You quickly overpower her and thrust your face into hers.\nYou kiss her, violently.\nShe rejects your kiss, slips from your grip and slaps you.\nYou stare at her as she runs away.\nYou can reach out to her, but it's too late.\nShe's gone.\n"Goodnight" ...a voice whispers in the night.\n
You have friends.\nYou love your friends.\n\n[[Yes|answerYes]]
You start crying.\nAnd so it starts anew.\n\n[[stop crying|wakeUp]]\n[[cry|cryAgain2]]\n
You might feel a little sad from time to time.\nBut you know deep down that this is the right choice.\nYou love could never have reached her.\n\nYou have kept a friend and learned to love even more than any passionate lover could ever hope to.\nYou will see her grow and suffer and cry. \nAnd you will be there.\nAlways, by her side. \nLoving her.\n
You are alone again.\nOver and over you've fallen in love these last years, only to find yourself here again and again.\n\nYou are alone again.\nOver the next months you will cry and cry and wander right in the habit of self-pity like you always do.\n\n[[NO!|wakeUp]]\n[[cry|cryAgain]]\n
Hesistant, you think about asking her out.\n[[Ask her out|askHer]]\n
\nYou tell her you are sorry to burden her with your feelings like you just did.\nYou tell her will dissapear from her life, but only for a while; you will try your best to heal yourself, and that you want to be there for her when she needs you. \nYou will try to be the best you can.\nFor yourself.\n\nShe is baffled by your sudden change of heart, but nevertheless she agrees.\nShe kisses you on the cheek and leaves.\n\nAnd as she leaves... \nShe whispers:\n"Goodnight"
You hold her as she cries and you caress her head in your chest.\n\n"I don't want to lose you. \nI don't want you dissapearing from my life."\n\nShe stops crying and you let go.\n[[let go.|letGo]]\n
You call her up and plan a cool trip out.\nYou'll pick her up at eight.\n\n[[Pick her up on time|pickHer8]]\n[[Bail out|neverPickHerOut]]\n
You lie.\nYou tell her that you really like her as a friend, you try desperately to hide your feeelings. Nervously saying how could you ever think about her that way after all these years.\n\nShe half-believes your lies, because it's more convinient for all.\nYou feel empty... but at the end of the night, you are still her friend. You will be there when all others will come and go.\nIt might hurt a little; \nbut, at the end of this night,\nand all other nights to come,\nyou will be there for her,\nand you will see her grow,\nand be by her side.\nAlways loving her.\nAnd she... \nwill love you back.\nMore than any other lover could ever hope to be loved.
"What now!?" She asks angrily.\n\n[[I'm sorry|sorry]]\n
...\n"What are we two?" She asks, deviating her look to the ground.\n\n"We have this wonderful feeling of intimacy, platonic love, and... really what are we? How do you feel about me? "\n\nThis... is the moment you've been waiting for without ever knowing.\nYour heart beats out of your chest, you've never felt this excited since last time you've fallen in love.\nYou realize: \nyou are truly in love for the first time in years.\n\n[[Tell her the truth about your feelings, despite the fact that she is already in love with someone else...|trueFeelings]]\n\n[[Shield her from your feelings, and shield yourself from rejection by saying you love her but only platonically...|lieFeelings]]\n
No!\nYou are through with this.\nYou go back!\nYou are in front of her.\n[[forcefully kiss her passionately and tell her you love her|kissForce]]\n[[Tell her you are sorry, that it will take some time but you will heal and be her friend again|returner]]\n\n
But one of your friends, you love her.\nYou love her a lot. \nBut she doesn't love you.\n\n[[Should you talk about your feelings with her?|loseFriend]]\n[[Or should you keep quiet and maybe wait for these feelings to go away?|keepFriend]]\n
Amidst the evening fun you talk about love, marriage, broken hearts and eventually, your current love interests.\n\nYou are single.\n\nShe mentions she is very anxious about her new relationship with someobody new.\nShe says she's so anxious she might cry anytime.\nYou feel so stupid for feeling something for this woman, who is clearly not interested romantically in you, and who will most likely reject you. \nYou reckon if that happens, you might never see her again. "You might lose a friend tonight."\n\nShe stares at you and asks you...\n[[stare at her eyes|stareLovingly]]\n
"I... "\n"I really like you"\nYou explain that you really like her right now, and that if that is troubling to her. You can go away.\nBut you really admit it.\nYou really like her.\n\nBut she just stares at you in disbelief.\nShe cries.\n[[hold her|holdHer]]\n
"I'm sorry." She says, tears fading and eyes withering from them.\n"I am not that woman,"\n"not today".\nShe looks straight at you, and her sad but firm eyes pierce yours.\nYou are paralyzed by fear.\n\n[[Overcome your sadness and try to soothe hers|sorry]]\n
Before she has time to complete her sentence.\nYou quickly get up and start walking.\n\nYou know what she will say.\nYou knew right from the beginning, what would her choice be.\n\nTonight you lost a friend.\nTonight you are alone.\n\n[[Alone|aloneAgain]]\n[[No.|wakeUp]]\n
She stays silent for the following minutes.\n\nFinally she speaks out.\n\n[[listen to her|listenToHer]]\n[[leave now.|leaveNow]]\n
you keep crying.\n\n[[stop crying|wakeUp]]\n[[keep crying|cryAgain2]]\n
You make an excuse and cancel the date.\nYou were about to make a mistake. \nOr not.\nYou will never know.\n\nBut at least you are still her friend.