Your little kitty legs scramble to get you to the mystery of the entertainment center shelf. As you alight upon the shelf in a graceful leap you jostle some of the knick-knacks and they fall over to the floor scaring you as the glass klinks onto the floor. Quickly you run for the [[dining room table|Table]] or [[Play with the fallen pieces.|Play]]
You hurry and dash over to the couch because you figure you can fit neatly under there, but your running causes Coco to bark surprising you. Looking at her with your head cocked you think it might be fun to [[play with Coco.|Coco2]]
Hendrix is a year old cat who has just been brought to his forever home. You have a tawny coat with black stripes with a tan and white underbelly. Your paws are white tipped. You are reminiscent of an ocelot with a puma's face. \n You have just arrived at your new home and there are nooks, crannies and various dangers to explore. Living in the home already are a male cat named Bishop that is nine years old and a female dog named Coco who is seven. Bishop is a black and white domestic shorthair and Coco is a Lhasa Apso with cream-colored hair. Coco is friendly, but Bishop is leery of you. Your cage door is opened. You are excited aout what the new day's challenges lie in wait for you. You decide to [[stay in the cage|Stay]] or [[come out of the cage.|Come Out]]\n \n
As Coco is standing there you haunch up your shoulders and puff out your tail then let out a rattlingly evil, "Hissssss"! This startles Coco and she lets out a roof shaking growl and then begins to bark at you. Surprised and scared witless you to run to your [[cage.|Cage]]
Deciding it's better to leave him alone you hurry out of the kitchen and find your cage, but as you're leaving the kitchen Bishop begins to chase you around the table legs and under the chairs. This playing causes Coco to begin chasing and barking loudly at you both causing Bishop to run away and you to [[hiss.|Hiss]]
You knock around the broken pieces for a bit and roll around on the floor. You realize where the peices fell from and you want to investigate. You decide whether to [[Climb the entertainment center|Climb]] or [[Jump for the pieces.|Jump]]\n \n\n
You decide that Coco might be fun and you run out from under the couch towards her, and then skid to a stop. Coco drops her front half down, with her tail wagging high in the air, and barks again. You raise your paw, playfully, without claws, to Coco's face and then run to the [[kitchen|Kitchen]] or the [[entertainment center.|Entertainment Center]]
Your fur is bristling and standng on end. Fight or flght mode is in full effect. You duck past Bishop and run as he hisses again. Hurdling toward your cage you see the hiding place under the armoire and decide to head to the [[cage|Cage2]] or [[armoire?|Armoire]]
You drink deeply of the cool room temperature water and then smell the tantalizing scent of cat food. After having your fill of both you head under the [[armoire|Armoire]] in the dining room.
You pull back your ears and let out your mightiest hiss that shocks Bishop. Bishop then swats at you coming within a centimeter of hitting you in the face. You get angry and flash your teeth. You decide to [[swat back|Swat Back]] or [[run away.|Run]]
You let out a menacing hiss that makes Coco back up and leave you alone. Deciding that you're not going to get any relaxation with her sniffing around your cage you decide to [[come out.|Come Out]]
You sit in the cage cleaning yourself contently. You are curious about your new home, but not ready to eplore yet. Suddenly, out of nowhere, a cream colored dog comes up to the cage and begins to sniff at the door. This startles you. It is Coco. You decide to [[hiss at Coco.|Hiss at Coco]]
Hendrix's New Home
Dashing into your cage, the door smacks closed behind you. You decide you've had enough adventure for today and lay down to take a long refreshing nap.\n\n\n The End
You hurry back inside the cage to compose yourself. Your breathing is coming hard and fast and you're a little shaken, but as you sit there, you begin to compose yourself and calm down. You decide, "No guts. No glory" so you decide to [[come out.|Come Out]]
You walk up to Coco and she sniffs you moving around you. You stand there not knowing what to do yet. When she finishes sniffing you she licks you on the side of your face with her sloppy wet tongue sending prickles of energy and awareness of moisture along your whiskers. She then goes on about her business and lops away happily. You decide to [[run to the couch|Couch]] or [[run to the entertainment center.|Entertainment Center]]
In the kitchen you find that the floor is slippery to you as you slide in there, and can't stop, hitting a cabinet fulll force. \nYou see stars and mice swirling around your head after you bang it on the cabinet door. There's ringing in your kitty ears as well. You lose focus for a second. Recovering, you see two dishes on the floor and a big black and white cat squatting over them staring at you standing sideways and looking puffed up. You decide to [[approach Bishop|Bishop]] or [[leave him alone.|Leave Alone]]
You decide to follow after Bishop. In your pursuit of him you dash into the dining room. Bishop does a giant leap up to the armoire shelf, but his tail hits a vase sending it crashing onto the floor. You skid to a halt as the pieces scatter about just missing you. Worried you look around for a place to hide, but are too frightened to move. You know something bad has happened and [[stand there waiting for your owner.|Owner]]
Hurdling under the table you compose yourelf by licking and cleaning yourself briskly. Panting, you decide to [[look for some water|Kitchen]] and, hopefully, don't run into anymore trouble.
You climb onto the television and reach for more knick knacks on the shelf near by. Your paws lose grip and you fall to the ground landing perfectly on your four paws. The drop startles you and you run to the [[dining room table.|Table]]
You extend your little kitty claws and lash out with your right paw smacking him square across the face. You and Bishop begin to tussle and wrestle with each other in a mock fight back and forth. You feel proud that you stood your ground against him and then suddenly Bishop up and runs away leaving you to decide whether to partake of the [[the food and water|Food]] or [[run after him.|Chase Bishop]]
You gingerly stand up and walk out of the cage. Coco is standing there eagerly waiting to greet you. She is a small to medium sized dog and has a quizzical look on her face. You decide to, finally, [[let her greet you|Coco Greet]] or, still angry at her, [[hiss at her.|Hiss]]
You skip the climbing and try your best to jump for the knick knacks. Your aren't prepared for your vertical reach and slam into the knick knacks, knocking even more off of the shelf. The noise frightens you once again and you run for the [[dining room table.|Table]]
Looking around you lay contentedly under the armoire until you fall asleep. Having had a full day's supply of kitty play you are exhausted. \n\n The End
Corey hears the nosie and rushes over to you swooping you up safely into his arms. He checks your paws to make sure you're not hurt and comforts you. Placing you back into your cage he goes about chastising Bishop and cleaning up the broken vase pieces. Relaxed now, and calm once again, you turn around in your cage to find a comfortable spot to settle into and rest from your eventful day. \n\n\n The End
Corey Salter
The black and white cat looks enormous to you as you lay there on the kitchen floor. You walk shyly over toward his direction and he stares you down the whole way. As you get close Bishop hisses at you and you. A lttle thrown off you [[hiss back|Hiss at Bishop]] or [[run away.|Run]]