“No Saul!” Roger yells. “Time's running out and we've got to keep going no matter what happens.” \n\nSaul briefly looks over at Will, watching him wade into the water, when a huge stingray appears. Will disappears. Mary Jo grabs Saul's arm. “Come on!” she says, pulling him headlong into the cave. "Don't look back." \n\nA few steps ahead of them, Roger is looking at all of the sapphire crystals in awe. Then Will comes running in, soaking wet and limping. One of his legs is bleeding profusely. Saul shouts with joy, and examines his leg. "You'll be alright." Then he admonishes Will for his disobedience. "We could have lost you. From now on, you stay close to my side until I tell you ... you can go." \n\nThe others hover their wings around Saul who is overcome by his emotions. Will shakes himself off and a huge Sapphire falls from his wing. \n\n"Here, Saul. Look at what I found. It's yours" Roger hands him a huge sapphire crystal that he had found. The sapphire glistens in his hands like a crystal ball. Saul stares into the crystal and says, it looks like this could be [[further instructions]].\n\n\n
Herkimer Diamonds are the most powerful of all Quartz crystals. They are unusually transparent with a brilliant sparkle, they manifest pure, solid light and are powerful conduits of spiritual energy. It is the perfect conduit of the universal life force, developing the ability to give, promotes healing and provides a balances between good and evil. [[Back|The Adventure Begins]]\n\n
Suddenly, a pool of light forms on the surface of the water and a fountain of sound gushes out of it. “It is I, Queen Maya, here to offer guidance for demonstrating compassion and selflessness in the face of peril.\n\n"Embedded in the walls of this cave are sapphire geodes, so collect as many as you can . . . they will be the key to defeating the evil that holds the Crystal City in its grasp. The fate of my world lies in your hands.” \n\nThe Cave of Sapphire's crystals contain healing powers that are strong enough to counter the stingray's paralyzing venom, so use them on Will's wound. Embedded in the walls of the cave are sapphire geodes, so collect as many as you can . . . they will be the key to defeating the evil that holds the Crystal City in its grasp. [[The fate of my world lies in your hands.”|Tlaloc The Water God]]
The pool vanishes. Saul carries Will into the cave, where Mary Jo and Roger collect some crystals per the Queen's instructions. Saul holds a crystal to Will's wound, gasping as he watches it close up and disappear. The dog barks and is back on his feet.\n\nThe cave rumbles with a thunderous roar. A large figure looms over Saul and his friends, brandishing a long scepter with a sharp tip and a shield. “Who dares disturb the domain of the rain god Tlaloc?” it bellows. “Answer at once or face the torrents of my wrath!”\n\n“Please don't hurt us!” Saul replies. “We're here to help Queen Maya save Crystal City from the Serpent King. Can you help us?”\n\n“Perhaps,” Tlaloc replies. “How do you intend to defeat the Serpent King, anyway? Not even I have the power to do that.” \n\n“By finding the Herkimer Diamond,” Saul says, “but we have to get to the mine where it's located first and the only way we can lies in here.” \n\nTlaloc looks doubtful. “How do you know that?” he asks. “Because the Queen told us the geodes embedded in the walls hold the power to make it possible,” Saul tells him.\n\n[[Prove your worth the trouble]]\n
All is lost.\n\nThe End.\n
Saul leads them along a narrow path, stating that few will enter the narrow path. Perhaps, that is why so many have tried and failed." He points towards the broader road for the others to observe the skeletal remains on the broader road. \n\nMary Jo spots an antechamber. "Look, Saul!" Mary Jo excitedly points over at a passageway, that one over there is shaped like the queen's crown. "I bet it's in there." \n\n"We would have to swim across to get there. Let's keep pressing forward to see what's ahead, says Saul." \n\n"I think we should take a risk," says Roger. That cave may hold a clue for us. I can smell it in the air."\n\n[[Follow Roger's nose]]\n[[Straight & Narrow]]
The winged creature swoop down towards Saul, Will, Mary Jo, and Roger, grazing Saul with his claws. They race across the bridge to the right. As they get closer to the cave they see white figures floating in the air. They hesitate as the creature draws near. Oh, no. What will they do? Where are they going?\n\n[[Fear not]]\n[[The Cave]]\n
[[|StoryTitle]][[|Story Author]]\n"Will someone else's life be brighter tomorrow \nbecause of what you have done today? \n -William Arthur Ward\n\nWelcome to [[Magic City]]\n\n
Roger is determined to explore the crown shaped antechamber. "Saul," he yells. "The water is not that deep, and look we can leap to the other side." \n\nRoger leaps across and misses. Instinctively, Mary Jo hops across to save him, but what appears to be a surface is the enormous stingray who dives into the stream. The water bubbles with steam. There is nothing they can do, but watch the gurgling bubbles, as Roger and Mary Jo perish in the molten stream. \n\nSaddened, Saul and Will forge ahead.\n\n[[Straight & Narrow]]
Roger is enchanted by the glowing crystals that he has gathered into his wings. Euphorically entranced, he howls. "I feel freeeee! I've never felt so g-o-o-d in my life. I want more!" He runs off. Saul tries to stop him, but Roger dodges his block. They chase after him to the outside of the cave. Oh, no! [[They are devoured by the beast.|All is lost]]
"There is only one who can save our worlds," Ray Jay explains. "One who has a pure heart and is as wise as a serpent."\n\n"You must obtain the power and wisdom of the Crystal Caverns and find the [[Herkimer Diamond]]. There are three caverns that hold powerful crystals to defeat anything that stands in your way. Each of the crystals [[the Rhodochrosite|Rhodochrosite]], [[Ruby]] and the [[Sapphire]] are powerful. Once you have harvested them in your wings you will find the Herkimer Diamond and defeat the Serpent King."\n\n"Will you help us?" Ray Jay asks.\n"What do we have to lose?" says Saul bravely.\n"Yes. We will too!" says the others.\n\nTogether they bravely set out on their journey to the [[Cave of Rhodochrosite]] \n\n\n\n
You have not be given the spirit of fear, but of love, power and a sound mind. [[Start]]
Saul, Will, Mary Jo and Roger soar into the Cave of Rhodochrosite with their powerful butterfly wings. Suddenly, they begin to lose altitude and tumble to the ground. They have lost their power to fly. Unscathed they move swiftly on foot continuing their journey. There are three bridges, straight ahead is a pearly white bridge that glows in the darkness; to the left is an old rickety bridge that appears to have no end; and to the right there are faint figures floating back and forth at the end. \n\nSuddenly, a horrific beast flies over their heads. It is the winged jaguar the guardian of the cave. It exposes its huge fangs and is poised to devour them. Oh, no! Which way do they go?\n\n[[Go straight]]\n[[Go left]]\n[[Go right]]
Will, eager to satisfy his hunger, disregards Saul and climbs the tree to get some apples. He hangs from a branch shaking the fruit loose. Suddenly, they hear a familiar flapping sound. Oh, no! It's the winged Jaguar and he's heading straight for Will. Saul cannot bear the loss of Will. He has not time for fear. He must choose a weapon, the battle has begun.\n\n[[The Rhodochrosites]]\n
Saul and his friends are hungry and exhausted; they are at the mouth of the Cave of Sapphire. An oasis is before them a sight to their weary souls. Sparkling blue water, tropical fruit bearing trees signal them to dive in. A sign is posted at the entry "BEWARE! THINGS AREN'T ALWAYS WHAT THEY SEEM." Saul proceeds cautiously, but Will runs to the water. Saul tries to stop him, but it's too late. Will is out of his reach. Oh, no! What will they do? \n\n[[Risk all]]\n[[Forge ahead]]\n[[Give up]]
The Queen inserts a [[Rhodochrosite|Rhodochrosite]] crystal into their wings. Saul and his friends marvel at their glowing wings. It will destroy anything that gets in your way, she says. It will protect you from the evil forces that come against you and give you vision beyond what you can see. Evil cannot bear the sight of it nor touch it. The glowing crystal then magically transports them to the Ruby Cave. [[Ruby Cave]].
One day Saul and his forest friends, Mary Jo Rabbit, Roger Fox and his dog Will encountered a big blue butterfly with brilliant crystal wings. They followed it into a cave that was filled with multi-colored crystals. Once inside the butterfly began to speak, "I am Ray Jay from the Crystal City where all light began. He points his antennas at Saul. "You have been chosen to save our worlds from darkness. Will you help us?"\n\nSaul replies, "I tried to save my own world and was almost brandished and burned. I don't see how I can help."\n\n"Touch the crystal and you will see," he replies. \n\nWhen Saul and his friends touch the crystals they were transformed into butterflies and instantly transported into a sparkling magestic city, a crystal kingdom, that is set upon a hill, surrounded by waterfalls.\n\nSaul and his friends are in awe. "Wow!" Mary Jo says. "It looks like Magic City except ... it's made of crystals!" \n\n[[What is this place?|Welcome to Crystal City]]\n
A bright ruby light grows out from it. They become weightless and are transported into the Sapphire Cave. [[Sapphire Cave]]
Saul removes a rhodochrosite from his wing it illuminates in his hands. The light of its power becomes a collective force with the crystals on Will's wings blinding the winged jaguar who falls into the boiling stream. Will falls from the tree landing in Saul's arms. Like a mirage, the tree disappears. The pink crystal is activated and Saul can see beyond the jagged crystal walls to where the Herkimer Diamond is hidden. Saul and Will's wings begin to flutter. "We can fly, Will. We can fly." \n\n[[The Serpent King]]
Magic City
Because if you don't our worlds will perish into the abyss of fire where the Serpent King will rule forever, and all will be lost. [[Back|Welcome to Crystal City]]
Saul is a nobleman, who found refuge in the forest of Magic City after the town was devastated. Saul was a man of wisdom. There wasn't a problem that he couldn't fix. Whenever there was a dispute or problem to solve the people turned to him. After the storm, the people were so discouraged and their hearts were hardened because they had lost everything, their homes, loved ones, and their beautiful tree. All of its branches were destroyed. When Saul sought to encourage them, the dark souls of the village tried to kill him. He sought refuge and solace in the deepest part of the woods with his dog Will, and his animal frends, Mary Jo Rabbit and Roger Fox. [[Back|Magic City]]
The fiery and captivating Ruby is a stone of nobility, considered the most magnificent of all gems, the queen of stones and the stone of kings. The Ruby is a talisman of protection warning its possessor of imminent danger. If it were were cast into water it would cause it to boil.
Saul, Mary Jo, and Roger collapse at the entrance to the cave in utter exhaustion. Will yelps as something below the surface of the water grabs hold of his tail and drags him under. Saul and the others fall into a coma from which they never wake up.\n\n[[Never give up! Go Back|Sapphire Cave]]
The winged Jaguar bears down on them at a furious pace. They are cornered with no way out. Saul thinks fast.\n\n"When he gets close enough everyone scatter. As the beast gets closer exposing his fangs and huge claws, they prepare to make their move, but before they can. Saul and his friends are caught up and crushed by its gigantic wings. [All is lost]
Geodes are hollowed egg shaped rock embedded into the walls of the Sapphire cave in which all of the beastly creatures of Crystal City were born. When the Serpent King took power of the City many of the animals fled for safety into the shadows of the rocks, thus returning to the womb of their existence waiting to be reborn. [[Back|Prove your worth the trouble]]
Magic City was once a beautiful town nestled on top of a mountain. It was the city of lights and each home sparkled like magic in the sunlight. The people once sang and danced all day, while loading their baskets with fruit from their sacred tree situated in the center of town. One day a wicked storm swept through the city ravaging the sacred tree and destroying the city. The people became like savages, scavenging to survive. They no longer responded to wisdom or reason. [[Saul]] was their only hope, but in their despair they rejected him and tried to kill him. [[Crystal City]]\n \n
They run across the glowing bridge with increasing speed propelling themselves into the air. The winged Jaguar is in hot pursuit of them. They enter a cave filled with brightly colored glowing pink crystals. The creature is blinded by the glowing light illuminating from the pink crystals and retreats. They are safe for now. They realize that there was something about the brilliance of the crystals that saved them, and they gather some into their wings. Saul and his friends are entranced by the crystals and feeling light and free. They desire more, but they must move on.\n\n[[Move on]]\n[[Gather more crystals]]\n\n
In Mayan history the Ceiba Tree was considered a sacred tree because it was believed to have been situated at the center of the earth, and a conduit joining the terrestrial world to the heavens above (Gentry). In Crystal City it is the center of the universe.\n\nAfter the evil Serpent King had imprisoned the queen, the tree began to wither. Many of the animals of the kingdom were turned to stone while clinging to the tree where they sought shelter while others hid within the womb of the crystal caves. [[Back|Welcome to Crystal City]]\n
Angela M. Spencer
Blood drips from Saul's face, and he is stricken with fear. The others try to move him forward with no success. Saul is frozen. The creature goes in for the kill. The others turn to see the horrifying flying jaguar. Before they can move, or utter a sound, it descends upon the fear stricken group and devours them all. [[All is lost]]\n\n[[Wisdom]]
The magnificent and holy Sapphire, in all its celestial hues, is a stone of wisdom and royalty, of prophecy and Divine favor.\n\nIt is forever associated with sacred things and considered the gem of gems, a jewel steeped in the history and lore of nearly every religion. To the ancient and medieval world, Sapphire of heavenly blue signified the height of celestial hope and faith, and was believed to bring protection, good fortune and spiritual insight. It was a symbol of power and strength, but also of kindness and wise judgment.\n\nSapphire was also worn to sharpen the intellect and for protection against the bites of venomous animals.
These crystals are called rhodochrosites. In the ancient days of Magic City they were known as Inca Rose in which they were believed to be made of the blood of the former kings and queens who were turned to stone by evil deities. They will protect the bearer from evil and give them vision beyond what your natural eyes can see. They harness the power of love which no evil can withstand. Its light is blinding to the wicked. [[Back|The Cave]]
“I'm going after him!” Saul declares. He dives into the water after Will, disregarding his own safety. Mary Jo and Roger also take the plunge.\n\nA giant stingray swims out from the innermost recesses of the cave, circling Saul and the others. The creature's venomous tail glides through the water like an arrow and lashes out at Will, who yelps in pain.\n\n“Wiiiillll!” Saul yells, witnessing the attack. He frantically swims in the injured dog's direction, retrieve him, and swims ashore. Mary Jo and Roger join Saul, who weeps as he holds his beloved canine companion. “Don't die, Will,” he says. “You can't . . . not now.” What are we going to do?\n\nWait for [[further instructions]]\n[[Give up]]\n\n
Ray Jay excitedly explains, "Crystal City is the place where light dwells. It is the birthplace of nature, the hooved animals, crawling creatures and butterflies. It is where all of nature and man are joined together by the sacred [[Ceiba Tree]] that is situated over there in the center of the [[clear quartz]] Crystal Palace of the powerful Queen Maya, the ruler of Crystal City who was once aided by her high priest, [[Quasi], who is now a formidable foe. \n\nQuasi, the high priest, lusted for power and sought to take dominion over both worlds. He deceptively removed the powerful Herkimer Diamond from the palace tower and ensnared our Queen creating a breach between the two worlds causing the storm that had severed your world. He crowned himself the Serpent King and a reign of evil and darkness began. The only creatures that survived were the butterflies with crystals wings and the Serpent King's guardians of evil. Unless the diamond is restored and the queen is set free the two worlds will collide and perish.\n\nSuddenly, Saul and his friends are surrounded by an array of huge and brightly colored butterflies whose wings glistened with crystals, like Ray Jay's. They happily fluttered their wings and chanted, "the Savior is here. Our Savior is here. You have finally arrived to help us. We welcome you!"\n\n[[How can we help?|The Adventure Begins]]\n[[Why should we?]]\n\n\n
Inside the Ruby cave the walls are covered with bloody red crystal skulls, goo drips from them. The sight unnerves Saul and Mary Jo Rabbit. “Don't worry Saul I will protect you,” says Will. “Fear not,” Roger the sly fox cautions. “Do not be fooled by what you see.” Suddenly, the floor begins to tremble and opens up. Saul is paralyzed with fear. Oh, no! What will he do?\n\n[[Face fear and fly]]\n[[Hides]]\n[[Be Adventurous]]
"You must go to the cave on the left with the blue crystals and follow it to the end; you will know which way to go from there." \n\nConfused, they ask what she means. How will we know? \n\nSaul you are the chosen one. The only one who can save our Kingdoms because of the goodness in your heart. Your friends are either blessed or doomed because of what you choose to believe. The power is engraved in your heart. Believe in the power that lies within. Everything you need is inside of you. Be strong and of good courage. [[Power]]
"Stay close like I told you, Will." Both are heartbroken by the loss of their friends. Saul even more determined to find the Herkimer Diamond. They finally reach the end of the path where a huge tree blocks their way. It is a fruit bearing tree.\n\n"Wow, Will. This is just like the tree back home. I'd sure like to pick us a few apples and take a nap under its shade. We have learned with the caves that we cannot trust what we see, but what we know is right and true in our hearts. It's a choice we must make." \n\nWill's stomach growls loudly and he cannot resist the shine of the apple tree. "But, Saul we haven't eaten in days. It's either eat from the tree or die from starvation." Will runs towards the tree \n\nWill turns a deaf ear and chooses to [[Eat from the tree]]\n
<<if ("Move On")>>\nEvery good and perfect gift is from above." James 1:17 \n\n"A good name is rather to be chosen than great riches, and loving favor rather than silver and gold." Proverbs 22:1 \n\nYou have the favor to move forward to the [[Ruby Cave]].<<endif>>
Saul takes heed to Roger's advice refusing to succumb to his fears, and decides to fight for their lives. He remembers the Queen and the red crystals. A dark figure looms about. They can't make out what it is. It is Tezca, the Serpent King's brother and the guardian of the cave. He is like a chameleon. He can take on any form. Saul removes the crystal from his wing. It's brilliant reflection causes the dark figure to turn to ashes and disapear. Their wings begin to propel them upward [[transporting them to the Sapphire Cave.|Sapphire Cave]]
Once they run into the cave the creature stops in its tracks as if a wall was in front of him. The cave is covered in white glowing crytals. There are twinkling figures floating towards the back of the cave. Intrigued, they follow the figures to a multicolored crystal throne, seated upon it is a snow-white butterfly wearing a golden crown illuminated by the glowing pink crystals. \n\n"Do not be afraid. I am the spirit of Queen Maya and I am here to help you. Ask me whatever you wish." \n\n"I sure am hungry," Will says. "Where can a dog get some treats." Doggy treats appear before him.\n\n[[Roger Fox asks, "where do we go from here?"|Further instructions]]\n[[Mary Jo asks, "what are these crystals?"|The Rhodochrosite]]\n[[Saul asks, "what do we need to get out of here alive?""|Power]]\n\n\n
Meanwhile, in the center of the Herkimer mine the Serpent King preparing for the ceremony of blood to connect the two worlds at the center axis, and rule the universe. He eagerly awaits Saul's blood. This is the moment he has been waiting for. He peers into the fiery blaze to see Saul and Will escape from the winged-jaguar and fly-off towards the Herkimer Diamond. He roars loudly, "Victory will be mine." The cave quakes as the giant winged serpent, half man-half beast, thunderously flapping his huge wings takes flight through the cavern. \n\n[[The Battle]]
Tlaloc replies with a thunderous roar. Prove your worth the trouble! He raises his sword, opening the caverns ceilings causing bolts of lightning to hail upon them. The sound of rushing waves echoes throughout. As the lightning flashes the rhodochrosite crystals begin to illuminate. Tlaloc blinded by their light, raises his scepter and there is stillness. His face gleams with compassion.\n\nTlaloc agrees to help Saul and his friends. He retrieves several [[geodes|Geodes]], which he says hold more than enough power to find the diamond, and hands them to Saul. \n\n“Thank you,” Saul replies. “We're very grateful to you for all of your help.” Tlaloc then hands him another sapphire, one that shines brighter than all of the rest, and says, “Take this. It will take you where you want to go.”\n\nThe power of the rain god, Tlaloc is upon you. Saul begins to glow as he grabs the blazing sapphire. Will, Mary Jo, and Roger begin to glow as well . . . [[all of whom get spirited to the Herkimer Diamond Mine.|Herkimer Diamond Mine]]
Quetzalcoatl ("Quasi") the Serpent King was once the most beautiful butterfly in the land who served the Queen. He is now a giant bearded bearded serpent with wings who epitomizes evil and darkness. He lives in the bowels of the Herkimer Diamond Mine. He awaits the arrival of a nobleman to sift his blood to perform a sacred ritual that will connect both worlds together eternally, and rule the universe. [[Back|Welcome to Crystal City]] \n
These crystals are called rhodochrosites. In the ancient days of Magic City they were known as Inca Rose in which they were believed to be made of the blood of the former kings and queens who were turned to stone by evil deities. They will protect the bearer from evil and give them vision beyond what your natural eyes can see. They harness the power of love which no evil can withstand. Its light is blinding to the wicked. [[Back|The Adventure Begins]]\n\n>
Fearing for their lives they look around them for something to protect them. Saul speaks out loud, "We do not have the spirit of fear, but of love, power and a sound mind."\n\nIn the corner of the dead end he spots an unusual black crystal that is out of place glistening in the darkness. Saul tries to pry the crystal from the wall but it won't budge. "Come on, guys -- help me!" \n\nTogether Saul and friends pull as hard as they can. A door opens to a hidden passageway. They run through the door, and it shuts behind them leading them inside of the [[Ruby Cave]].
The Hawk places the Herkimer Diamond in its place in the tower, a flash of light brightens the sky. The Ceiba tree comes to life, and the animals awaken from its trunk. The Queen Maya appears, a luminescent creature, part woman-part butterfly. Ray Jay is by her side. The Hawk is perched upon the Herkimer Diamond watching from above. All of the creatures of Crystal City great and small gather around Saul who stands alone. \n\n"You have saved our worlds from peril and paid a heavy price. For this you shall be rewarded, she says. This is a new beginning." She hands him three golden geodes. Your world has been restored to its former splendor. You may go in peace. Thank you."\n\nRay Jay steps forward. Saul touches his wing and is transported [[Home]].\n\n\n\n
Finally, they had arrived. The Herkimer Diamond mine glistened with magnificent crystallized walls that appeared as delicate as glass. Light poured in from the low ceilings, colors danced upon the crystals, lighting a path along a narrow walkway, deep water was on both sides. There were chambers inside of chambers, giant shards that resembled teeth, walls studded with crystal daggers. The cave was dark and eerie, but bright and beautiful. There was no way to know which way to go. Saul decides to follow his [[instincts]].\n \n
Saul and his friends paralyzed by his fears hide within a crevice of the cavern walls. The red crystals he obtained from the Queen fall out of his wings at his feet. Immobilized by his fears he doesn't dare move to pick them up. The noise heightens. It feels like a nightmare, Saul's fear becomes a reality. The ground opens up and flames rise up. He and the others are swallowed into the bowels of the cave. [[All is lost]]\n
\nSaul encourages the others to move forward.\n\n"What we have is enough for the journey. Look we can fly. Let's leave this place while we can."\n\nThe others agree and they move ahead. Before them is a huge Rhodochrosite that illuminates with a message. \n\n[[Move Forward]]\n
Saul awakens in the cave where his journey began with a sack by his side. The crystals are no longer there. He could hear laughter, singing and shouting. He slings the sack across his shoulder and decides to go into the town and begin his life anew. \n\nSuddenly, a thunderous roar resounds throughout Magic City causing the grounds to tremble. Though the sun was shining, the rain poured down from the sky. Saul ran for cover toward the old oak tree. He tripped over a rock and dropped his sack. Tlaloc the water god appears. "Job well done, son," he says with a jubilant roar. He taps the sack of geodes with his scepter. Will, Mary Jo and Roger are hatched from the cavernous eggs. Saul leaps with joy and they embrace one another.\n\nTlaloc waves his scepter in the air. The wind begins to blow as he disappears in a mist. They could hear his voice raging in the wind, "remember love conquers all."\n\nThe End.\n\n
Saul and friends run as fast as they can across the rickety old bridge that sways from left to right threatening to dump them in an abyss of darkness. They enter a cave with blue crystalsto escape the creature. The winged jaguar follows and makes his way through the cave behind them. They reach a dead end. Oh, no! What will they do? \n\n[[Find Protection]]\n[[Dodge the Beast]]
Saul and Will stand before the Herkimer Diamond reverencing its beauty. The Queen appears in a ray of light before them. "Saul," she says. "You have the power within to free our worlds. Be strong and of good courage. You have everything you need. Use the sapphire, now!"\n\nIn a fleeting moment, the Serpent King latched on to Will strangling him with his mighty tail. A wave of terror overtakes Saul. He courageously removes a sapphire from his wing in which he finds himself brandishing a blazing sword and lunges forward into the Serpent King. He misses and strikes the Herkimer Diamond. A thunderous sound reverberates throughout the cavern in which bolts of lightning strike the [[Geodes]] he had been carrying and it begins to rain. A blue fog fills the cavern and the Geodes that he had been carrying begin to hatch.\n\nWhen the fog had settled a powerful eagle, a ferocious mystical bear, and a colossal hawk stood in their mists. Each bathed in a blue shimmer and brilliance of their sapphire cocooons. The Hawk descends upon Saul. "Your job is done, good and faithful servant. This battle is not yours. Grab hold of me." \n\nThe hawk places the Herkimer Diamond between its beak and soars high above the battle. Saul looks down and watches the battle. The eagle attacks the Serpent beast tearing into its neck while the bear rips at the beast's wings. Saul hears a ghastly cawing sound. \n \n\nThe hawk continues his ascension transporting Saul to the tower of the [[Crystal Palace]].\n\n
Clear quartz is known to be an all-purpose healer, and for channeling universal energy. The six-sided crystal reflects prisms of pure light and energy and is known as the Perfect Jewel. In its sparkling light is contained the entire color spectrum. [[Back|Welcome to Crystal City]]