[[There, I said it|Crush]]\n\n<<set $crushname = prompt("Who do you have a crush on?")>>\n
Er, okay. Here's my question:\n\nWhy didn't you pick dare?\n\n[[I was scared of what you might ask me to do|scared]]
Is it really that complicated?\n\n[[Yes!]]\n[[I guess not...]]
Alright, I just texted them.\n\n[[But I didn't even tell you what to say!|whine]]
Yeah? I promise it won't be anything harmful. Can I ask you a dare?\n\n[[Sure|Yeah?]]\n[[No]]
Alright! Sorry. Can we switch to truth, then?\n\n[[Sure|Fine...]]
Haha, fair enough. You could have picked dare in the first place, you know.\n\n[[This was satisfying though. Now...|comptruth1]]
Oh, really? I can kind of see it <<print $crushname>> is pretty cute!\n\n[[Okay, it's my turn now.]]
[[Truth?]] \nor\n[[Dare?]]
I dare you to pick truth.\n\n[[What? That's the cheapest trick in the-|to truth]]
Really? That's wonderful! \n\n[[Yeah...|Thank you]]
Yeah, I still check my account time to time.\n\n[[Nice|Prompt]]
Really? Great! Let me know when you've done it.\n\n[[I did it.]]
Right? I think they've outgrown it. They gave me all of their paintbrushes a while back.\n\n[[Wait, so...|You]]
Good night.\n\n[[Good night.]]
It's true! Sorry to cut things short, but I'm honestly exhausted. You've given me a lot to think about though.\n\n[[Alright...]]
You're right. I made a friend through neopets. Seriously, you should try it with me sometime.\n\n[[Wait, then...|You]]
Okay, okay. But here's another truth I want you to tell:\n\n[[Fine...]]
Hey! Don't bash it 'till you try it. Don't think I've forgotten a certain Scannerz Commander addiction one of us had.\n\n[[That's...different]]
Wow, very deep.\n\n[[Thank you]]
Excellent. Here's my dare:\n\n[[Yeah?]]
Oh, I've known <<print $crushname>> for years. We met on neopets when we were kids.\n\n[[wow...that makes sense, actually]]
I dare you to ask <<print $crushname>> out.\n\n[[It's not that simple]]\n[[...Fine]]
[[I dare you to pick truth!]]\n\n[[I dare you to text <<print $crushname>>|text]]\n\n
<<prompt("You know...")>>\n\n[[Yup.]]
Fair enough. Since you were such a good sport about picking dare, I'll let you choose what I have to do.\n\n[[This'll be fun.|truthdare1]]
Well, that's all I have the energy for tonight.\n\n[[What?]]
Haha, for me or for them?\n\n[[You]]\n[[Them]]\n[[Both of you, ya dorks!]]
Wow, <<print $crushname>> is really on your mind, huh?\n\n[[Yeah...]]
Alright, then. Let's make this interesting. My turn.\n\n[[okay]]
How did it go?\n\n[[They Like me back]]\n\n[[I got rejected]]
What would you tell <<print $crushname>> if you were to admit to your crush?\n\n[[Well...]]
Then DO IT.\n\n[[...Fine]]
I'm just messing with you! I...actually like <<print $crushname>>\n\n[[What??]]
[[Who do YOU have a crush on?|compcrush]]\n\n[[When did you and my crush first meet?|compmeet]]\n\n\n
Guess I'm just that used to texting <<print $crushname>>! Sorry, better luck next time.\n\n[[Harumph|Prompt]]
That doesn't really matter now, does it? Now, tell me the truth.\n\n[[fine...|Truth?]]
Oh no, I'm sorry! Can't say I'm too surprised though. \n\nI hope things will be alright between you two.\n\n[[We'll see...|Thank you]]
Isn't it obvious? You, of course.\n\n[[wh-|realcrush]]
It's true! I wasn't sure whether to tell you or not.\n\n[[It's fine...|Prompt]]\n[[That's messed up!|Prompt]]