By the time Antonio left the room to get Lovi, he had already disappeared into his room. \n "Lovi..." He whispered.\n\n Go to [[Lovi's room|Lovi's Bedroom]] or [[go back|To the Meeting]] to the meeting and finish it?
<html><IMG SRC="tomaheart"></html>\n\n Hope you liked it~! There are two seperate endings with different scenes, and you might see different pictures if you make different choices, so...\n\n Good Luck!\n\n Oh, and by the way, I had help... I couldn't write the lemons, sorry.\n And sorry for the lack of lemon in the other one, I know it was a fluff ending. xD
Lovino blinked in surprise. "Y-you do?" He asked. He never thought those would come out of the Spaniard's mouth.\n Antonio nodded. "Si!" He gave him one of those "come hither" grins, before flipping the tables so Lovino was on bottom and he was on top. He kissed Lovino again.\n Antonio's lips were warmer than his, Lovino noticed unconsciously, his own getting as warm as they kept enjoying in the closeness. No tongues, no licking, no nipping, just a simple lip-lock.\n Yet it was enough to make them both satisfied for the moment of being, though Lovino wouldn't say that out loud.\n Antonio sighed through his nose lightly in a manner of complacence which brought Lovino out of stupor and he broke their kiss. \n Lovino yawned slightly, and Antonio chuckled. "You should get some sleep, my little tomato," he said, kissing his forehead. Glaring at the older male, Lovino nodded. He should.\n "Night... Bastard," he mumbled, laying down. Antonio smiled.\n "Night my little tomato... Don't forget, I'll protect you," he whispered, and they fell asleep in eachother's arms.\n\n [[The End|The End]]
Antonio smirked down at the other man, more than happy to oblige. He slowly worked down the buttons of his shirt, his intense and lust green eyes never leaving Lovino's. Once the shirt was unbuttoned, Antonio slipped it slowly from his shoulders, tossing it aside. By now Romano had recovered and he sat up to help, his hands working quickly at the button and zipper on the older man's pants, removing them as soon as he could, Antonio's underwear following quickly.\n Lovino admired the fit body before him, pressing butterfly kisses on the deeply tanned skin, reveling in the way those work hardened hands made their way over his own body. The smaller man moved so that he was straddling Antonio, collapsing against his chest and clinging to his shoulders as those leathery yet gentle hands moved to prepare him. The first finger was odd, but not unpleasant and Lovino moaned, pressing back against it. The second finger stung a bit, but Lovino didn't mind. The two fingers slipped easily in and out of him, stretching him. The third finger hurt, and he whimpered into Antonio's chest.\n "Lo siento, amor." Antonio whispered huskily. Lovino nodded in acknowledgement and Antonio finished preparing him.\n\n [[Go in|Finish 1]]?
A girl ran through the streets, sweat dripping down her forehead as she ran away from a tall Russian. She was confused. After years of being on the run from the Russian Mafia, how could they found her? She was back with her family in Italy. Maybe it was because she was part of the Italian mafia, younger sister of Lovino and Feliciano Vargas. Her name was Alice (Al-ee-chay) Vargas. She ran in an alley way, hoping that it would conceal her from her chaser, but he stepped into the alley too. Nobody was around to see what would happen. \n "Come out," the Russian said, pulling out a pistol. You could see it had a silencer.\n Alice walked out slowly. "Once you kill me, my brothers will find you and kill you, Ivan Braginski," she hissed with malice. \n Ivan laughed. "That's good, because once you're dead, you're older brothers are next."\n And after that, he pulled the trigger and left the alley, leaving Alice dead, lying in her own pool of blood.\n\n Check up on [[Romano|Romano's Beginning]]?
Hello. This is a Twine, or an interactive story. It contains Spamano lemons, and maybe some other pairings. But mostly Spamano. Most likely rated for mature audiences, and yes, this does contain swearing and graphics (whether sexual or violent), since this is Romano we are talking about. Lets [[start|The Beginning]] now.
Now why would he do that?\n\n [[Go to the meeting room|The Meeting]]
"Why the fuck would they do that?!" Lovino asked, standing up and knocking his chair down. "what the fuck does the Russian Mafia have against us?!"\n Romulus chuckled, whch just made Lovino even more mad. His //sister// is dead now. Because of the Russian Mafia. He ought to go and shoot the leader, Ivan Braginski, in the head, no mercy shown.\n "We were never on the best of terms with the-a Russian Mafia," Romulus started, "but recently we stole tons of money from them, and they just want payback. It's what happens," he said, and although he acted non-chalant about it, you could see the anger hidden deep in his eyes.\n "That's stupid!" Lovino shouted, making Antonio and the other people that wre close to him flinch. "Alice wasn't involved-"\n Romulus cut him off. "She was still part of the mafia."\n Lovino growled softly. "I don't-"\n Feliciano stood up too. "Lovino, please listen-"\n Lovino cut his brother off and stormed out of the room, not listening to anyone. \n Spain stared after him.\n\n You should probably [[go after him|Chase Lovi]].
That's not a smart idea. You should go after him.\n\n [[Go after him|Chase Lovi]]
Lovino stormed to the the front hall and yanked the door open. In front of his house was Antonio. How the hell did he get here?!\n "Why the-a hell are you here, tomato bastard?!" He asked, fuming. Antonio grinned.\n "I wanted to check up on you!" He exclaimed. Antonio Carriedo Fernandez was leader of the Spanish Mafia, and Lovino's bestfriend. Well, that's what Antonio said. Even though Lovino said he hated Antonio, it was obvious he loved him, whether as a brother or romantically, you'll find out later.\n "You-"\n Feliciano came into the room to see what was going on and cut Lovino off. "Antonio! Lovino! Come on, a meeting is going on!" He exclaimed. He ran off down the hall, and Lovino and Antonio followed him, with Lovino grumbling the whole way. \n Antonio was a bit confused, but decided to not say anything.\n\n [[Enter the meeting room|The Meeting]]?
Antonio ran up the stairs and down the hall. After doing this countless of times, he knew where Lovino's room was by heart. When he got closer, he slowed down and knocked.\n "Lovi? Can I come in?" He asked.\n Lovino sniffled on the other side. He didn't want his best friend to see him like this, but...\n\n [[Let him in|Come in]]
Lovino went to go answer the door. Indeed it was Antonio, who happened to be the leader of the Spanish Mafia. Usually, the Spanish and Italian mafia would make alliances. Sometimes the German Mafia would join that mafia, too.\n "LOVI!" Antonio glomped Lovino, who pushed him off right away.\n <html><IMG SRC="tsundereromano.png"></html>\n Lovino tried not to blush. "You came here to-a help me, not dote on me, bastardo!" He exclaimed, whacking his head lightly. Antonio's face dropped a little bit when he heard Lovino call him a bastard, but his cheery smile replaced it right away.\n "You're right! Feliciano texted me saying they were meeting in the meeting hall. Lets go!" He exclaimed, grabbing Lovino's hand and running off.\n\n [[Go to the meeting room|The Meeting]] or [[pull your hand out of Antonio's|Holding Hands]]?
They walked into the meeting room and took a seat as the meeting began.\n "Antonio, son, good to see you again! Do you know why you are here?" Lovino and Feliciano's grandfather, Romulus, asked.Antonio shook his head dumbly.\n "No sir!" He said, being respectful, unlike a certain Italian that sat next to him.\n Romulus sighed. "You have hear about Alice, right?" He asked, putting some papers down on the table. There was a drop of sadness in his voice.\n Antonio nodded. "Si. I'm sorry to hear, by the way," he said. Lovino frowned. He didn't want to hear the pity in his friend's voice. It made him sick.\n Romulus sighed yet again. "We got this note recently." He passed the note to Antonio. "It was on the outside of the mansion door. We believe it's the Russian Mafia."\n Gasps were heard throughout the room. Why would the Russian Mafia do such a thing in the first place, though?\n Hatred filled in Lovino's eyes.\n\n [["Why the fuck would they do that?!"|Exclamations]] or should you [[wait for him to explain|Explanations]]
"T..Toni." Lovino no longer bit back his moans as he sat forward and captured Antonio's lips with his own once more. Antonio kissed back happily, taking a moment to allow Lovino to explore his mouth before regaining control. He laid Lovino back down on the bed and pressed more kisses down his chest, pausing to suck and nip at one nipple, rolling the other between his fingers. Lovino squeaked a bit at that and pressed himself upward into the touches. Antonio continued lower, sucking on certain patches of skin, leaving little love marks all over Lovino's body, dipping his tongue into the Italian's bellybutton and finally shucking the lad's pants and underwear.\n "So beautiful." Antonio murmured, sitting up to fully take in the sight spread out before him. That tan body, flushed and fully exposed to his heated gaze, those endless Italian brown eyes, half-lidded and full of love and lust all for him. To the Spaniard, nothing in the world could have been more beautiful.\n As his partner became impatient, Antonio got back to the task at hand. He caressed and nuzzled his way up Lovino's legs, nipping at the flesh of his thighs and kissing the crook of his hip, all the while avoiding the one spot that was just begging for attention.\n "Toniii.." Lovino moaned out. "Stop teasing already!"\n "Mmmm, what's the magic word?" Antonio teased.\n "Please." Surprised to hear the word from Lovino's lips, Antonio decided to reward the little nation. He licked the tip of his erection before slowly bobbing his head and taking it into his mouth. Lovino's moans grew louder and more desperate as he neared release, and one particularly hard suck sent him over the edge. Antonio swallowed before sitting up once more to watch the Italian as he recovered. One lazy brown eye cracked open to stare at him for a moment.\n "'re wearing too...much..." Lovino moaned in short breaths.\n\n Should Antonio [[take his clothes off|Love Me 3]]\n\n
I'll Protect You (Spamano R18)
<html><IMG SRC="smashedphone.jpg"></html>\n Lovino took the phone from Feliciano and threw it on the ground. "I am not calling that tomato bastard!" He exclaimed, crossing his arms.\n Looks like he won't be able to use that phone anymore, but he has tons of back-ups.\n Feliciano whined. "But Lovino-!!!" He said, but before he could say anything else, he was cut off by the doorbell. Who could that be?\n\n [[Answer the door|Doorbell]]
Lovino frowned. "What's wrong, Antonio?" He asked, a bit worried. He opened his mouth to say something else, but was cut off by Antonio kissing him. Hard.\n He kissed back, before pulling away. "A-Antonio?" He asked, his face a bit red.\n "Lovino, I love you," he said, before kissing his neck.\n Oh no. If anything, //Lovino// is the man in the relationship.\n Lovino pushed him away and pinned him down on the bed, but Antonio didn't like that. //He// wanted to be the man!\n And in one swift move, Antonio tugged Lovino's curl. Lovino wasn't going to give in that easily though, so Antonio tugged it again. Lovino was trying his best not to moan.\n "Antonio! Chigi! Don't do thaaaat." Lovino bit back his moans as best as he could, which didn't really sit well with Antonio.\n "No! T..Toni...stoooo-aaaahhh..." Lovino found he almost couldn't hold back any longer as Antonio leaned forward and ran his tongue over the length of his curl. He wanted nothing more than to give in and let the Spaniard have his way with him (or have his way with the Spaniard, whichever came first.). Antonio licked the shell of Lovino's ear, then peppered kisses along his jaw line before placing a hand under the smaller man's chin and pulling him into yet another kiss. Finally, Lovino gave in. He opened his mouth and as their tongues began to wrestle he felt the last of his resistance crack. He gave himself up to the fire the Spaniard had lit within him, tangling his hands in the other man's hair and pulling him closer.\n Antonio smirked down at him as they broke apart for air, lowering his face to begin an attack on Lovino's neck. He started by nipping at the small nation's ear lobe, before pressing a slow trail of open-mouthed kisses down the side of his neck. Lovino gasped and grafted his head to the side, allowing Antonio better access. Antonio ran his tongue up the prominent vein in the other man's neck before beginning a detailed search for his soft spot. Within seconds a small whine and a bucking of said other man's hips let Antonio know he'd found what he had been looking for.\n Antonio kissed the area again, before biting into it harshly. Before Lovino could curse him out, Antonio soothed the area with a lick and began sucking on it, making sure to mark his lover as his.\n\n [[Continue|Love Me 2]]
<html><IMG SRC="dontcry.jpg"></html>\n Lovino stayed silent, sniffling, which made Antonio sigh. It really hurt him to see Lovi like this. Antonio sat by Lovino, putting his arm around him.\n "Please tell me what's wrong, amigo?"\n\n [[Tell him|What's Really Wrong]]
<html><IMG SRC="r18ew.png"></html>\n With both hands on his lover's hips, Antonio positioned Lovino above him. With one quick upwards thrust he was fully sheathed inside Lovino. The little Italian teared up at the pain and clung even more tightly to Antonio, biting down hard on the base of the older man's neck. Antonio stilled, allowing the harsh bite, and whispered sweet nothings and apologies in his lover's ears until Lovino began to roll his hips experimentally against Antonio's. Lovino removed his teeth from Antonio's flesh, licking the bite mark in a wordless apology. Knowing the smaller man was ready, Antonio began to thrust upwards. Each thrust was angled differently, as if he were searching for something…\n "Aha! TONI! There, d-dio, there!" Lovino cried out, properly bucking his hips with the Spaniards. Antonio smiled. He'd found it. Antonio kept thrusting, harder, faster, deeper, in response to Lovino's desperate cries. Each time he struck the lad's prostate dead on, and by now Lovino was a hot, needy mess of nerves. Lovino pressed hot kisses to every patch of skin within his reach, occasionally pressing their lips together breathlessly. His hands drug up and down Antonio's back restlessly as the two chased release.\n "Say my name, Lovi." Antonio demanded.\n "Antonio, dio, Antonio!" Lovino complied.\n "Dios mios, Lovino!" Antonio cried as he came.\n "Antonio!" Lovino screamed as he followed his lover over the edge, throwing his head back and arching his back dramatically, his entire upper body flushed bright pink and his eyes screwed shut.\n "Te amo, Lovi." Antonio gasped.\n "Ti amo troppo, bastard." Lovino replied, kissing his Spaniard once more.\n\n [[The End|The End]]
Lovino sighed, taking the phone from Feliciano. "Fine, I'll-a call that tomato bastard," he grumbled, punching in the digits to Antonio's phone number. \n On the second ring, Antonio picked up. "Hola?" He asked, and Lovino scowled. You could practically hear the smile in his voice.\n "I-a need your help... My famiglia is in danger," he said, gulping slightly. What if Antonio has better things to do? What if he doesn't want to help, or doesn't care?!\n "Lovi?! Is that you! I will be there right away, amigo!" Antonio exclaimed. \n Lovino held the phone away from his ear so he didn't go deaf. "That hurt you bastardo!" He shouted back, an anger mark appearing on his forehead. Antonio chuckled on the other line.\n "I'll be there in a few. Hang tight, amigo! Te amo!"\n The line went dead as Lovino's face turned red from blush. Did he just say he loved him?! Nevermind, the doorbell is ringing.\n\n It's probably Antonio, you should [[answer|It's Me!]] it.
Amelia (The Realistic Logical Idealogist)
Lovino sat still, clenching his fists. He wanted to say something, but thought it best to be quiet, in fear of lashing out and hurting somebody.\n Feliciano was the first to speak up. "But Grandpa Rome, why would the-a Russian Mafia be after us?" He asked softly, trying not to cry. Lovino felt a litte bit bad for Feliciano, not to mention scared. Him and Feliciano were probably next.\n "We were never on the best terms with Ivan Braginski and his mafia," Romulus said, "but we had stolen money from them recently. About one million. They just want revenge," he said calmly.\n 'How could he not be affected by his own granddaughter's death?!' Lovino thought. It was the mafia though, what did he expect?\n "And they killed Alice for it?! Why her?!" Lovino's exclamation bounced off of the walls, and Antonio sent a worried look towards him. Lovino ignored it.\n "Revenge," Romulus repeated, looking at Lovino carefully, afraid he would blow up. Lovino wasn't in the mood, though.\n Standing up, Lovino pushed his chair in. He felt like he was going to cry.\n "I'm done with the meeting," he said flatly, before turning on his heels and exiting the room. Antonio sighed.\n \n Should he [[go after him|Chase Lovi]] or should he just [[let him be by himself|What?]] for a bit.
Antonio kept his mouth shut, and Lovino seemed to be trying to form words. \n "Anotnio, I... I..."\n Without knowing what else to do, Lovino pushed Spain down forcefully and kissed him.\n <html><IMG SRC="comando.jpg"></html>\n The kiss was short and sweet, and Antonio broke it soon.\n "Lovino..." Antonio said, smiling softly at the younger Italian.\n "Antonio." He responded, waiting for rejection. Why would Antonio like him like that?\n It was a stupid move, really.\n "I love you, Lovino." He said, putting his mouth on the juncture between neck and collar bone and sucking. He felt the man below him jerk up, and heard a wonderful moan come from his lips.\n\n Wait, did [[Antonio just confess|The Truth 2]] to Lovino?
Are you crazy? You want Antonio to go back to the meeting? \n [[Go after him!!!|Lovi's Bedroom]]
"Damn it!" Lovino exclaimed, slamming his fist on the table. A day after Alice had been found dead, they had gotten a note at the mansion. " 'You're next'? That's so fucking stupid!" Lovino had said at the meeting for the Vargas Mafia. \n Unlike their sister, Feliciano and Lovino had no idea of who sent the note- they were only sure that they were Alice's killer. And they were going to find her.\n Or so Lovi had hoped.\n "Calm-a down, fratello!" Feliciano exclaimed. "We can-a just ask help from the-a Spanish Mafia!" He told his older brother, hoping that it would cheer him up. Even though Lovino denied it, it was a bit obvious that he liked his Spanish friend Antonio more than a friend.\n Lovino glared at Feliciano. "Che cazzo?! Why the-a hell would I-a do that?!" He asked, blushing ever so slightly. He wouldn't admit it, but the thought of Antonio protecting him made his mind go hazy.\n Feliciano shrank away from Lovino, but held out a cell phone none the less. "Please? Just call him?"\n \n Should you [[call|Call Antonio]] him or [[throw the phone on the ground|Smash]]?
Lovino sighed. He didn't even mind anything Antonio did at this point, he was too upset to care, or notice.\n "I can't believe I am fucking saying this, but... I'm worried! Feliciano could-a be next! Or me!" He exclaimed, wiping his eyes to make sure there weren't anymore tears. Antonio sighed.\n "Lovino," he said, catching his Italian friend's attention. Antonio never calls Lovino but his real name. "I will make sure, no matter what, that you are safe. I will protect you no matter what," Antonio said, sincerity in his voice. He looked in Lovino's eyes, making Lovino blush.\n At that moment, Lovino wanted to confess his feelings, and to just feel safe in Antonio's arms. They both opened their mouths to say something, but then shut them.\n\n [[Confess to Antonio|The Truth]] or [[let Antonio speak|Love Me]]?
Lovino opened the door and let Antonio in. Right after Antonio had walked in, he shut the door again.\n Didn't want anybody to invade his privacy.\n Antonio looked around and sighed. His room was a mess. It looked like he had thrown his pillow around. His room wasn't the only thing that was a mess, though. Lovino had tear stains on his cheeks and his eyes were red in puffy.\n "Awww, Lovi..." Antonio said, frowning. "Why are you crying?" He asked.\n Lovino sighed. \n\n [[Tell him what's wrong|What's Really Wrong]] or [[stay silent|Tell Me]].