You look through the balcony which\n seems as a 6th floor of a hotel. Another option is the door. \n\n[[Try to climb out through the balcony and jump into the one bellow |Climb]]\n\n[[Use the door |Door]]\n
You scream for help hoping someone will hear you but all you can hear is your own voice bouncing of the walls. Until the door creeks and someone enters the room. You can't see them, but it must be it. It must be him. A strong flash light blinds you and before you feel the pain in your chest you hear two words. \n\n''This is the end'' . \n
You wait for an hour in which you managed to look around what seems like a hotel room. You cant gain much information from it besides the pictures hang up above the knives , pictures of familiar faces. \n\nYou cant bare the wait anymore. What do you do. \n\nDecide to escape through the [[Door|]]\n\nOr climb out [[Climb|]]
\n\nYou back were you starter. \n\nHis hands are shaking, he knows you, that’s why he is so nervous. \nHe takes the knife, looks you in the eyes and freezes in the moment.\n\nHe can’t do it. \n\n[[He gives you a choice to go free and disappear forever.\n|Go Free]] \n[[Or trust his judgement. |Trust]] \n
You opened your eyes in the cold light room covered in cling film from top to bottom. You can't move. The last thing you remember is packing up your car for the next journey.\n\nYou get scared our body is shivering, could this be the end.\n\n[[Start screaming for help |Help]]\n[[Stay calm on wait what will happen next |Wait]]\n\n\n\n\n
You open the door and once you steped out you felt a slight sting in your neck. You fell on the floor and turned on your back it was him he finally got you.\n\nYou paralised.\n\n<<Next>>
He frees you. You stand around the room for a while. Not even close to leaving.\nYou have some hidden anger, the urge to do what you do the best. \nYou grab the knife and kill him without a single twitch in your body; after all you are cold blooded killer who wins. \n\n
This game has een inspired by TV series Dexter.
You slip and fall.\n\n[[Start|]]
You felt pain, he did it he killed you. After all this time of trying to catch you he did. He killed his own brother.\n\n[[Start|]]
You wait and try to figure it all out in your head. Look around for clues or the ways to escape. You see a set of knives on the side of the table; they all polished and perfectly lined up, like a piece of art for exhibition. After a while you managed to free one of your hands, luckily it was enough to grab one of the knives and cut the rest of the ropes. You free but what do you do next.\n\n[[You run, hell knows what he will do to you |Run]]\n[[You hide and wait. This could be your moment to finally delete him |Hide]] \n