"oh you have sand on your pants," you notice\n\nhe starts to stand up and brush it off.\n\n"just take them off, you took my over shirt off?" you say\n\nhe smiles and does it. you guys notice the little things about eachothers cloths and soon you arent wearing any.\n\nyou guys build a little hide out made of sticks and sand and get cozy in there\n\nTHE END\nYOU CAN GUESS WHAT HAPPENS ;)
you decide the beach. you sit in the sand and relax and you fall asleep on taylors arm. when you wake up you run home.\n\nhe constantly texts you and wants to see you again. looks like you'll have another date like this.\n\nTHE END
you stand up\n\n"hello!" you scream\n"get down!" taylor whispers\n\nyou let them catch you and you don't get to see taylor exept at school. he kinda talks to you. you miss sitting on the beach with him...\n\nyou'll always have that moment\n\nTHE END
you really like him... but maybe some other time\n\n[[another time]]
you say nothing and fall asleep on the beach. the cops find you and they pick you up. you don't get to see him again becuase your stupid mom put a restraining order on him.\n\nTHE END..
you love him so you leave. your mom freaks out and she looks for you and calls the cops.\n\n\nyou run away with taylor to the beach and sit there. you get so cold and scared that the cops will find you.\n\nyou don't let taylor see it though. Your not a pussy.\n\nyou hear barking dogs and people yelling at eachother\n\ntaylor grabbs you hand\n\ndo you [[trust him]] or [[let them find you]]
You where asked out on a date by a guy you REALLLY like.\nHis name is taylor. he has longish brown hair and a cute fadora.\n\nEverything you love about him, he is so nice and kind.\n\nbut are you gonna [[go]] or say [[no]]
you say it to him. he kinda looks at you funny and it messes your date up.'\n\nYou go home heart broken and tired...\n\nTHE END
you kinda donno what to do. he asks you what you want to do.\n\n\n[[go to the beach]] or [[go to his house]] his parents arent there.
you trust him and take his hand tighter. he pulls you down the beach and you run as far as you can before falling down in the sand.\n\n"awww my shirt..." you sigh\n"here let me fix it," he said\n\nhe slowly unbuttons your red and black plad shirt.\nyou kinda stop him but hey. you like this.\n\nyou just sit there and let him do it. too bad you wore your adam lambert shirt under it.\n\nAll you can think of is his smille. you think of what it will look like when he gets his bracess off.\n\nyou look at his pants. he has has sand on them.\n\n[[point it out]] or [[say nothing]]
you decide to go\n\nTHE DAY OF THE DATE\n\nyou get ready and smile but you are alittle freaked out.\nYou dont know what to wear and you don't know what to say and you don't know where he is taking you.\n\nyour mom said you couldn't go but you already said yes to him.. you couldnt say no, could you?\n\ntell him [[another time]] or [[sneak out]]
you go to his house, one thing leads to another. and you wake up with him in his bed. \n\nLooks like he wants you around more offten.\n\nTHE END
you tell him no. you can't do it. you blame your mom.\n\n"But... if you dont go out with me.. I'll have to marry gypsy," he crys\n\nyou start getting upset. you don't want that whore to touch him. its bad enough she looks at him..\n\nhe beggs you too go \n\n[[do it anyways]]
you sneak out and go to a movie. he holds your hand the whole time.\n\nyou like it but at the same time it iritates your hand because he is kind of sweaty.\n\nhe must have been nervous because he drank all the pepsi and ate all the popcorn.\n\nhe whispers to you "Im so glad you came, what do you wanna do after wards," he asked\n\nwhat do you say? [[suck my dick]] or [[I donno]]