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The wind starts to pick up, you see some leaves dancing at the lines and curves of the incoming breeze. You start looking at the farthest point of the horizon of the road and... [[Next | Car A]]
The wind starts to pick up, you see some leaves dancing at the lines and curves of the incoming breeze. You start looking at the farthest point of the horizon of the road and... [[Next | Car]]
He looks directly in your eyes and tells you:\n\n"The king wishes to speak to you directly. A pawn like you should feel grateful you get to even get that close to the king."\n\nWhat do you say?\n\n[["Well you know, I guess I've been doing a good job maybe?"| Pawn 2]]\n\n[["Heh. Who knows maybe he saw greatness in me"| Pawn A]].
The General says:\n\n"The king is in his planning room, head over there. Go up these stairs and make a right, a left and another right.\n\nThe general look at you from top to bottom and heads out.\n\nWhat will you do?\n\n[[Head upstairs| King]].\n\n[[Go outside| Pawn Life]].
You finally sit down and look up wondering if a car will ever pass by... [[Next | Road B2]]
The kitchen is full of royal chefs, the aroma in the air is splendid. The smell of italian dishes is making your mouth water. There's a lot of food to look at and eat. \n\nWhere will you look first?\n\n[[The fridge | Fridge]]\n\n[[The table next to you | Table]]\n\n[[The table behind a top royal chef | Chef]]\n\n
Onions, lettuce, eggplants, celery, beets, mushrooms, carrots, corn, peppers and more.\n\n[[Everything| End]].\n\n[[Some, 3 or 5 different vegetables| End]].\n\n[[Just a fancy potatoe| End]].
You open the frigde, sitting in the middle of it you see a beautifully plated custard pie. The caramel at the bottom at the bottom is perfectly sitting under the delicious looking dessert. \n\n[[Eat it?| End]]\n\n[[Leave it| End]].
Right off the bat, when did the first video game came out?\n\n[[1940]]\n[[1947]]\n[[1958]]\n
This is what the 1958 video game looked like:\n\n\n\nIt is said this game was actually thought out in the late 1890s.\n[[To continue click here| Trick]].
Well, to start with let's just play. [[Next]]
Well as you saw these games take you somewhere and bring you to the other. Adventuring through different scenarios depending on what you pick but these may also trick you. Tricking you into thinking you're in power is part of every game in existence. Guess why!\n\n[[Because there's a storyline to follow| Storyline]].\n\n[[Because the designers are trying to mess with you| Mess with you]].\n\n[[I don't care| Oh ok]].
You look around and pick a bunch of...\n\n[[Fruits]]\n\n[[Vegetables]]
The king clears his throat and says:\n\n"Well, the reason I've called you here personally is because I've seen your excellence. You're a great strategist and have a composed personality. These pawn qualities have to be put into use and so from today on..."\n\nThe king gets his sword and points at both of your shoulders stating:\n\n"Now you'll be promoted to be a Royal General, You'll have more liberty to go farther [[out| Outside]] the castle when you're in your free time. You'll also get a bigger share of [[food| Food]] and you can also have this *key to enter the [[Royal General's room| Room]]."\n\n"Oh and your free for now, you'll start tomorrow at the gates of the castle."
[[Liar. | Trick]]
Well sometimes, they do but these parts end up making you laugh or get some kind of reaction out of you. But this is because there's a storyline to follow. You may get through different scenarios of one situation but there's always a connection between all the possible answers. [[Next| Next4]]
body {\nfont-size: 1.4em;\nbackground: White;\ncolor: black;\n}\n\n.passage {\nbackground: white;\ncolor: gray;\nfont-size: 1.5;\n}\n
You put it under the bed and get on the bed to sleep. [[ End]]
This is what the 1947 video game looked:\n\n\n\n[[To continue click here| Trick]]
You've decided to save the chest for later, and kept walking towards a light ahead of you. [[Next2]]\n
You enter the room and see the other three generals. The room itself has a very clean feel unlike the pawn's one. The beds have royal sheets on of great quality and the room is very spacious. \n\nYou head to your bed and a chest is on it.\n\n[[Open it?| End]]\n\n[[Leave it| Leave]].
The bar is as lively as ever. The villagers seem to be having fun as if it was their last day. Musicians and poets, [[singing| Melodies]] and reciting [[poems| Poem]].
Last turn, which?\n\n[[Right| King C]].\n\n[[Left| King 3]].
You stand before the tall door. \n\nWhat will you do?\n\n[[Knock | King A1]]\n\n[[Go in | King B1]]
So...Close...But the correct answer was 1947. The game called [[Cathode Ray Tube Amusement Devide]] came out.[[Next| Trick]]
And now?\n\n[[Right| King 2]].\n\n[[Left| King B]].
Oh...! I bet you used google. \n\n<<choice "Yes">>\n<<choice "Nope">>
You see lights! It's a car! [[Next | Car 1]]
You see lights! It's a car! [[Next | Car B]]
Let's see, and what have you learned so far? \n\n-The importance of the choices you make. [[Forgot, take me there again| Next1]].\n\n-If you ever make a game, what would be the first thing you'll have to think about? [[uhh... Sorry what was it?|Understand]]\n\n-What the genre of adventure is mostly about. \n\n-Why choices make you believe you have control.[[Hmmm...| Next3]]\n\n-The first video games in history. [[Ok... I for sure forgot this one|Next]].\n\n[[Next| Game over]]
You're in a forest, the trees are tall, obscure, and dark. There's a little fog but you're able to see ahead. For how long do you plan to walk ahead?\n\n[[ 15 mins | Forest 1]]\n[[20 mins | Forest 1]]\n[[30 mins | Forest 2]]
Okay, Okay. How about a trick question?\n\nGuess what you need to do/have before making a game.\n\n[[Understand]]\n[[Design]]\n[[Get the best software to make it| Best Software?!]].\n
Woah. Sensei? ( 2 Points )\n\nCertainly, the very first thing before you even think of making any game is understanding what you're doing and thinking about what you're trying to do. Understand your thinking. Understand your "game". [[Next | Next1]]
You lay down, letting your tiredness fade away. The floor is so hard and dirty but you close your eyes... On the verge of falling asleep, you hear something and stand up. [[Next | Road B2]]
Alright now, let's make a game. For starters let's make an adventure game or rather let's have you play one of two games of your choice. The character can be a guy or a girl. No names here.\n\n[[Guy | Starting]]\n\n[[Girl | Starting]]
You're absolutely right! There's in fact a theme to keep, a story has to be followed. An example would be the simulation games called [[The Sims by Electronic Arts|]], in this case you're the one making every possible decision for your sim but in the end you're doing what another sim player is doing. Which is playing with life, just living. And the conclusion? Your sims die and the continuation of your sim's generation keeps going. [[Next| Next4]]
You've decided to walk on the road. A cool breeze plays with your skin as the sun is setting and you decide to sitdown. \n\nWhere will you sitdown?\n\n[[On the middle of the road| Road B2]].\n\n[[On the side of the road| Road B2]].
You have decided to wait longer. Standing there for a long time has really worn you out with all the walking. Now that you're tired what will you do?\n\n[[Sit down | Sitting]]\n\n[[Lay down | Laying down]]
How should we start?\n\n[[In a forest looking for an exit| Part1]].\n\n[[In a castle as a pawn for a king| Pawn Part 1]].
You enter the store and encounter an old man. Very slowly he turn around and looks up.\n\nThere's a bunch of fruits and vegetables stacked up but there are not apples.\n\n[[Is apples something you were looking for?| Apples]]\n\n[[Meh. I wasn't looking for those anyways| Something else]].
You've decided to leave it and kept walking towards a light ahead of you. [[Next2]]
You go outside to the village, and you see all the peasants working and doing their own thing, selling [[clothing| Store]] and [[food| Shop]]. There's also a [[bar| Bar]] in the corner.
As you walk out, you're called back in by one of the king's [[royal| Pawn 1]] generals.
Thank you for playing. These two games will be further developed during the summer. If anyone has questions please ask away. [[Wanna go at it again?|Next]]
You Knock the door and the king answers:\n\n"Mmm? Who's there? ... Oh right, the pawn, come in please, come in." [[Next | King D]]
You headed upstairs. Remember where to go next?\n\n[[Right| King A]].\n\n[[Left| King 1]].
My Kingdom By Louisa May Alcott\n\nA little kingdom I possess \nwhere thoughts and feelings dwell, \nAnd very hard I find the task \nof governing it well; \nFor passion tempts and troubles me, \nA wayward will misleads, \nAnd selfishness its shadow casts \nOn all my words and deeds. \n\nHow can I learn to rule myself, \nto be the child I should, \nHonest and brave, nor ever tire \nOf trying to be good? \nHow can I keep a sunny soul \nTo shine along life's way? \nHow can I tune my little heart \nTo sweetly sing all day? \n\nDear Father, help me with the love \nthat casteth out my fear; \nTeach me to lean on thee, and feel \nThat thou art very near, \nThat no temptation is unseen \nNo childish grief too small, \nSince thou, with patience infinite, \nDoth soothe and comfort all. \n\nI do not ask for any crown \nBut that which all may win \nNor seek to conquer any world \nExcept the one within. \nBe thou my guide until I find, \nLed by a tender hand, \nThy happy kingdom in myself \nAnd dare to take command.\n\n[[Next | End]]
The old lady says:\n\n"Well, you know how it is for us low class, but I'm happy just getting to survive and eat everyday." Having said that she looks at you and gives you a very sincere [[smile| End]].
You step in the store and the old lady behind the old wooden counter greets you with a smile.\n\n"My! How I enjoy your presence, it makes me feel safe. Hehe I'm sorry, hello there general, see anything you like?"\n\nWhat do you say?\n\n[["Greetings, I do see something here. But how is our king threating ya?" | Low Class]]\n\n[[Salute her respectfully | Protectors]].
While walking, you check your pockets, and find a mysterious little chest. You don't remember it being there but you decided to take it with you. You keep walking a little further and see a light ahead putting away the darkness from the tall trees. [[Next2]]
Right behind the chef you got a whole lasagna with steam coming up. The melted mozarella cheese on it seems like it's inviting you. Taking a good piece and layered you see and smell the ground beef with the warm sauce.\n\n[[Eat it?| End]]\n\n[[Leave it| End]].
During your walk you stumble and fall. You turn around to see what you stumbled upon and find a small pocket size chest. What will you do with it?\n\n[[Save it| Forest A]].\n[[Leave it there| Forest B]].\n
The king sits on his throne beside his queen. As mighty as ever, your king stands up and give the order to all his pawns to patrol the outside of the [[castle| Pawn]].
He then says:\n\n"Don't get cocky [[weakling | Pawn 2]]"
As you got closer, everything goes white for a second, regaining your view you finally see the road. Now that you've found the road, what will you do? \n\n[[Stand around for a passing car | Road A]].\n\n[[Gather pieces of wood and put them in the middle of the road | Road B]].\n
Strawberries, bananas, kiwis, pinaples, blueberries, watermelons, grapes, and more.\n\n[[Everything| End]].\n\n[[Some, 3 or 5 different fruits| End]].\n\n[[Just a banana| End]].
Are you serious?\n\n[[Go back| King]].\n\n
Just go back to the beginning. \n\n[[Go back | King]].
On the table right next to you, there's a really cheesy pizza with three different kinds of cheese. A piece is taken from it.\n\n[[Eat a slice?| End]]\n\n[[Eat some slices?| End]]\n\n[[Leave it| End]].\n\n[[EAT THE WHOLE THING| End]].
Are you serious?\n\n[[Go back| King]].\n\n[[Turn right| King 3]].
If you wish to listen to a nice song click here:\n\n\n\n[[Click here to continue | End]].
Technically yes, but nope. At that time what came out was a little game called [[Tennis for two]]. But there were already other games which start from 1947. [[ Next| Trick]]
The car stops, the wood is on the way so they get close and get out of the car. [[Next | Car C]]
It's a young couple.\n\nThe man gets close to you and says:\n\n"Pretty clever."\n\nWhat do you say?\n\n[[Heh. Thanks. Can you help me out?| End]]\n\n[[Lol. Can you take me to the next city?| End]]
The old man is motionless and doesn't blink. \n\nWhat will happen [[now?| End]]
This is the end of this short game but wait! There's more...[[Next | Next3]]
You signal the car as hard a you can and for your surprise it stops. In the car you see a young couple. \n\nThe man asks: "What's going on? Where are you from?"\n\nWhat do you say?\n\n[["Sir, I'm just lost, and I'm from New York. Can you help me get to the next city?" | End]]\n\n[["I have no idea how I got here, can you help me get out of here? | End]]
Well, thanks for taking the time to go through my project.
1 hour passes by, and no cars are in sight. What will you do?\n\n[[Walk on the road| Road A1]].\n\n[[Wait a little longer| Road A2]].
My, our kingdom's protectors are really polite. [[Next | End]]\n
The pieces of wood are set and now you wait...[[Next | Road B1]]
\nThe same general look at you with surprise and seriously tells you:\n\n"What. Are. You. Doing? Go to the king [[now! | King]]"
You ask the old man:\n\n"Sir, is there anymore apples? I was really looking forward for one"\n\nThe old man stays silent.\n\nWhat will you do/say?\n\n[["Uhm... Sir?"| Death]]\n\n[[Get close to him and repeat your question| Death]].
So... Close! What you need is to understand what your game is to know what you're doing before Designing. [[Next | Next1]]
So... Close! What you need is to understand what your game is to know what you're doing before Designing. And then, just then you'll need to think about what is the best software to make your game come alive. [[Next | Next1]]
Jasmine Martinez
Mmm... I like your honesty. ( 1 point ) [[Next. | Trick]]
You go in and the king turns to see you and says:\n\n"Mmm? And you are...? Oh right, the pawn, sit here please, sit right there." [[Next | King D]]