The voice calls out. “I’m Princess Aerindora...I’ve been down here for the past three years. Ever since my evil step-father took the throne….”\n\nYou ask her...\n[[-“Princess! Why did the King put you down here? Do you know how to get out?”|a37-1]]\n[[-“You sound hot. Wanna kiss me when we get out?”|a37.2]]
”Hey! I’m talking to you! Who do you think you are?! Don’t you know who I am!?! I am Princess Aerindora….” \nThe voice keeps rambling on but you really don’t care….but wait..did she say [[Princess |a36-3]]
"Yeah, that’s right! I’m Princess Aerindora!! I’ve been down here for the past three years ever since my evil step-father took the throne!"\n\nYou ask her...\n[[-“Princess! Why did the King put you down here? Do you know how to get out?”|a37-1]]\n[[-“You sound hot. Wanna kiss me when we get out?”|a37.2]]
Forget about the apple. Why waste all your energy on an apple when the castle probably has a lot of food??\n\n[[Begin your journey to the castle|s6]]
“So baby...dinner is on me after we get out…You got a plan right?” The princess groans “Shut up! I’m the princess! Once we get out I’ll have you [[thrown back in!|a39-2-2]]”
“So….I know you know that you at least have a plan to get us out. I mean you’ve been in here for [[three years|a39-1-2]], you gotta know something, right?”
"What did I just say!? Stop your crying!" the Princess yells in annoyance.\n\t"You know what, off with your head. I don't have the patience."\n\nShe sends you away with the guard. \n\n[[Nooooooo|jj2]]
The Life of a Farmer Boy
You're a farmboy not a knight! You don't even have anything to fight with! It attacks you and you wake up from your dream.\n\n[[Go back to the start|Start]]
You confess to the Princess.\n\t“Princess, I was wrong. It’s really your crown...please forgive me and my selfishness. I'm a farmboy from a far-away land and all I wanted was some gold to buy food.”\n\n[[????|J10]]
Of course you won’t make it out of the Kingdom. There are guards everywhere! Nice try but now you’re dead. Don’t you wish you could go back in time and rethink your choices?\n\n[[Try again|j32]]\n\n[[Screw you guys, I'm going home|Start]]
You run and you run... and you trip from a rock and hit your head. You wake up from your dream. [[Go back to the beginning.|Start]]\n
"“Of course I’m sure! I made it!” you stammer. You're not gonna let this Princess have the crown that you worked so hard to get!! \n\n[[The crown is yours! Yours!|J6]]
You can feel the tension between you and the princess. What are you going to do now? You can’t keep telling lies forever...they will know it’s really not your crown.\n\nYou....\n\n[[Run for it. The crown is yours! You're King of the Forest! Not the King of some random kingdom!!|J7]]\n\n[[Be honest and tell the princess the real story. Maybe she won’t be so angry if you ask for forgiveness.|J8]]
You yell, “LOOK! OVER THERE!” \n\nThe Princess and the crowd look in the direction where you pointed. You take this opportunity to run away. \n\n[[Run run run!!|J9]]
This crown could probably fetch a lot of money on the black market....\n\n"“ it’s not. I made it myself…" you lie. \n\n[[The Princess is pissed|J3]]
“Uhm..are you sure about that? If you check the back of the crown, it has my father’s initials engraved in it.” the Princess glares. "You can't lie to me"\n\n[[Uh-oh|J5]]
"I am still the king, therefore I have all the power of the kingdom. I know what you're doing. You want the throne for yourself don't you?! Ha! I've caught you now! Guards! [[Off with his head|a65]], he does not belong here anymore. I want him gone!"
Nice one. You got yourself killed.\n\n[[Go back to the Start|Start]]
[[The King laughs. “Dear daughter, if you think you’re gonna take over the throne just by marrying some random bum off of the street, I think not|a61]].”
“Damnit…” the princess whispers. “Farm boy! Do something!!”\n\nWhat can you even do in a situation like this? The Princess wants you to do something….\nSo you……\n\n[[-Stare at the King.|a62-1]]\n[[-Walk up to the King.|a62-2]]
"Yes..yes..that sounds like a good plan..[[but|a64]]..."
The guards crowd you. \n\t“King!" they shout. "You’re back! The king is back! The king is back! All hail the king! Right this way, majesty. Your throne awaits you.”\n[[What the hell?|j28]]\n[[Follow them|j28]]
You arrive at the castle at last. You feel the guards gawk at you because of your shiny crown. \n[[W-What do they want?|j27]]
You happily skip your way to the castle. \n[[Okay|j26]]
[[Dun na na na! The chest opens. A really fancy crown is inside of the chest. Neato! You declare yourself King of the forest and make your way to the castle.|j25]]
You're gonna use it.\n\n[[Okay.|j24]]
Dun na na na! The chest opens. A really fancy crown is inside of the chest. Neato! You declare yourself King of the forest and make your way to the castle.\n\n[[Continue|j25]]
Might as well try and use the key.\n\n[[Use it|j22]]\n[[Don't use it|j23]]
You follow the directions on the map…and wowie-gee! There it is! The treasure chest!\n\n[[OMG|j21]]
The crowd gasps and cheers. You hear voices from everywhere.\n\t"“T-t-the crown! Is that the crown of Townsville?! It’s been found!”\n\t"Is that the New King? Hail!"\n\t"Thank you based God"\n[["'re the King!"|j30]]
You follow the guards and hear a crowd cheering as you walk closer to the throne. \n[[Continue following the guards|j29]]
[[“Princess, please. That sounds nice and all but it can’t be that easy. You’re gonna get us killed.”|a41-2-2]]
[[You walk…|a14]]
[[“Okay...that’s actually not a bad plan at all.. Let’s do it!”|a42]]
[[You crawl out after her. Freedom! Is that it? What if you two get caught? What then, huh?|a44]]
You’re certain you’ve counted all the trees in the forest...but wait! You see something shiny in the corner of your eye! \nYou….\n\n[[Ignore it. It’s probably just a piece of trash.|a11]]\n[[Look at it! It’s probably a dime! Money!|j12]]
[[The noise gets louder and louder... |a19]]
"When is a piece of wood like a king?" you begin. "When it's a ruler!"\n\n[[Laugh at your own joke|jj1]]
You bawl your eyes out and begin to fuss around. The guard looks freaked out and the Princess looks annoyed.\n\n[[Continue crying|j36]]
"Tsk." the Princess clicks her tongue and glares at you. "You're so annoying. Stop your crying and come back to the castle with me. We should talk."\n\n[[Wipe your tears and go to the castle|j37]]\n[[Continue crying. You don't want to talk to her.|c1]]
You follow the Princess back to the castle. It's a gorgeous, simply amazing work of architecture. And now you're the King...\n\n[[Look at the Princess|j38]]
You turn around. A beautiful young woman is standing in front of you. She's wearing a smaller, yet nearly identical crown similar to the one on your head. Is she the Princess? What do you do? \n\n[[Tell a lame joke and try to make her laugh|j31]]\n\n[[Stay calm and try to prove to her that you're King Material|j32]]
You laugh nervously and decide to charm her with your great humour.\n[["Which burger comes from royalty? Burger King! Haha!"|j33]]
You stay calm.\n\n"Is that really the crown?" the Princess says suspiciously. \n\nShe looks skeptical. She probably doesn't trust you! What do you do!?\n\n[[Tell the princess that it’s not the crown of Townsville|J1]]\n\n[[Tell the princess it is the crown and you’re more than happy to return it back to the kingdom.|C2]]
The Princess stares at you. You continue chuckling. She turns away and whispers to the guard beside her. He knocks the crown off your head and pulls you hands into handcuffs. Aw crap!! What do you do now!?! \n[[Tell another joke. It'll be funny this time!!|j34]]\n[[Cry. Maybe she'll feel sorry for you.|j35]]
The princess turns around and looks at you. \n\t"Okay I guess you're the King now," the Princess sighs. "We don't really have a King..and you have the"\n\nYou're in disbelief. You're really a King!!\n\n[[Celebrate!!|j39]]
Ha! But you woke up from your dream and now you'll never find out what happens. Thanks for playing!\n\n[[Play Again?|Start]]
[["Uhm...Hello King...I can prove to you that your daughter will be in good hands. We may not know each other well right now but we will after we get married..I promise that I will love her as much as you love her.."|a63]]
[[You stare at the king. And stare. And stare.|a62-1-2]]
You cry and you one comes to your rescue. You’re probably gonna die in here.\n\n[[You died. Go back to the beginning|Start]]
Jessica E & Ada X
You are sleeping in a field, obviously ignoring all the farm work you have to finish.\nYou…\n\n[[Continue Sleeping. Leave me alone!|s1]]\n[[Time to wake up….|s2]]
[[“If I knew how to get out, I wouldn’t be down here, would I?”|a38]]
Your legs start to feel weak but you finally reached the castle. You follow the guards into the castle where the [[sword in the rock|a17]] is.
You lean closer to kiss the princess…\n\n[[And you close your eyes….|C10]]
“I know you just saved my life and all...but no...I just met you!” You quickly say your goodbyes and [[run off|a51.1]] into the woods. You whispered to yourself, “I’m never coming back to this crazy town ever again!”\n\n
You hesitate for a moment. What are your choices?\n\n[[-Reject her proposal. Are you kidding me? You just met her! And she’s crazy!!|a51]]\n[[-Accept her proposal because you know you can’t live without her. You don’t know anyone else in this town.|a52]]
[[“Great!” the princess calls out. “Let’s go see my evil step-father!”|a54]]
Wow...and now you find yourself marrying some Princess from a faraway kingdom. Huh. Funny how these things work out. \n\n[[“...and now, you may kiss the bride….”|C9]]
The King looks at the Princess and then at You. [[He laughs.|a56]]
The Princess takes you by the hand and brings you to the castle. You reach the gates of the grand palace. It is lavish and beautiful. You wouldn’t mind being the King if you got to live here.\n\n[[“Father!” the Princess calls out. “You are no longer the King! I am taking back what is mine.”|a55]]
The Princess nods. “I’m marrying him! I love him! [[He’s….he’s….|a58]]”
“How did you get out?” the King chuckles. “And really? You’re marrying [[that|a57]]?”
In the distance you hear someone shouting.\n“WAIT! WAIT! I HAVE AN ANNOUNCEMENT TO MAKE!” \nEveryone looks around to find the voice. He walks up to the princess.\n\n[[????|C4]]
You decide to be honest with her.\n\t"“Yes, princess, I found this crown in the woods. I believe this is yours.” \n\nYou hand the crown back to the princess.\n\n[[Goodbye crown...|C3]]
Huh, you must have lost your memory….no wonder you ended up in the middle of nowhere…\n\n[[What's going on...|C8]]
“He is?!" the Princess asks. "I was suppose to marry him but the queen told me the Prince took a big fell down the stairs. Then he ran off as soon as he was healed.”\n\n[[Wait what? Aren’t you a farmboy?|C7]]
“I am disappointed in you. But you have redeemed yourself as you have told me the truth. Alas, return the crown back and I shall reward you with food and send you on your way.”\n\n[[Thank the Princess|J11]]
“My highness, I have a very important announcement to make!” the messenger shouts.\n\n“Yes, my messenger. What is it?” the princess asks.\n\n[[Continue|C5]]
One of the guards [[kick you in the butt and throws you into the dungeon|a33]]. “Serves you right! No one can be more superior than the king!”
[[You listen to the king’s orders and enter a dark room..|a32]]
You did it! You pulled the sword out! The crowd goes wild! Here’s to a wagon full of food! You go up to the king and claim your prize.“You did well, my friend. Follow the guard and claim your food. [[It’s all yours|a31]].”
10….20.. 30..100…. “Hey.. will you keep it down? I’m trying to think of a way to get us out of here.”\nWhat was that voice? You call out….\n\n[[-“Hello?! Who are you? Where are you?”|a36-1]]\n[[-Ignore the voice and continue counting. |a36-2]]
What just happened? Two minutes ago you were walking in the forest, now you’re in a dungeon. You throw a fit and try to bash through the windows with your arms. There are bars in front of the window, which makes it impossible for you to get out. The door won’t budge, it’s locked shut. What to do…..\n\n[[-Sit down and cry. Maybe they’ll feel sorry for you if you cry loud enough.|a35-1]]\n[[-There’s no point….you sit down and start counting how many bricks there are in your jail cell. |a35]]
The princess hums. “’re right. I just need an extra hand. [[And you seem perfect...|a40]]”
END\t\n\n[[Restart from the beginning?|Start]]
Just as your head is about to be sliced off, you jolt up and wake up from your dream. Wow...what a nightmare.\n\n[[Get up and continue with your farmwork|jj4]]\n[[Go back to sleep and do it all over again|s1]]
The guards drag you away kicking and screaming. It looks like it's off with your head.\n\n[[Goodbye...|jj3]]
The princess continues to stare at you. \n"Off with his head! Obviously this loser isn't fit to be a King."\n\n[[Nooooo!!|jj2]]
Aw crap!! She doesn’t even know [[your name|a60]]!!!
According to the map, the chest doesn’t seem too far from where you are...\n[[Follow the map!|j20]]
Stupid! You could've gotten something cool! You wake up from your dream and now you'll never find out what happens.\n\n[[END|Start]]
Oh how really. How convenient. It appears to be a map of where a treasure chest is.\n\n[[Wow!|j17]]
You....\n\n[[Follow the map. Eh, why the hell not?|j18]]\n\n[[Treasure is stupid. You're tired and want to go home|j19]]
Sweet baby Jesus..what was...that..?\n\n[[Continue|j16]]
You pick up the dime...but it isn’t a dime! It’s actually a small silver key!\n\n\n[[Cool!|j13]]
You put the silver key into your pouch and…a gust of wind blows past you\n\n[[Continue on your adventure|j14]]
[[The princess pauses. |a59]]
“I’m going to take back what’s mine. My Kingdom. Smelly Farmboy, I have but one [[request|a47]] for you.”
[[“Oh..sure. What is it?”|a49]]
[[You ask the princess what the plan is now. You can’t run forever! We’re gonna get caught!|a45]]
[[“What are we gonna do now, m’lady? We can’t run...we’re gonna get caught…” |a46]]
The princess tells you exactly what to do and you push out the bricks in the wall. Woo! It worked! “Okay, princesses first.” The princess crawls out of the [[hole|a43]].
The messenger points at you. \n\t“Him! HIM! The one with the crown! He’s actually the prince of Stawford!”\n\n[[Wait, what?|C6]]
“Okay, here’s the plan. There’s a couple of loose bricks in the wall, but I can’t push it out. I’m too weak. That’s where you come in, and you push them! Hopefully we’ll be small enough to get through the hole in the wall. If not, I’ll go and beat up the guards and steal the key….”\n\nThe Princess is rambling on. This girl is crazy. Her plan is so risky! \nYou…\n\n[[-Listen and follow her plan. Better than nothing...|a41-1]]\n[[-Tell her she’s crazy. Push some bricks out of a wall and get out? It can’t be that easy.|a41-2]]
“Of course, Princess. Thank you!”\n\nYou return the crown and enjoy an enormous feast. Everything is so delicious and you're sure you've eaten 10lbs of food. You eat and eat and eat and eat and eat and eat and eat. \n\nHa! But too bad. You've woken up from your dream. And it's only a dream. Now you're hungry....\n\n[[Go back to the beginning?|Start]]
[[“Marry me.”|a50]]
“Step right up! [[Step right up!|a21]] If you think you’re strong enough, come on down and pull the sword outta the rock! C’mon now, don’t be shy! Once the sword is pulled out, you’ll have a wagon full o’food! Ain’t that a treasure!”
[[You’re hungry from all the walking. You might as well try to test your luck because you have no money to buy food.|a22]]
[[You walk through the crowd and slowly approach the sword. Here goes nothing…|a23]]
[[You grasp the handle, clinching as hard as you can… |a24]]
[[you can feel your palms sweating… |a25]]
[[On a count of three….|a26]]
[[The crowd goes silent… D-did it work?!|a30]]
“So we’re gonna follow my plan! You listen to me! I’m the Princess! This is MY Kingdom and I’m gonna take it back!!! [[We need to get out!”|a42]]
THE END.\n\n[[Go back to the beginning|Start]]
Only to wake up and find out that it was all a dream. \n\n[[What a nice dream! Roll over and go back to sleep.|Start]]\n[[Get up a finish the work you’re supposed to do.|C11]]
[[“Do you want to get out or not?”|a41-2-3]]
Aw crap! There’s something in the bushes….it doesn’t sound very friendly…\n\n[[Prepare to fight|s8.1]]
You get up and begin to look at your surroundings.\nYou’re hungry and you see an apple tree! An apple sounds really good right now.\nYou…\n\n[[Climb it and get an apple!|s4]]\n[[Forget climbing, I can chuck something and make the apple fall down.|s5]]
You wake up and continue with your farming.\n\n[[Go back to the beginning|Start]]
You close your eyes and begin to drift off into a dream..\n\nYou’re dreaming, and you fall from the skies and land in the middle of a forest.\n\n[[Explore|s3]]
You wander off the path find a tree stump to sit and eat your apple. \n\n[[Yum!|a1]]
You wander in the direction of the castle. How far is it going to be…\nYou’re you...\n\n[[Sing very loudly.|s8]]\n[[Start counting in your head how many trees there are in the forest|s9]]
You find a giant rock and chuck it at the apple. It's effective, but the apple falls and and hits your head. Ow. You wake up from your dream.\n\n[[Back to the beginning!|Start]]
You climb the tree all the way to the top. You’re a farm boy, you know the best apples are at the top.\n\nYou reach the top and in the horizon, you see a castle. \nYou...\n\n[[Better go check it out! Adventure awaits!|s6.5]]\n[[I’d rather stay here and eat my apple...|s7]]
You walk by the river bank and find a note stuck on a tree.\n\n[[Walk closer to it and see what it says|a12]]
[[and walk….|a16]]
[[and walk…|a15]]
[[You hear a large crowd cheering as you follow the guards.|a18]]
The princess sounds like a stubborn, feisty thing. You gotta try and cooperate with her. So you….\n\n[[-Talk to her again and hope that she knows what it’s going on..|a39-1]]\n[[-Continue to charm her with your manly-ways. Girls love that kind of stuff. Yeah.|a39-2]]
[[You continue walking until you reach a river.|g11.1]]
[[The Princess slaps you but hits her hand against the bars. “Excuse me? You’re lucky there are bars protecting you, you low-life!”|a38]]
“Are you strong enough to pull the sword out of the rock? Come down to the castle in Townsville and test your luck!”\n[[It took you by surprised. You finally found a place where there are other people. You follow the directions on the note that leads to the castle.|a13]]
[[You reach a packed coliseum.|a20]]
You laugh and the princess takes off her shoe and chucks it at you. So much for getting out. Now she’s never gonna tell you her plan. Nice going, asshole! \n\n[[Go back to the beginning|Start]]
You've finished your apple and now you’re curious about the castle. You go back on the path and wander into the forest.\n\n[[Adventure!|s6]]
The king kicks you out from the kingdom because he hates people who stare. Wow, it’s rude to stare at people. Nice going, freak.\n\n[[Go back to the beginning, freak.|Start]]
[[“Guards!” the King roars. “Get this freak out of here! And take my daughter and put her back into the Prison where she belongs!”|a62-1-5]]
[[You continue to stare at the King. You hope that he’ll be intimidated by your mighty eyeballs and eventually hand over the throne to the Princess.|a62-1-4]]
The King looks back at you.\n“Boy, I would stop with what you're doing.” the King growls.\n\n[[You continue to stare.|a62-1-3]]
“It’s been a crazy ride..and I just met you...but..[[YES! I DO!|a53]] (“I have nothing else to lose”, you say to yourself.)