He is very sweet. you've been friends with him for a month and you have started to like him.\n\nYou constantly think about him.\n\nHe looks at you funny, "what are you looking at?" he asked\nYou smile and lean in and kiss him. \n\nhe would close his eyes if he could. Looks like you guys are getting married\n\nTHE END
you walk down the hallway. your not a pussy.\nIts probably just the TV or someone fighting.\n\nYou open your door and the monster is standing there. he holds you from behind and you fall to the ground. You try to crawl away but he grabs your legs and pulls you out to the living room.\n\n"Don't hurt me!" you keep screaming\nhe looks at you "Hurt you? no why would I do that? I'm gonna kill you"\n\nAre you gonna [[kill it]] or [[die]]
You quickly stand up and grab a knife from behind him and stab him over and over again. He falls to the floor dead.\n\nGood luck hidding the body murrderer\n\nTHE END
He just needs some love.. Everyone is so affraid that they try to kill him before they know him.\n\nYou put your arms around him and smile. He smiles too. the evil deformed smile that you now find attractive.\n\nYou picture him before he was like this. his beautiful flowing black hair. all he needed to do was wash it. and his eyes. if she took him to the doctor they could give him new eye lids and his eyes would turn back to his normal color. you imagine blue eyes... and his smile probably looked like yours when you look in the mirror.\n\n"what are you doing?" he asks\n"All you need is some love," you tell him\n"you... love me?" he asks. if he had a normal mouth he wouldnt be smiling, he'd be looking confused\n"Even though I don't know you, yes. and i'd like to know you," You smile.\n\nHe takes you to his home. you guys have now been friends a while. Are you gonna [[kiss him]], [[talk about fixing his face]], or [[run away]]?
You sit up breathing hard. What is that noise?\n\n"go to sleep," You hear it say\n"Go To Sleep," It says again\n"GO TO SLEEP," The Voice screams\n\nYou scream and cry hitting what ever the thing is at the end of your bed that is now holding onto your feet.\n\nAre you gonna [[kill it]] or [[get dragged under the bed]]?
fuck this shit. your cold and tired and you must be making things up.\n\nYou walk back toards the bed and feel like the voices are stabbing your legs. suddely you colapsse and fall to the floor.\n\nWhen you feel to the floor your head hit something and you also passed out\n\n[[next]]
You pull your blanket up over your head and try to make the voices go away. Every time you life your blanket up more and more over your head your feet and legs become more and more exposed.\n\nThen the whispering stops. you sigh and roll over. then slowly take the blanket off of your head. \n\nThen you feel something starting to grab your feet.\n"Your legs are mine now," It says.\n\nYou scream as you [[get dragged under the bed]]
Youve lived. you have had along life.\n\nYou let him stab you to death.\n\nTHE END
Must be 12+ to play. some things in here are not for little children.\n\n\nYour laying in bed. The blanket you are laying under is light and small. Your bed is a foot smaller than you are so you scrunch up so your legs don't hang off. \n\nYou hear a strange noise comming from down the hall.\n\nDo you [[Get up and look]], [[Sit up in bed]], or [[Pull your blanket over your head and expose your legs more]]?
You smille. You REALLY must be going home. But on your way out he stabbs you in the back and you fall to the ground.\n\nHe carries you inside and you never leave. He makes love to you endlessly and you scream every time. Eventualy you die\n\nTHE END
you let him dragg you down the hall and into the kitchen. he lets your legs go to look at the knifes on the counters.\n\nYou have time! will you [[kill him]] or [[get killed]]
You scream and punch it in the, what you think is a face, and you struggle to get away. \n\nThe monster Growls "No one see's jeff and lives,"\n\nYou Scream and punch him more. \nHe was still holding your leg so you kick back and hit him in the head and break his neck.\n\nGood luck hiding a body murrderer.\n\nTHE END
You are pulled under the bed by the monster. You scream and scream and shout and cry, but he puts his hand over your mouth.\n\n"No one is near, they cannot hear your screams," he grins \nYou see a smile from cheek to cheek. bloody and cut up. \n\nwhite eyes stare into your soul and his greesy hair rubs agains your arm every time you move leaving a slime trail of dirt on your arm.\n\nYou want to [[kill it]] but you also think [[he needs a hug]]
You stand up and hear the voices as they get louder and louder and start attacking your mind. you don't see anyone, but it feels as if your being mentaly stabbed. \n\nDo you [[Run back to bed]] or [[Continue down the hallway]]?\n\nAre you brave enough?
You want to get out and do more with jeff. he is very nice, but you cant take him anywhere in public looking like this.\n\n"have you ever thought about.... y'know.." you kinda start\n\n\n"fixing my face? NOW YOU DON'T LIKE IT EITHER... NO ONE DOES.... I SHOULD HAVE KILLED YOU... i liked you.. GO BEFORE I HURT YOU," he crys\n\nYou don't know what to do. you start crying and tearing up. its like your heart just died. you leave and never see him again\n\nTHE END