Winter 2042:\nThe war has come to a pause since no signs of any Thexels appeared on radars. Humans smartened up. They created an underground network lined with verifsium to stop any Thexels from coming in or out of these...things. No one knows what they are called, all we know is that a specialized group of agents ordered these are to be made for the safety of man kind. I recently joined the Thexel Extermination Defense Line, with only homemade verifsium weaponry, these equipments are the greatest, but they get the job done. Large amounts of Varifsium is spotted on a wasted region known to everyone as The Wireframe or District 6. Let's start this mission. [[Exit Facility]]
I've decided that it's only safe that I let it. There seem to be small cracks inside the blockage that are large enough for me to slip through. I'm going to attempt to slip past if possible.[[The crumble, the struggle]]
Ok, Time to search more shops for supplies. Main essentials, clean water, food, and tools. I managed to aqquire 3 bottles of water, some bread and some climbing tools. These should help me with the obstacles ion the future days. [[Let's start this walk!]]
Finally made it out of the water, body is cold, can't feel a thing. This could end badly, however i made a fire for myself and it's been keeping me alive for now. The extract for the Verifsium is just another island hop away. Once i obtain the mineral, the alliance will fly me back and i'll be safe...for now.[[The end (for now)]]
Now that i'm on the other side of the mountain, I can finally get things done. I made it to the edge of District 12, where remains of the "Tunnel to Santuary" is located. It was suppose to let humanity live in peace, but clearly it never worked out in the end. It seems stable enough to walk past but it doesn't seem like it is possible to get to my final destination without going under. The tunnel itself is blocked off by large rocks. Would it be a good idea to blow up the rocks at this point?[[Let it be, find another way]][[Blow it up]]
Since the car never worked out, it's time for me to put these climbing tools to use. The mountain has good footing so i shouldn't have very much problems getting up, but the atmosphere here is really bad. It's far too hard to breathe up here. Only way i can think of managing my oxygen level is activating my suit's air supply. This decision could be life changing.[[Use the air supply]][[Save it for another time]]
I've decided to just blow it up. This could end very badly, but since the detonation has been set, there's no stopping it now. [[Triggering a breakdown]]
Thank you for taking a look at my little adventure. I think i went overboard with the dialogue just a bit, but i will be adding more to this in the future. Stay tuned! ^_^
The explosion caused the entire tunnel to cave in. Before I knew it, water poured in so fast, the entire tunnel is submerged and no way of escape is found. I NEED AIR!!![[Use the oxygen reserve]][[Lack of oxygen]]
Ready to head out! The Area seems clear, but still have to keep an eye out for any jumpers or acid flyers. They love lurking in this urban area. Still can't believe people would actually live out here. Crazy people these days =_= Ah well. At least they have enough imformation to tell me on how to get to District 6. I'll head into my friend, Tobi's shop in this area, see what he can tell me. [[Shop Owner]]
I've decided to save it for another time. The air up here isn't as bad as things i'm gonna need to face in the future. Going the mountain, i'm obviously gonna feel a bit light headed, but it's a price i gotta pay to save on my resources.[[Passing the mountain]]
I slowly made my way across. The anchor gave away a little, but not enough to drop the rope. I made it over, Hurray![[Looking for opportunities]]
Should i prepare myself with weaponry and hazard armour or peek my head out first? [[Check outside]] [[Armour Up!]]
All prepared! now it's time to set out on the mission. First destination would have to be the edge of the Laststand city. The bridge that connects the city to District 12, which is blown to bits by a catagory 10 thexel, one of the largest that attacked the city. Let's try using that half-ass grappling hook launcher i got from an elder. The anchor made it across and is now lodged. I'm not sure how long it's gonna hold, so should I book it over or take my time? [[Slowly get across]] [[Book it across]]
Me- "Heyo, Tobi. How's life been?" Tobi- "Not bad man, what brings you to the Upper Haven?" Me- "Just accepted a solo mission to retrieve large chunks of Varifsium from District 6. What can you tell me about that place" Tobi- "Dam dude, that place is like the most OP area to go, takes about 3 to 4 days to get there, doesn't matter how you get there" Me- "Is it dangerous there?" Tobi- "NO DUH DUDE! That place will rip your head off, even if it wasn't from Thexels. All the Thexels there are mutated with steroids. If your gonna go id recommend you walk there, less chance of running into bandits" Me- "ALright man, thanks for the info. Is there anything i can get from your shop that can help me?" Tobi- "Yea man! Take this Repulser Reactor. It acts as a force field that can repel anything with bio-organic elements and can also suspend bullets." Me- "ALright! Thanks man. I'm off dude. You take care. I promise i will not die before coming back". I Leave Tobi's shop with the one item that could keep me alive. Where to head out first, head straight to District 6 or Prepare more?\n[[More Preparing, i guess]] [[Let's start this walk!]]
Well thats not good, I booked it and the anchor gave away. Dropping me to my death. How sad T.T [[Start]]
I hook myself to a safety line and make my way out onto the arm. The wind picks up and nearly throws me off the arm. Good thing i have this safety line. I catch the node inside a power cell. It seems to have just enough power to power the car and get me to where i need to go. I call worth.[[We have ignition]]
I don't think its worth my troubles to get that car working, i guess i'll just walk the rest of the way to District 6. Hopefully there aren't much troubles getting there. Of course theres trouble, I have to walk under a mountain. The tunnel doesn't seem very safe unless i can get past super fast. Not only that, there are Thexels crawling in there, not fun. Should i go back to the car and fix it or attempt to go up and over the mountain.[[Up and over]]
Gladstone Ma\nMuch credits to Black Bullet for inspiration<---- Best english ever
The tunnel crumbled under my feet. The rocks dropped the bridge into the icy waters of the region. I can however swim so it should be fine that i can swim to dry land.[[On dry land]]
I've decided to use it. I've only got about 3 hours worth of air at my disposal, so i'm gonna need to make this count. [[Passing the mountain]]
The car starts up and now we can cut our travel time in half. I slowly start to feel at home in this car. Seems like an SUV with a non-usable gun mounted on the roof. Pretty useless when there is almost no way to access it from inside the car. Besides, it's basically trashed. The gun is rusted and the chamber is completely blown out. There is a make-shift bed that replaced the back seats, so i guess its pretty convenient for camping out in. Since I only got ever so much power, time to use that power to speed through the underpass.[[Passing the mountain]]
Now that i'm over, i should be able to find a way to get to District 6. Hmmmm, it seems like there are industrial machinery here, but doesn't seem like they've been used for a long time. I found a car that seems in decent shape, but as expected, it can't function without a battery or a source of power. Thing is this could come in handy for me and could cut my travel time in half or I don't bother with it and just continue walking?[[Take a chance]][[Callin' it quits]]
Peeking my head out was probably the dumbest choice i have ever made in my entire life. My face got torn off by a Jumper. Welp there goes that mission T.T [[Start]]
There's that good old Fat Tobi. Hes been my best friend since we were kids. He protects me, I protect him back. He may not be the cutest guy around, but he packs the largest data base all in his head. This guy has knowledge even High authorities don't know about. Let's see what he has to say. [[Tobi's knowledge]]
Year 2035, mysterious creatures, known as Thexels, spawn from nuclear warfare, your a kid apart of the Human Defense Regiment, or as many would refer to it as the Laststand. Only way humans can stop the Thexels is with a radiation-jamming metal known as, Verifsium. After a year of many losses, the first wave of category ones and twos slowly dissipated and that allows us to build up our armies.[[After Prologue]]
I just realized i used my oxygen reserve back on the mountain. Now might be a nice time to have it.[[Start]]
I'll try to fix up this car, seems like the best plan. Now finding a source of power is gonna be tricky. Car batteries don't exist anymore as people through the years found out they are one of the sources of food for Thexels. They banned the product, but of course, people still sell them in the Underground. What I need is a power node. I see one on top of a crane. OF COURSE IT'S ON THE TALLEST CRANE. jeez... Should i risk it for the bisket or just call it quits? [[Riskin' it ]] [[Callin' it quits]]
I have an oxygen reserve that's attached to my suit. I've saved it until now. This means i can get onto dry land and swim out of this water.[[On dry land]]
OK, this is porbably the stupidest thing i have ever done, but i'm gonna take that node no matter what. Lets start from the controlling port. I make my way onto the arm of the crane, but the node is on the outside of the node. Should I clamp myself onto a safety line to get out onto the arm or travel more distance without the line, note i don't have the time or the daylight to do this all day, so im gonna have to do this fast. [[No Safety line]][[Safety lining it]]
Aw yeah! Just picked up my HM-95 Varifsium Pulse-Jamming Rifle and suited up to a Mark 2.4 Black Verifsium anodized Laststand armour. Those Thexels shouldn't be able to get to me now. [[Headin Out!]]
I'm going to try and cover more ground without the safety line. Worst choice ever T.T The wind up at this elevation pushes me off the arm and I fall to my death. Should've went with the safety line. [[Start]]