I feel a bit nervous, "You are the new administrator... You have control over this entire facility." He nears next to my ear and whispers. "It's random. All roles switch out every 60 years. Don't ruin this." I nod, and smile. [[Next|Chapter 3]]
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The officials started handing the needles out. They hand one to me and I inject it into my arm. Hurts like hell. I start seeing kids drop one by one. I realize. We're going to turn into officials. We were all 16 and that's the maiden age until the new kids get moved into the habitat. I fell to the ground, it seemed like I was watching a movie ending. Then it was all black.. [[Continue|Chapter2]]
Almost in an instant. All of the darkness faded away, it almost looked like I was in a uniform, with goggles on... I reached up to feel my head only to find out I was. Theres something missing from my brain, I can't remember what I did before... Tree... Drowsyness... Becoming mortal... Now I remember. I became an official. I looked around at all the other people around me. Until that moment I realized I was walking, now I remember what I was doing. It has been 5 months and we're going to pass out the injections. But we weren't. The crowd started shifting to the left. I look down at my uniform to see a great big hammer on it. [[Look at others badges, see if anyone else has them|Take a peek]], [[Don't worry about it (STORY THROUGH HERE IS BEING MADE!|Take a peek]]
I stay in that tree. My eyeslids start to get heavy. (Did I mention it wears off in exactly 5 months?) I sumble off the tree and start running towards the [[Injection Facility|Facility]]
It feels like a lifetime after being a god. It hurts to be a mortal, Human, Anything. It seems so that the hard labor has been paying off. I walked over to the [[Tree|pssg1]]
I get off. The substance wears off so I should get my injection, or I'll be too far gone. I start running to the [[Injection Facility|Facility]]
I look around seeing who has it. Nobody... We walk into a clearing where a big stage is present. I think I might've shat my pants, the person up there is terrifying. "EVERYONE LOOK DOWN AT YOUR CHEST! WHAT DOES YOUR BADGE SAY!" the person screams into his microphone. Everyone at the same time says their badge look. There were about 500 of us. "ONE BY ONE!!" he yelled again. Nobody had mine, of course. I was at the back, and they came up to me. "A big glowing hammer." I say, voice trembling. As soon as the words came out of my house I was pushed, jostled, and disoriented, and the next thing I notice is that I'm on the stage. I look over at the thing next to me. I [[Stay put|Stay on stage]]
The Gods Must Fall - Full WIP\n\n
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I climb right up it. Break time, Once every 5 months. It lasts for about a day, you see. We don't have to sleep. All of us are injected.. With some sort of substance, even me and my vast knowledge can't wrap my mind around it. Eventually. I [[Stay put|Stay]]-[[Hop off|get off]]