//ARARARARARARARARAR//-the pirates are going to fuck the crap out of you, and than eat your ballz and burn your eyes while a dog is licking your anus.\n<<display "Ai murit">>
You see a white door with 4 buttons.\nWitch of the buttons will you press.\n* <<display "Door actions">>\n* <<choice "Press the red button">>\n* <<choice "Press the green button">>\n* <<choice "Press the black button">>\n* <<choice "Press the white button">>\n* <<choice "Simply open the door">>
Choose:\n<<display "Green button actions">>\n<<choice "SmartDrink">>\n<<choice "Burito">>\n
The drink made you //smart// and now you are going to open the door.\n<<display "Simply open the door">>
<<actions "Go into the tunnel" "Simply open the door">>
You are walking in the darkness. You smell something horrible but somehow attractive. \nThere we go!->''The Hobbit'' is farting like crazy.Your five senses are going down. You are dying.\n<<display "Ai murit">>
I'm sorry for you my friend. You can play it again if you want.\n<<display "Thanks">>
A tunnel has opened. What are you going to do next?\n<<display "Black button actions">>\n<<choice "Go into the tunnel">>\n<<choice "Simply open the door">>\n\n
A rainbow is beyond the sky. Happiness is all over the world.\n<<display "You have died of happiness">>\n
That's my first story. Don't have to big expectations!:D\n''Let's roll!''\n<<display "Door">>
<<actions "Pirate boat" "Viking boat">>
You have died in big big pains bro.\n<<display "Bad ending">>
''HAHA''\nNice play bro. I'll give you a biscuit for this.You are the happy guy who survived my first story ever.\nYou can play again if you want.\n<<display "Thanks">>
That burito made you so sick. You will die in a few seconds.\n<<display "Ai murit">>
The vikings are you friends. They are giving you all the goods. You should be happy bro. You are running on the ocean with your friends and the love of your life //Mia//.\n<<display "Happy ending">>
You open the door and find a beautiful road to the ocean. Everything seems to be like heaven. You reach the ocean and you see a big boat of rich pirates and a small boat of vikings.In wich one would you get?\n<<display "Open the door actions">>\n<<choice "Pirate boat">>\n<<choice "Viking boat">>\n \n
Eu sunt //Omul de pe comoara// si te voi da dracu'.\n<<display "Ai murit">>\n
<<actions "Burito" "SmartDrink">>
<<actions "Press the green button" "Press the red button"\n\n"Press the black button" "Press the white button" \n\n"Simply open the door">>
You have died of happiness. It's bad but not painfull.\n<<display "Bad ending">>
Thank you for playing. I hope you liked my story. You can share it with other people if you want.\n\n\n-//Mihalex//-