you decide you don't care so you let hitler deal with the small animal. she doesnt even notice it and she walks away.
she looks around with you and you find a fire ice crystal! you were right! you and her become rich!\n\nTHE END\n\n[[END]]
your afriad of the dark too. screw this your going home and crawling into bed.
Your walking down a path with your friend. What is her name? [[Hitler Jackson]], [[Emily]] or [[Wendy]]
She has a power that makes her find rare gems. she finds a cave and is trying to make you go inside and look. Do you [[look]] or [[tell her no]]?
you love fire panda mice and you've always wanted one so you put your hand down and it crawls up your arm. so you two continue on your way\n\nTHE END\n\n[[END]]
hitler jackson is sleeping. you fall asleep. later you make it home and live happly\n\nTHE END\n\n[[END]]
you tell her we can set up camp. we've gone this far right? so you set up a tent. Are you gonna [[explore on your own]] or [[go to sleep]]?
your not a baby! being scared of the dark is for little kids. you politly convince her to keep going and you tell her you'll make to your destionation faster.
you decide you don't need a Fire panda mouse so you and hitler run away down the path. The mouse looks and watches you run. then scurrys away. [[next]]
you walk down a dark tunnel. You see a HUGE bear and scream and run, but the bear is faster than you and tears you to pieces. \n\nTHE END\n\n[[END]]
you leaving that small creature doesnt feel right. are you [[gonna go back]] or [[just walk its just an animal]]
you look every where and under a small leaf where the fire panda mouse is sleeping. you pick it up and take it with you. [[go back to your friend]].
Your walking down the path still and you see a small animal called a fire panda mouse. Do you [[run away]], [[keep it as a pet]] or [[let your friend deal with it]]
you don't like caves. There are bats, bears, and verious monsters you could run into. [[you keep going]]
you get to the castel early and become rich by helping the king. not as rich as a fire ice crystal would make you, but this is enough for you\n\nTHE END\n\n[[END]]
you don't want to get lost. even if you haft to split your riches its worth it. and she does have a power.\n[[Next]]
Please start again. you may get a better ending!\nkeep trying!\n\n[[Start]]
You don't need it. You'll be fine. But then a giant botty jam monster shows up and kills you both. too bad you don't have that fire panda mouse. it could have set this monster on fire.\n\nTHE END\n\n[[END]]\n\n
there are so many things you could find in the dark. you walk out of your tent and get eaten by a bear. \n\nTHE END
who needs walking around just to get lost some where in the dark? go to sleep. you'll be rested [[continue]]
you think if you guys find a fire ice crystal you'll be ritch so you go inside. do you [[follow wendy]] or [[go on your own]]
you got to the castl early. Both your familys are rich\n\nTHE END\n\n[[END]]
you'll be able to find the gem yourself. And if this turns out to be a fire ice crystal you don't haft to tell wendy and have the gold coins all to your self [[on your path you go]].
She is afraid of the dark and wants to turn back and go home. Are you gonna [[follow her]], [[set up camp]] or [[convince her to keep going]]?