I had no [[strength|Depression]]. It pained me to wake up every night without anything to look forward to. What's the point? \n \nIf I screwed up this [[relationship|School]], maybe I'll do the same for everyone.
I sat on my bed thinking what could have been. How I could I have done something so sinister? We had something so special. \n \nSomething that couldn't be [[matched|Broken]], I guess not.
We took so many pictures together. It was her idea so that 10 years from now, we can look back on it and smile. \n \nIt was our [[testiment|Strength]] of love.
I had it all written down: \n \nMy love. My life. My angel. My everything. These past two years have been nothing short of amazing. We have bonded so much and the love has never stopped. From our first kiss to our first anniversary, everything was [[perfect|Talk]]. I want to be with you and only you. Till the sun comes up and down, you are my future wife. I love you more than anything in this world. You are my gold. \n \nWill you [[marry|Home]] me? :)
There is so much more left I have to offer. I can be the best man she has ever been with. I can be the best husband in the world. Together we are a [[force|Depression]] to be reckoned with.
We were at a restaurant chatting it up about university. Coffee, music, great people surrounding us. It was good time. \nIt was 9:00 and I took Jamie home. She invited me into her home, no one there. Next thing you know, one thing lead to another. Our [[lips|Love]] touched. That was the beginning of rollercoaster.
18 years old with a beautiful smile, but an even bigger heart. She has made the man I am today. \nIt wasn't too long ago until I broke her heart. My selfishness came in the way of our relationship.I regret it everyday. I, Austin, cheated on my wonderful ex. With her best [[friend|Jamie]].
My heart is shattered. Am I monster? The dark skies were forming around me. My goal in life was to find my princess, but I [[lost|Megan]] her forever.
A man needs to protect the one he loves. For better or for worse. I am stressed, and so is she. I needed to let her go. \n \nShe says hello, I say [[goodbye|Beginning]]... for now.
My mom would be so dissapointed in me. Her own son breaking the heart of a girl. The girl he so deeply loved. I have to come [[clean|Home]] about everything. Better [[late|Hope]] than never.
Josh told me that everything would be okay. That she needs time to think about what has happened. Maybe he is right. Maybe we weren't meant to be [[together|Protection]].
It was like heaven. Her lips strawberry. Her [[flirtacious|Heartbreaker]] ways got to me. She was a sneaky little girl.
I couldn't take it anymore. It was all too much. You make one mistake and it's as if the whole world hates you. The stress and agony got to me. \n \nI leave this world depressed and stressed. I also leave this earth as a man who has done everything he could. \n\nMom and Megan, my two most beautiful girls. I love you with all my heart. Just know that this isn't your fault. I take full responsibilty. \n\nHell is upon me.
You gotta live life as if it's your last. I've had a few bumps these two years, but I only grew as a man. Megan will always be dear to my heart. Even though I have let her go, maybe we will be together again. \n \nOnly time will tell.
Even though mistakes hurt you, this time it worked out for the better. I am with the girl that I love and nothing can make me more happier. \n \nIt's a testiment to true love. The love of Austin and Megan will never die. It will keep trucking on.
The whole school found out about what happened. The girls [[hated|Suicide]] what I did and called me a "fucking jerk". The guys, well they liked what I did. \n \nI'm not a monster. I'm a guy who has feelings. I want to [[love|Apology]] and be loved. I need to approach Megan and ask for forgiveness.\n \n\n \n
I hold your hand, two words. I'm sorry. I'm so so sorry. I regret it every second of everyday. I'd take it back if I could, but I can't. I love you so much that I don't want this mistake to define our relationship. We are so perfect together and we meant to be. Please forgive me and I promise you, that this will [[never|Serendipity]] happen again, EVER. \n \nDo you forgive me?
She was going to leave forever, just like my mom had said. I couldn't let that happen. I couldn't let the one good thing in my [[life|Suitcase]] just dissapear. \n \nThe [[time|Camera]] is now.
She packed all her valuable items. She was going to go far away. She couldn't handle the misery she was dealing with. \n \nShe had every [[right|New York]] to go on with her life, without me in the picture.
"I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to hurt you. You out of all people didn't deserve this. It was a mistake. A big one. I can never take it back, but if I could, I would. I love you, please please try to forgive me" I said deeply with sincerity. \n \n"I can't believe you did this to me! With my best friend! Out of every guy, I thought you were different. You're just like them. A big ass! I hate you even more knowing that I still love you. I loved you so much. Didn't that [[mean|Kiss]] anything to you? Clearly these past two years meant nothing to you" she said with deep regret. \n
$1450. 2 years worth of saving is down the [[drain|Proposal]].
9.17.2012. The day I met Megan was the best day of my life. Everytime we talked, texted, went out on dates, I fell so much more in love with her. \nThe day I cheated on her, was the day I purchased a [[wedding|Bling]] ring. I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her. \nI never wanted to let her go, but my [[action|Talk]] spoke for itself.
Bright lights. Cute clothes. Beautiful girls. But [[where|School]] is my girl?
"Austin, everyone makes mistakes. What sets you apart from others is if you [[learn|Airport]] from that mistake. Find her before she leaves you....forever.
My brain is clustered. My heart is shattered. Everything has been so [[different|Friend]] without her. I need her more than anything in this world. \n\n