The floor is cold, and the drunken state you've been in is beginning to fade, and your surroundings are becoming more clear.\nYou begin to notice all the doors have the same number.\n\n[[Run to the end of the hall screaming and arms flailing.|trip]]\n\n[[Try to open the next door you come to|hallwaydoor]]\n\n
A long time later and a few feet further, you finally reach the door.\n\n[[Try to use the key in the door|keyindoor]]\n\n[[Throw whiskey bottle at the door|whiskeydoor]]
Why did you do that? There was still some quality liquid gold in there. Oh, and by the way, that did nothing. \n[[Avoid the broken glass, and think about what you did|door1]]
You are now sober AND climbing a ladder! You reach the top and are in an open field. You may not know where you are, and you may be only wearing a loin cloth, but hey, at least you're free. Congratulations!
The roof above you opens up! A ladder made of rope drops down! \n\n[[Climb the ladder.|win]]\n\n[[Ignore the ladder. Continue down the hall toward, what you understand to be, a neverending cavern of despair.|fail]]\n
Suddenly you trip on a lever sticking up from the cold, damp concrete.\n\n[[Pull the lever.|lever]]\n\n[[Ignore the lever and continue down the never ending hall of whiskey filled rooms.|fail]]
You awake with a key in one hand and an empty whiskey bottle in the other.\n\n[[Slowly, you look around the room.|maintree]]
After staring at the door for a bit, its time to try to open it again.\n\n[[Try the key!|keyindoor]]\n\n[[Stare at the door|door1]]
Suprisingly it opens. Inside are 35 unopened whiskey bottles. \n\n[[Continue down the hall.|trip]]\n\n[[Decide that this room is as close to heaven as you're going to get and close yourself in.|fail]]\n
As you scan the room with blurry eyes you notice a single door.\n\n[[Wearily, you head toward the door|adventurestart]]
Um, looks like you chose the sweet embrace of failure. \n\n[[Start over!|Start]]
A Blurry Adventure
by Nick Lambert
Holy Crap! So many doors!\n\n[img[darkhallway.jpg]]\n\n[[Begin the trek down the hallway|hallway]]\n\n[[Stay in the room forever|fail]]\n\n