The act of remembering brought you deeper into you self-conscious, while you are there you see two switches\n\n[[Unplug]] [[Shutdown]]
You walk forward and get ambushed by a savage Manticore but survive the beating and escape but the Manticore eats one of your legs after you kill it\n\nYou try and find something to help hold you up and see many long objects that can keep you up when walking.\n[[Pick up stick]]
The stick is actually the handle of a sword that you vaguely remember having. \n\n[[Try to remember]]
The link is now broken and you wake up to a broken and ruined world realizing you are a 90 year old human waking up from a coma
In a world where people are linked up to a cybernetic structure, imagination is the key to creating your own space, realizing your dreams or experiencing your worst nightmares. \n\nYour connection gets fried due to power overuse and you are trapped in your own mind.\n\nYou have to get out but you must go deeper and deeper into your mind.\n\nChose a Path:\n[[Left Path]] [[Right Path]]
The cybernetic mainframe shutsdown with you in it, therefore causing your death.\n
Marvel Jean-Pierre
While you walk you notice some physical changes to your body but dont remember what you were doing (the age increase altered your thoughts and memories creating a life you dont remember having in your past.)\n\n[[Try to remember]]
You walk through an aging portal increasing your age by 14 years before you exit it.\n\n[[Keep Walking]]