You approach the shadow. You turn the corner and discover that it was just a shadow of an owl on a tree. \n\n[[Continue]]
You crawled toawrds north to the trees, you didn't know where you were going since your leg was in pain. You had been crawling for hours, but you only see trees. You couldn't take it anymore so you laid on the hard floor until you died.\n\n[[The End!]]
You run to a nearby cabin to try to hide yourself from the villagers. At the same time, the villagers that spotted you run away. You assume that the villagers will alert the rest of the village and will try to hunt you down. [[Your found out]]
You decided to continue walking. While walking, you step on a bear trap. You scream and pass out. A few hours later, you wake up and see a very dim light. You realize that you have been put in a room. You feel very weak, tried, and dizzy. You are also in a lot of pain. You try to stand up and realize that something feels different. Your right foot is gone. [[A woman comes to you]]
You lie and say "I am carrying this rifle with me beacuase it's dangerous out there. I'm here to visit a family friend. [[Man responds to you and say]]
You decided to climb up a tree. As you climb up the tree, you knock something over and you start hearing a buzzing sound. It gets louder and louder. You realize that there are bees all around you. You quickly look for river or anything with water. As you continue climbing, you see a tiny pond just under you. You cannot tell how deep the pond is. Do you risk your life jumping into the pond or do you slowly climb back down the tree? \n[[Jump into pond]]
You have been here in a coma for about six weeks. I heard your screaming and came to help and found you laying there bleeding. I also had to amputate your right foot because your foot was detached..... I'm sorry. It was infected because the trap had some poison on it.\n\n[[Few hours later]]
You continued on your adventure to find your way back to your camp. When you were back you were thinking of those villagers night and day of how they were so nice to help you find your stuff back.\n\nThe end!
I had lost two camping bags with clothes and a precious dagger I've kept with me for a few years.\n\n\n[[Ten minutes later]]
You are a 15 year old boy named Nixon, camping alone in a creepy forest. You decide to look for some firewood at night. As you walk on a path in the forest, you approach a split in the path. Do you go left or do you go right?\n\n[[Left]] \n\n[[Right]]
You make the decision to be silent. You approach one of the wolves from behind. As you approach, you observe the fact that there are five wolves in this pack. You freak out and run back to your camp. [[Return to camp]]
You were killed trying to escape. \n\nWould you like to start the game again?\n\n[[Start]]\n\n[[No]]\n
Restart the adventure game? [[Start]]
Her name is Mia and I forgot where she lives......Well well well, the man said, we dont have a girl named Mia here because we know each and everyone of us here. [[The man was angry]]
The villagers take you to a different cabin. Once inside, they let go of you and ask questsions. A man asks, "Why are you here with a rifle?" Do you tell them the truth or lie to them? [[Truth]] [[Lie]]
What do you call a boy who finally stood up to the bullies? The woman just starred at you and did not say anything. She just asked you to stay in the bed and rest.\n\n[[Few hours later]]
You enter the cave and you see a campfire. On the ground lays a woman, sleeping with her hunting rifle. You think about taking the hunting rifle from her and when she wakes up she falls back to sleep for no reason?[[Take the rifle]]
You have to returned to your camp, not wanting to mess with the wolves anymore. On your way back, you hear a sound behind you. You turn around but you don't see anything. Freightened, you slowly back up. You do not see that there is a cliff behind you, and you fall down. When you wake up, you seem to be okay. You take a look around you and you see a backpack beside you. [[Pick up backpack]]
You run away from the wolves. While running you see a waterfall down the path. As you continue running, you notice something shiny behind the waterfall. There appears to be a cave behind the waterfall. Do you enter this cave or do you continue to walk?\n\n[[Enter Cave]]\n[[Continue]]
You have chosen to died from hitting your head on the wall. [[Restart Game]]
A woman opens a door and comes into the room. She approaches you and asks if you're okay. You say that you are not okay. She then asks you to lay on the bed so she can check your leg. While checking your leg, you want to say something. Do you ask her how long you have been here or do you tell a joke?\n\n[[How long Have I been here]] \n[[Tell a joke]]
You follow the map and walk to ponds. When you were there it was so beautiful that it was like a magical place.There were also many animals playing with each other. On the floor were some arrows painted in red. You followed them and it lead you to this chest that was under this huge rock. You open it and Ta-da, there was some old historian books and jewlery. Do you want to take it all or leave the stuff were it was?\n\n[[Take the stuff]]\n[[Leave the stuff there]]
The End!
You have crawl for about half an hour to those hay stacks your leg was hurt very bad. You lay on one of those huge hay stacks. Suddenly you feel something hard on your back. You remove the hay and you find a backpack.\n\n[[Pick up backpack]]
Oh, just some camping materials\n\n[[Ten minutes later]]
A few hours later she came in the room with a cane for you to use. You thanked her for helping you and you said,you wanted to go back to your camp. So she helped you pack up your stuff and off you went. It wasn't quite good walking on one foot,but it was better then nothing. It took a few hours to find that camp of yours because the woman walked you to the bear trap and you had to find your way back.\n\n[[Back to camp]]
You finally got back to your camp.It was quite an intresting adventure,accept for the part your foot got cut off, but it was a lot of fun.\n\nThe End!
While trying to find a hiding place in the cabin, a woman opens a door. She sees you and screams. Suddenly, villagers rush into the cabin and capture you before you can react.You try to break free, but you are held down by too many people. [[Takes you to a differnt cabin]]
As you countinue walking you start hearing strange sounds all around you. What do you want to do? Countine walking or climb up a tree?\n\n[[Continue walking]] \n\n[[Climb up the tree]]
The man got very angry at you and ask the guards to put you in prison. You are trapped in this prison forever and there is no escape. You have been in the prison for about a week with out food or water. You are very weak and out of control. You really want to kill your self but there are only two choices. Hit your head on the wall until you die or choke youself.[[Hit your head on the wall]] [[Choke youself]]
I'am trying to find the man who took all my belonings that came to this village.They let go of you and ask you to take a seat. They ask you questions on the the person looks like and what he took from you, why we're you camping alone in the forest and such. "you answered the man" I don't know how the person look like because i just followed the footsteps and it ended at the front enterence of your village square. The man then, askes every villager to bring all their belonings outside their cabins. He also asked you what supplies you had lost.\n\n[[Two camping bags]]\n[[Camping materials]]
You decided to take a risk and jump into the pond. When you landed in the pond, you feel a sharp pain and you hear a crack in your legs. Your bones were shattered, night wascoming and you couldnt walk. You see a huge hay stack on the west side of you and towards north you see trees and trees.\n\n[[Crawl towards west]]\n[[Crawl towards north]]
You decide to take the path on the left. You walk down the path until you suddenly stop. You see a faint but large shadow that is moving. You cannot tell what it is, however do you walk towards the shadow or do you walk away? \n\n[[Walk towards the shadow]]\n\n [[Walk away]]
You took everything and you thought about staying here at this wonderful place, so you did and never went back to your camp because there was enough fruits to eat and animals to hang out with everyday.\n\nThe end!
You decide to take the path on the right. While walking down the path, you see a pack of wolves ahead of you. What do you do? Do you walk towards the wolves and fight them or do you run away? \n\n[[Walk towards the wolves]]\n\n\n[[Run away]]
The man responds, "What is your friend's name and where does he/she live? [[You answer him ]]
You ignore the shadow and walk away. While walking you find a backpack laying on the ground. Do you pick it up or leave it alone? \n\n[[Pick up backpack]]
You pick up the backpack and open it. Inside, you find food,a first aid kit,a pistol and a map. You take a look of the map and try to locate where you are. There is a red dot that tells you that you're in the middle of this forest. Beside the dot there are some huge ponds surrounded by massive black mountains to west of the map. \n\n[[Follow the map]]
You have chosen to died from choking youself. [[Restart Game]]
You had left the stuff and been trapped in there because you didnt take any of it.\n\nThe end!
You stay at the village and hung out with the villagers, but one afternoon that man who was put into the cell escaped. You were very afraid of him because he gave you nightmares of stealing your stuff. Those fears and nightmares kept coming each day,you couldn't take it anymore so you commit suicide.\n\n\nThe end!
You decide to fight the wolves. You do not fight them unarmed, as you have carried a knife. Do you try to attack silently or do you run away? \n[[Stealth]]\n[[Run]]
You have decide to grab her hunting rifle. You take the rifle and run away. You head in the direction of your camp. When you arrive, you discover that all of your belongings are gone. You walk around and try to look for clues. After a few minutes, you find footsteps on the ground. You follow the footsteps and find that it leads to a village. You hesitate for a moment, wondering if walking into the village is a good idea. You continue to approach the village, attempting to find your belongings. As you enter the village, the people from the village look at you. They appear to be scared of you because you are carrying the rifle on your back. [[Hide]]
Ten minutes later, a guard came in with two bags holding in one hand and the other hand grabbing the person who stole your stuff. You asked him why he stole your stuff. He did not say a word and looked away. They put him into the cell and you had your stuff back.\n\n[[Continue on your adventure]]\n[[Stay here at the village]]