This entire voyage was a terrible idea. Despite your best efforts to escape, you find yourself only able to grasp the branches of nearby willows, and climb up into them.\n\n[[ten]]
After the flood, you use the tree limb to bushwack through some dense forest. \n\n[[four]]\n[[eight]]
You get caught in a whirlpool as you head for the inlet. You escape the whirlpool and look to the shore: a sprite is running away with your golden potato and crying "you spent so long trapped in that whirlpool that I got to the potato first!"\n\n[[Start]]
From the heights of the trees, you can see that the river is your best chance for escape, but that there is a windy mountain trail that would spare you the danger of swimming again.\n\nYou take the mountain trail. [[eight]]\nYou swim again. [[thirteen]]
You want to swim a bit to take a break from walking to the woods. All of a sudden, you are swept away from shore!\n\n[[twelve]]
An eagle swoops down out of the air. "You are not good at this game," the eagle says, dropping you back where you began.\n\n[[Start]]\n
A flash flood happens and you are forced to use whatever is available to stay afloat. How do you survive?\n\nfloating on a tree limb [[seven]]\nclimbing into the heights of a tree [[ten]]
You see the golden potato in the field in front of you, but a sprite runs out, grabs it and says "You have to start again, because I got this one!"\n\n[[Start]]
You fall down and hurt your leg. You will be limping through the rest of the game.\n\n[[four]]
Before your eyes, a ripe pear grows on a tree in front of you. What do you do?\n\nPluck it and eat it [[one]]\nkeep walking [[two]]\nclimb the tree to look for more pears [[three]]
Nothing happens after all. There are two fields in the distance; do you choose to go to the one that seems eerily quiet, or do you choose the one that is full of sweet birdsong?\n\neerie quiet [[five]]\nsweet birdsong [[six]]
Your goal, in this game is to find the magical golden potato hidden in the forest. To find it, you will have to journey on one of the three paths in front of you.\n\ngo straight [[one]]\ngo right [[nine]]\ngo left [[eleven]]
You see the golden potato lying in the middle of the field in front of you! You have won!
You see a bird flying by. It calls "look under that rock!"\n\nyou don't look under that rock [[three]]\nyou do look under that rock [[four]]
Role Playing Game: Search for the Golden Potato
Laura Tabor
a sly-looking frog offers you a ride in his boat. "I've heard about that potato quest," he says. "I can get you there."\n\nTurn him down and continue on. [[fifteen]]\nTake him up on his offer, get in the boat, and start down the river. [[twelve]]
The path is lined with many trees, but even though it is tiring, windy, and uphill, you are no longer beset by the fear that you will not make it.\n\n[[six]]
You find yourself feeling like you've been here before. As you swim, you notice inlets that you could use to get out and continue on foot. Do you take the first, second, or third?\n\nThe first inlet [[fourteen]]\nThe second inlet [[thirteen]]\nThe third inlet [[sixteen]]