently>>
The Doctor follows you into the house and begins poking around, touching nearly everything he finds, and pointing his <<if $sonic eq "yes">>sonic screwdriver<<else>>device<<endif>> at everything else. \n\n<<if $sonic eq "yes">>You are not sure what, precisely, a sonic screwdriver actually does, but the Doctor seems to be getting some sort of information out of the process, so you assume there must be a purpose to it.<<else>>You still have no idea what that thing is, and it's making that bizarre noise again every time the Doctor points it at something.<<endif>>\n\nEventually, in the course of his explorations, the Doctor brings it around to point at the stereo system, and your [[music begins to play|doctor music]].
You notice a noise coming from far away but gradually getting louder and louder. In two minutes, a sleek, black jet has landed on the street in front of your house. One by one the Avengers begin disembarking, walking up your front walk to gather in front of you.\n\nYou stare around at the array of superheroes in awe. \n\nThey're all there. Tony Stark, Captain America, Black Widow, Hawkeye, even Thor(!), and a bespectacled man who you assume must the Hulk's human alter-ego, Bruce Banner.\n\nThis Is So Cool!!!\n\n[[But what are they doing here?|Avengers why]]
"I don't have a physical thing for you," Black Widow says when you turn to her, "but I'm offering you hand-to-hand combat lessons."\n\nWow! Black Widow is one of the greatest hand-to-hand specialists in the world! Although the prospect of training with her is a little scary...\n\n"I won't go easy on you," she continues. Yup. Definitely scary. "But I will make sure that you can hold your own against anyone other than myslef."\n\nYou decide the awesomeness outweighs the scariness. "That is incredible, thank you."\n\nNow to see [[what the other Avengers got for you|avengers presents]].\n\n<<silently>>\n<<set $presents + 1>>\n<<endsilently>>
<<silently>>\n<<set $presents + 1>>\n<<endsilently>>\nThe puppies on that bag are certainly adorable. (Too bad there's unlikely to be a puppy Inside the bag as well.) You pull out the tissue paper with enthusiasm, eager to get to the bag's contents. Once you get through the top layer of tissue paper you are finally able to pull out the present...\n\nA new apron to add to your ever-growing collection! Some might think that you have more aprons than any single person could ever possibly need. But you just see that as a reson to bake more often, not a reason to have fewer aprons!\n\nNow you need to [[choose the next present to open!|family presents]]
<<silently>>\n<<set $doctorwho = "yes">>\n<<endsilently>>\nPerfect! A Doctor Who theme is fun, geeky, and easy! What could be better? All you have to do is fashion a cardbord structure into a Police Box and say "Alonsy!" and "Fantastic!" every few minutes!\n\nNow that you've got the theme settled, better get back to those [[other things|Lots to Do]] you have to do before the guests show up!
<<if $presents eq 0>>\n"You guys brought me presents?" you ask, feeling touched but confused. Didn't they say they were here to protect you from a threat? Why would they have brought presents with them?\n\n"We crashed your birthday party," Hawkeye responds, "it would be really rude not to give you gifts after invading your house and eating all your cake."\n\nYou can't believe it.<<endif>> [[Tony Stark|Tony Present]], [[Captain America|Steve Present]], [[Black Widow|Natasha Present]], [[Thor|Thor Present]], [[Hawkeye|Clint Present]], [[Bruce Banner|Bruce Present]], and [[Coulson|Coulson Present]] all have presents to give you!\n\n<<if $presents eq 7>>Ypu look around at the assembled Avengers gratefully. "Thank you all so much."\n\n"It was the least we could do," Bruce shrugs. \n\nSuddenly Coulson is distracted by something being said on his com. "The threat has moved on," he announces. [["It's time for us to go."|avengers end]]<<endif>> \n
<<silently>>\n<<set $cake = "yes">>\n<<set $tasks + 1>>\n<<endsilently>>\nCHOOSING A CAKE IS A MAJOR, CRITICALLY IMPORTANT DECISION. You peruse the options... You could go for the ambitious-but-delicious [[sherbert ice cream cake|sherbert]], the classic [[homemade carrot cake|carrot]], or the unconventional but adorable [[cupcake alternative|cupcake]].
By Your Favorite Sister Sarah\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n
"Well, it's been a blast," Tony comments, "but it seems that our wonderful presence is needed elsewhere."\n\n"You guys have to go?" you ask sadly.\n\nCaptain America smiles at you. "Duty calls."\n\n"It has been truly magnificent to meet you, young friend!" Thor declares.\n\n"Yeah, what he said," Hawkeye agrees.\n\n"Aww, Clint," Black Widow smirks, reaching over to ruffle his hair even as he tries to swat her away.\n\n"Thank you for letting us into your house," Bruce Banner offers cordially.\n\n"Use that card I gave you," Coulson instructs. "Call us if you ever need help out of trouble."\n\n"Thank you all so much," you say earnestly, sad to see all of them going.\n\nThe Avengers smile and wish you a happy birthday before turning to leave. You watch at they return to their jet and fly off into the sky.\n\nYou just spent your birthday hanging out with the Avengers after a minor invasion of superheroes into your home. And! You got Coulson's card, so you can call them up again!\n\nBest. Birthday. Ever!
<<silently>>\n<<set $classics = "yes">>\n<<endsilently>>\nBalloons and Streamers it is! You can never go wrong with the classics!\n\nYou blow up balloons until your cheeks hurt, and you attatch streamers to everything in sight until you completely run out tape. This is going to be a very festive and colorful party!\n\nBut there's still [[lots to do|Lots to Do]] before you're ready for the guests!
"Who Are you?" you demand\n\n"Me? I'm the Doctor!" he replies.\n\nDoctor? Doctor isn't a name. "Doctor who?" you ask.\n\n"Just the Doctor," he replies brightly. "And You are the brilliant birthday girl who invited me to her party!" He pauses for a moment. "Is the party happening on the front stoop, or can I come inside? I'm not adverse to a stoop party necessarily, but if the party is meant to be indoors I think we'd better be heading in and getting to it, don't you?"\n\nEverything about this man is strange and alien, but apparently you invited him, so you step back from the doorway and beckon him [[inside|inside]].
"Why don't you give me something to remember you by?" you suggest.\n\nThe Doctor smiles a little wistfully. "That sounds like a brilliant idea. And I know just the thing! Wait here for a moment, will you? I'll just go grap it, and then I'll be right back!"\n\nYou watch as the Doctor bounds out the door, apprently going to retrieve whatever he's thgout of to give you. You try to imagine what he could be getting, but before you can come up with any plausible ideas he has returned.\n\nThe Doctor holds out his hands, offering an enormous wad brightly colored wool. You take the wad from the Doctor, and it unfurls as you grab it, spilling out into a truly Enormous scarf.\n\nyou stare at the scarf in astonishment. It must be fifteen feet long! At least!\n\n"I used to wear that," the Doctor explains, "back when I was much, much younger. It served me well. Kept me warm. Kept my outfit colorful. You know. Useful scarf stuff."\n\nYou smile at the Doctor and carefully wrap the scarf around your neck several times. It may be a bit impractical, but it obviously meant quite a lot to him.\n\n[["How am I ever going to be able to thank you for this?"|Doctor thanks]]