Your pursuers come upon you without realizing the tree is alive. In their fright they swing their swords wildly. One of the swings hits the branch that is holding you hostage, freeing you.\n\n[[you quickly jump into the bush you had seen earlier to try and sneak away while your pursuers are distracted.|mainnavigation2]]
You merely anger the tree. It swings a large branch at you in its fury!\n\n[[you sheild your self with your arm.|brokenarm]]\n[[You're a strong burly ranger thus you do nothing to fend off the incoming branch.|death]]
You die terribly from a thunderous hit to the head
An arrow zips past your shoulder drawing a small amount of blood. Your pursuers have found you! You see a large tree to your right and a bush to your left.\n\n[[You quickly leap behind the tree.|mainnavigation]]\n[[You jump with reckless abandon into the bush.|mainnavigation2]]\n\n[img[fighter.gif]]
The tree is living. You realize your mistake too late.\n\n[[fight back with your hunting knife.|treeadventurestart1]]\n[[accept your fate and hope the tree attacks your pursuers.|treeadventurestart2]]\n\n[img[eviltree.png]]\n
Brian Lambert
The trees branch shatters your arm.