"Hi I'm leah," you smile.\n\nat first you think he didnt hear you or he was ignoring you. Then he looks over at you.\n\n"Hey, I'm taylor. So how are you?" he asks\n\nyou guys smile and chat and have a nice conversation.\n\n[[be your self]] or [[like everything he does]]?
"Um.. sure I guess..." you say\n\n"Oh sorry, am i making you feel weird? maybe we should go on a date first.. sorry," he says\n\nhe gives you his number and you go home.\n\nA few days later you go home and your room is a mess and your dog has ate his number. you are to nervous to ask for it again so you just try to forget about it...\ndam dog you blame him for everything.\n\nTHE END
you come up with reasons why he cant. it looses his trust and you guys dont really talk offten.\n\nYou kinda hang out if you count wrighting group...\ndam it you should have said yes.\n\nTHE END
You start talking like you do with your friends. constantly saying fag and suck my dick.\n\nHe gets freaked out and annoyyed by you and makes up an excuse to leave.\ndam it..\n\nTHE END
you just sit there and look at them.\n\nShe leans in and turns his head twoards hers and she kisses him. he doesnt pull away but when she does he slaps her and walks to where he was sitting.\n\nThe grabs his stuff and angrly walks away. \nYou see him at school but he doesnt talk to you\n\nTHE END
you look over at him. It's just another person. why is he any more special than the next guy. you kind of ignore him.\n\n"Hey," he said\n\nyou just kinda ignore him and say hello back. \nbleh, his voice isnt as attractive as the rest of him.\n\nyou end up getting up and get ready to leave. He does the same.\n\n"Can I walk you home?" he asks\n\n[[yes]] or [[no]]
Your sitting on a beach and its windy and you don't know what you are doing out there, all you know is you just had to be there. \n\nA man walks up to you and smiles.\n\nWill you [[say hi]] or tell him to [[fuck off]] and suck yo god dam dick?
you go back and sit down.\n\n"have you seen a scarf around here?" a girl asks him\n\nhe nods no\n"no, but i could help you find it if you want," he says kinda looking at you\n\nhe doesnt want to help the wench but you don't say anything and he has to leave to help her.\n\nYou kinda watch them talk. Like you care.. wait... you do..\nyou see them talk and him awkwardly look away a few times.\nShe leans in\n\nwill you [[stop them]] or [[watch]]?
you keep making out and he ends up pulling away.\n\n"thanks for pretending to be my girlfriend but i gotta go," he says picking up his things.\n\n"Do you really have to go?" you ask\n"Yea.. but I'll see you around," he says leaving.\n\nyou don't really talk to eacher again he just looks at you awkwardly and leaves when you guys are close/near eachother.\n\nTHE END
"Hey baby!" you call out twards him\n\nHe smiles "Ill be there in a moment. I'm helping her find her scarf!" he calls back\n\nyou watch her walk over to a rock and pretend to find it but really it was in her pocket the whole time. Taylor smiles. you stand up and he runs over to you and kisses you.\n\nYou see her behind in a few feet away looking all pissed off.\nYou just keep kissing taylor.\n\n[[pull away]] or [[make out]] with him?
You pull away but he decides to make out with you.\n\nHe gets really strong and you loose your balance and you both fall over together and start taking your cloths off in public.\n\nYou hear a few kids moms freaking out but you guys dont give a shit.\n\nYou guys almost get naked when you realise you are in public.\n\nhe asks you do follow him to his car.\n\n[[will you]] or [[wont you]]?
you look away. who gives a fuck about him. you continue to walk and you end up leaving with out talking to him.\n\nYou just look at the waves of the ocean and notice how windy it is. Your hair band flys out of your hair and down the shore.\n\nHe runs after it,\n"Don't worry I got it!" he called out\n\nyou feel bad for ignoring him earyler...\n\nYou guys talk for a while but in the end you end up just being friends.. to bad. you wish you guys where something more..\n\nTHE END
You look at him and glare at him. who the fuck does he think he is sitting next to you>!?\n\nThis is your area of the beach and he wont be sitting on your sand, so you get up and move to another part of the beach.\n\nFuck sitting next to.... wait.. he is kinda attractive.. you like his face and his body and everything!\n\n[[go back]] and say sorry you dropped something or [[ignore the fucker]]
you agree with everything he says and kinda talk about what you know about acting when he brings it up. but lets face it he is a smart, hot, guy and you are a stupid american.\n\nHe laughs "You don't know what I'm talking about do you?" \nshit he got you "Yea.. I'm not stupid and i know some stuff about acting, i just don't know as much as you," you say\n\nhe explains what he knows and you understand 70% of what he says.\n\nyou guys kinda get close and you kiss him.\nyou guys end up dating.\n\ngood job smart one :))))\nkeep it up\n\nTHE END
you smile back and he sits a few feet away from you. Its kinda awkward. you wanted to be alone..\n\nHe looks away, and you get to see how attracive he is. His brown hair and his glasses make him kinda sexy. You notice he is mostly wearing brown because it matches his mocha skin tone.\n\nyou say hi and he says hi back.\n\nwill you [[ask his name]] or [[do nothing]]?
um, yea sure?\n\nyou guys walk home and now he knows where you live.\nyou wake up in the middle of the night and see him out side your window.\n\nhe is staring at you dead in the eyes. you turn around and look again and he is gone. this happens eveynight and you don't sleep.\n\nYou've created a monster. what the fuck is wrong with him.\n\nTHE END
"But i have to be getting home soon.." you sigh\n"Please," he says\n\nbefore you can answer he is pulling you to his care.\nYou guys are only in your under wear anyways, why not take it off?\n\nyou guys get naked and you go to suck his dick but you hessitate.\n\n"sorry, im a little virgin.." you say\n"well then let me be your first," he smilles\n\nyou guys fuckkkk hardddddd in his carrr.\n\n"Well, do you wanna be my girlfriend?" he asks\n"Well, usualy i don't date, i fuck," you laugh,\n"but for you i'll make an exeption," you say\n\nYou guys end up dating and who knows what will happen, you might get married\n\nTHE END