you ignore him and hug him.\n\nhe kisses you and trys to take your shirt off\nyou slap him in the face and freak out on him.\n\nHe knocks you out and does some things with you\n\nTHE END
you guys are driving around. you didnt even think about where he was taking you. all you know is you like being with him.\n\nYou drive for hours and get to a forest in the middle of no where.\n\n[[next]]
you tell him no. if thats gonna happen it wont be in a dirty cave. \n\nHe takes you home \n\nTHE END
You sit there and kiss him. then kissing turns to making out.\nthen that turns into no cloths. then you do itttt.\n\nyou wake up and steal his ride and get home. you hate leaving him but you cant be yelled at by your mom\n\n\n\n2 months later......\n\ndam why didnt he bring the protection\n\nTHE END
You walk around with taylor in the woods. it starts getting dark. and really cold. you shiver. \n\n"can we sit down?" you ask\n"we are almost there baby," he says grabing your hand and pulling you to keep going.\n"what are we doing? i have to get home soon taylor," you really don't need your mom to yell at you again...\n\nYou stop\n\n"what are we doing here?" You asked\n"Come on," he said pulling you on.\n\nYou walk into a cave. what are you doing here...?\n\n"I have to get home," you sigh\n"I already talked to your mom, she thinks you are spending the night with my sister ellie," he smiled.\n\nHe lights a fire and you sit down\nDam your cold!!\n\nHe sits next to you and warms you up.\n\n"what would you do if we.. y'know?" he asked\n\nare you gonna [[do it with him]] or [[ignore his question]] or [[say no]]
You are sitting at home.just watching YouTube videos..\nYou are board and hungry. sighhhh\n\nWait! you have a date with taylor!!!!\n\nAre you gonna [[go]] or just [[stay at home]]?
you stay. your tired. as much as you like taylor you can go out tomorrow.\n\nyou fall asleep\n\n[[happy]] or [[sad]]?
you put a black shirt on and run out the door. taylor is standing out side. you had to clue he drove a motercycle\n\n"You look nice," he smiles\n"thanks," you say\n\nyou guys [[go on the date]]
you quickly get up and get ready. you cant decide between a red shirt or a black one! ahhhhhhh what do you do will he love you!!??? ahhhh\n\n[[red]] [[black]]
you put the red one on and run out the door and he is parked out side. he is so attractive....\n\n"Red again?" he asked\n"yea? is that a problem??" you worry\n"No, i like it," he smiles\n\nyou [[go on the date]]