Does the fact that someone or something has your undivided attention make the conversation seem unnecessarily intimate?\n\nIs it possible for a computer to give you 'undivided attention' - what is a robot's attention?
Can you connect to a computer that thinks your nonsense is sensible?
I am interested in seeing how we interact with a character who is\nanonymous\nwhen we are anonymous ourselves.\nWe don't worry that Cleverbot has feelings/a personality/a limited amount of time to talk. \n\nYou can [[do quite a lot of things that are silly. |silly]]\n [[say something much more serious.|serious]] \n[[be unusually self-revealing.|revelatory]]\n
you talk about intimate secrets. [[As would be expected, Cleverbot is not surprised.|disappointment]]
You type nonsense.\n\n[[Cleverbot responds like you are speaking normally.|conversant]]\n[[Cleverbot responds with non-sequiters.|glitches]]
Cleverbot is a creation that by nature cannot be surprised... only things that made people surprised could make Cleverbot have those reactions. What are the reasonable things to be surprised by? What are some of the things that Cleverbot could find neutral? How would these two categories be distinguished?
You start talking as if you are meeting someone for the first time.\n\n[[Does it become like flirting?|attention]]\n\n[[Does it become boring or remain surface level because of tangents?|undeveloped]]
Do you lose respect for technology as whimsical as you are?
How soon do you feel the need to diverge from a conversation topic in a normal conversation? How soon does Cleverbot leave a topic? Is it like talking to a toddler who has little respect for someone's interests?