Ankle-deep water pools at the far edge of the room. \n\nTo the far left is a metal gate damming up the water. \n\nTo your right is a dried-up flower bed and a packet of seeds.\n\nA contraption connects the pool of water to a sprinkler system overhead. \n\n* * *\n\n[[Open the dam|dam]]\n\n[[]]
A clay statue stands in the center of a room with four doors. \n\nYou forget how you came here, yet you have urgency to leave.\n\n*\n\n[[Examine doors|examine1]]\n\n[[Examine statue|examine2]]\n\n
A black turtle shell hangs from the door. \n\n* \n\n[[Open the door|northdoor]]
Thank you for playing Wu Xing Dungeon. Check @Salacious_Tien on twitter for more updates/rooms to the game.
They seem to be tiger's fangs, easily longer than your finger. \n\n\n\n[[Open the door|westdoor]]
You jump up and grab a branch, and it springs before snapping off. You bruise your tailbone pretty hard, but it's worth it to destroy something so ugly. \n\nYou dip the branch in the flames, and light the other limbs into a burning mass. \n\nThe tree quickly falls to ash, revealing a hole in the stone wall too high for you to climb through. \n\nYou tried. \n\n*\n\n[[Return to the center|center2]]
Wu Xing Dungeon
The constellations are shifting, constantly. The dots embedded in the door seem to deepen and fill intermittently. \n\nIt's beautiful, yet unsettling.\n\n*\n\n[[Open the door|eastdoor]]
You find the exit, although this end of the dungeon looks unfinished.
The statue is made of what looks like dirt and clay. In one hand it holds a mysterious sword, and in the other a shield of dragon scales.\n\n*\n\n[[Examine sword|examine3]]
The doors are placed at, what you assume, are the four cardinal directions. \n\nOn the door to the north hangs a black turtle shell.\n\nTo the south is a door with a single phoenix feather poking out underneath. \n\nA door to the [[east]] is adorned in constellations.\n\nWhite fangs on a loop of wire hang on a nail from the door to the west.
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Behind the door, you find...\n\n<<if visited("spout")>>\s\na door leading to the exit. The dungeon seems unfinished here, but into the woods you might find freedom. Good luck to you.\n<<else>>\s\na pit, the floor empty and unfinished. The door closes behind you, pushing you down into the darkness. That's what you get for destroying private property.\n<<endif>>\n\n[[The End]]
You exit the eastern door, and return to the main room. \n\nOn the door to the [[north]] hangs a black turtle shell.\n\nTo the south is a door with a single phoenix feather poking out underneath. \n\nWhite fangs on a loop of wire hang on a nail from the door to the west.
You touch the doorknob, and the hair stands up on the back of your neck. \n\nMaybe you should [[try another door|center3]].
You fill the bucket of water, and pour it onto the roots of the tree. The mud washes away to reveal a small sprig.\n\nMaybe the old tree will fall away, and the new one will reach out above the stone walls. \n\n* \n\n[[Return to the center|center2]]
The sword in the statue's hands has a wooden hilt with a ruby embedded in the pommel. \n\nThe blade seems to be coated in a light frost, despite the humidity of the room. \n\n*\n\n[[Examine doors|examine1]]
Behind the door, a large tree has grown into the far wall. Through its branches you can see the night sky, yet the limbs are fragile and old. Hanging on one could easily snap it off. \n\nOn the floor embedded in the right wall is an open fireplace.\n\nTo your right is a spout, and an empty bucket of water below. \n\n* \n\n[[Turn the spout|spout]]\n\n[[Burn a branch|branch]]\n
Shel Hollingsworth
A phoenix feather pokes out from underneath this door. \n\n*\n\n[[Open the door|southdoor]]\n\n