You try to focus and stand up, then when you finally seem to be awake you look under the bed.\n[[Die]]
You have seen a horror movie the past week and you don't want to find out if it's actually happening to you, so you jump out the window. \n[[limp away with a broken leg]]\n[[Crawl away slowly]]
Hearing the lightning strike you look out the window to see if anything nearby caught on fire because the lightning sounded like it was real close. Instead of looking for a fire you see a strange figure that passes by your line of sight and you find chills through your body. You decide to forget and move on with your search.\n[[search the second floor]]
You have happy dreams and get a lot of rest.
you find a picture of a family on a picnic with a black cat.\nRight after you put the picture down you see a black cat walk into the room.\n[[chase the cat]]
Once the person walked through the door you smash that persons head with the metal rod you had and then you find out it was a female who was in a murder costume. Even though she is a complete stranger to you and looked innocent, you have trouble what to do with her.\n[[Tie her up]]\n[[Bring her somewhere to rest]]
So you trusted the wrong person, once she was untied she pulled out a knife out of no where and slashed at you and you lose a finger. You quickly grab the metal rod that you used as a weapon before and defend yourself and hit her with it, it ended up hitting her leg and she dropped her knife as well as made her fall.\n[[Run]]
You start trusting her even more and more, as she answers your question with an ease and innocent face. So you decide to untie her.\n[[Mistakes were made]]
You see a massive amount of spiders under the bed so you run out of the room before they start crawling towards you.\n[[noise]]
look out the window, you see a mystery figure apear and dissapear in the trees, and you notice theres a forest surrounding the house.\n[[Go downstairs/main hallway]]
You look around and you see a metal pole that was used to hold the curtains up,you pick it up.\n[[door opens]]
You run out of the house not thinking about anything and straight into the trees, before you were taken into this place/house you knew you had a phone but it had no signal, now that you were out of whatever caused your phone to have no signal is gone, you can call the police to let them know someone dangerous is in this place. You goto a hospital to check up on your finger and they said it would somewhat heal back.\n[[Ending 2]]
You find something suspicious and you tie her up to interrogate.\n[[She wakes up]]
After some bus rides to get home, you finally arrive at your house. You get sleepy so you decide to forget about what happend today and sleep it off.\n[[happy ending]]
She didn't want to die so she spoke the truth and it turns out she was a escapei from a asylum and had desire to kidnap and kill.\n[[Ending]]
You try to make less noise and appearance as possible so who ever
You decide to check room 1, it leads you into another hallway.\n[[keep walking down the hallway]]\n
You chose room number 3, this room seems to be the bathroom, a flash of lightning strikes again and then you see blood on the mirror.\n[[Die 2]]
You chose room number 2, this room seems to be the bathroom, a flash of lightning strikes again and then you see blood on the mirror.\n[[Die 2]]
This seems to be the main bedroom, you decide to search and find anything that would help you in the future, maybe a weapon or a key to get out of this place with.\n[[searching]]
four always seemed to be your lucky number, you encountered the kitchen. Someone seemed to be living here as you see the fridge is full and there are fruits layed out on the counter.\nYour stomach growls, but you know this is wrong.\n[[Eat the fruits]]\n[[Go downstairs/main hallway]]
So you know that your dead because of the poisonous spiders contaminating the fruit and just accept death on that spot.\n[[The new beginning]]
You wake up not knowing where you are, you look around and see a mirror.\n[[goto the bathroom]]\n[[look around first]]\n
You hear a creaking noise from outside of the house so you decide to check whats going on.\n[[Look out the window]]
You believe that your eyes do not decieve you, so you trust this innocent looking girl not to be a killer, and have a reason for her actions.\n[[She wakes up 2]]
you trust the cat, but once you step into the left path you see a figure and the cat on it's shoulders. You see the man slowly coming towards you with a knife.\n[[Die 3]]
You seem to have agro'ed the poisonous spiders that made a nest under the bed and you get bitten, you end up dying to poison.\n[[The new beginning]]
So when you go and get a cup of water for the innocent girl, she pulls out a knife and stabs you, unluckily it was right through the heart and theres no saving you anymore.INSTANT K.O.\n[[The new beginning]]
When spotted, the mysterious figure runs towards you with a knife, and you are helpless to defend yourself and die.\n[[The new beginning]]
You get stabbed through the heart by the strange person who was the owner of the cat, and you felt betrayed.\n[[The new beginning]]
You see a man with a knife in the mirror and you get killed.\n[[The new beginning]]
You try to sleep but something seems to be wrong and you\n[[look under bed]]\n[[but try to sleep anyways]]
you decide not to trust the cat even though it had gotten you out of the house, you step foot in the path and it seems to lead you out of the place you were in, once out of the strange place you start forgetting how you got there and what you were doing, but suddenly you found yourself looking down from a hill and at the bottom you see your neighborhood. You search for a way to get down easier, and end up near a bus stop.\n[[get home]]
While limping you were spotted out by the mysterious figure who seems to want you dead.\n[[Die 4]]
You find yourself in bed, you look at the clock beside you and it's 7am.\n[[wake up]]\n[[keep dreaming]]
Searching the second floor you find a staircase and you decide to?\n[[
You notice that you need to clean yourself up and wake up, looking around the second floor you find a small bathroom. After getting yourself together, when you walk out of the bathroom door you see a strike of lightning that lights up the sky through the skyline in the house.\n[[strange figure]]
When she wakes up she ask for a glass of water, with a smile. \n[[Die 5]]
Hi\n[[The new beginning]]
walking down the hallway you encounter a black cat.\n[[keep walking]]
You try to sleep but lightning strikes and you wake up, when you walk to the door you hear sounds of someone walking up the stairs.\n[[jump out the window]]\n[[find a weapon]]
After you get it checked up from the convenient hospital beside this house, you notice your neighborhood is down from the hill this house was at. You notice there are a few police around here, you ask them if they caught the escapei yet and they said "No, we haven't".
Knowing that you run the hell out of this place but before you step out you called the police and told them your position and you run straight down without thnking(no signal before), looking all the way down you, notice that you know some of the places. From there you knew how to get home but just incase you call the police once more to know if they got the escapei yet. When the police respawned, they said "No, we haven't found her yet".
So you torture her by slapping her face, but even then she wouldn't talk. So you decide to put her on the bed with the spiders and warn her about them.\n[[The truth]]
you follow the cat out of the hallway and into what seemed like the main entrance, but there was a split path one into the forest, the cat seems to want you to go towards the left path.\n[[left path]]\n[[right path]]
Once she woke up you start asking her what you were doing on this bed or even in this house? She answers "i found you lying on the ground so I picked you up and brought you into this house, with no evil motives of course".\n[[believe her and ask for more answers]]\n[[Don't trust her and torture her for answers]]
You limp away to the trees surrounding the area and rest there until you can start moving again.\n[[Found]]
While walking down the stairs lightning strikes and it looks like a scene from a movie, you notice this isn't going to end well.Once downstairs you check room\n[[1]]\n[[2]]\n[[3]]\n[[4]]\n[[5]]
ken lam\nalvin\tcheng
the cat seemed happy that you found it, but soon it runs off.\n[[chase the cat]]
You decide to open the lights and look around before you do anything.\n[[Surprise]]
You take your time eating it bite by bite, right after you finish the entire apple that you ate, you feel sick. You saw a spider come from the bottom of the fruit tray.\n[[Die 6]]