Restart Story

[img[]]\n\n//"Oh, I'm sorry."// You stammered. \n//"I thought you were my client".//\n\n//"That's what I'm calling you about."// \nThe girl whispered.\n//"I'm the model for your client's next shoot."//\n\n//"You are what?"//\nYou can barely suppressed the surprise from your voice. //"Then why the hell are you calling me at 4 in the morning?"//\n\n//"I'm calling about the brief that they just sent me."//\nHer voice trembled. \n//"From what I've read of the changes, there's gonna be whole lot of nudity. And I'm not sure whether or not I'm comfortable with that."//\n\nHow would you deal with this sad thing?\n\n<<choice "replace" "Apologize to the girl. Find a replacement.">>\n<<choice "assuade" "Rudely point out that this is part of her job.">>
[img[]]\n\n//"Alright. I'll see what I can do."// You whispered sweet nothing to the girl.\n//"I'm sure that we can find a replacement for you."//\n\n//"Oh, sir. Thank you so much."// Her voice was awashed with relief. //"I knew I could always count on a good man's conscience."//\n\n//"I wouldn't hedge my bet on that lot".// You laughed sarcastically.\n//"But it's your call on this one. And I intend to keep it that way."//\n\nBefore you could make a fool out of yourself any further, your computer screen flashed up again. \n\nThe company has an offer for you.\n\n[[See what it is that they want.|lastchoice]]
[img[]]\n\nYou are a designer, visualizer, creative thinker or whatever title it is that get you paid.\n\nYou cheat, lie and swiddle for a living. \nBut you don't cheat without a reason, lie without a cause and you certainly wouldn't swindle someone who didn't deserve it.\n\nYou would take any jobs that needs to be done. \nBut you wouldn't take payment dishonestly.\n\nYou'd long learned that in this industry, not every job is created equal.\n\nSometimes, you've got to be willing to play dirty to get what the client needs. \n\nAnd that job is about to come your way.\n\n[[It's a tough job, but hey, somebody's gotta do it..|storm]]\n\n\n
[img[]]\nIt was barely five minutes before your phone rang again.\n\nOn the other line, you can hear the director's smoky smirk as she sang out your instructions:\n\n"This one is difficult to gauge, honey, too many variables. Why don't you be a dear and use your own initiative."\n\nThe line cut off, with the femme wiping her hands clean of you.\n\nThis does not bode well.\n\n[[Looks like you are on your own, pal.|startwork]]
[img[]]\n<<stopbgm jyEV0OHlgaE>>\nYou stood transfixed, staring out at your window. \n\nThe city was waking up, buzzing with activities. \n\nThe ordinary people went about their tasks, as if it nothing has happened.\n\nNone of them will know what you did last night, everything you just did in order to preserve the dignity of a girl and stop thousands of others in potentially following her mistake.\n\nNone of them will understand what you had given up, the lost chances at happiness and stolen moments of joys. \n\nAll just to make their lives just a bit more beautiful and meaningful then yesterday.\n\nYou shrug your shoulder and, after a short moment of deliberation, raised a glass to the new dawn.\n\nJust another day, another job.\n\nThe End.
//To all concerned,\n\nWe thank you for your time and dedication to the bold new direction that our company's client company X is heading towards. However, research has shown that the image rebranding as currently strategized is insufficient and shows the need to generate more buzz. Marketing recommends a higher quota of T&A.\n\nFurther enquiries were made about whether or not the increase in moral outcry coming from the public would be enough to boost the sale figures of product X to acceptable profit margin. Our projections show positive signs.\n\nIf you agree to participate in this, your works will be rewarded appropriately and might even be chosen to be featured in our next design award show. We even heard from a friend of the judges that risque is in this year.\n\nBut if you refuse the job, we feel that further use of your service would become redundant and you can consider your employment terminated, with all benefits, including your current place of residence, recindled effective immediately.\n\nYour sincerely,\n\nThe Director//\n\n<<choice "agree" "Agree to the deal. Give them what they want.">>\n<<choice "disagree" "Decline the offer. Refuse to sell your ethics.">>
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[img[]]\n\nIrritated by the disruption, you picked up the call and barked into the phone:\n\n//"If you want me to get it done by the time your boss wakes up and goes on his morning run, then mister, you gotta give me time to deal with this mess."//\n\nIt was a distinctly feminine and youthful voice that came out from the other line:\n\n//"I'm sorry, did I call at a bad time?"//\n\n[[Apologize to the caller.|modelcomplain]]
[img[]]\n\nYou were feeling pretty good about yourself for making such a bold creative decision.\n\nLooking to give yourself something to relax before going back to sleep, you went into the kitchen to look for a beer.\n\nFive cans and a half later, feeling a bit tipsy, you noticed at the corner of your eyes another message coming from your client.\n\n//"URGENT: Rework of concept. Marketing says company needs an edgier and sexier rebrand. Please redo the brief to conform with the new art direction."//\n\nGreat, another rework.\n\n<<choice "rework" "Deal with this professionally. Make the changes.">>\n<<choice "complaint" "Enough is enough. Complain to your art director.">>
[img[]]\n<<loopbgm jyEV0OHlgaE>>\nIt was a dark and stormy night.\n\nThe rain was steadily hitting your window when you were woken up by the sound of a phone ringing.\n\nYou glanced at the clock. It was pass midnight.\n\n<<choice "iPhone" "Check your phone">>\n<<choice "light" "Turn on the light">>
The Billboard Dame\nThe Case of a Struggling Designer
[img[]]\n\n//"Do it."// \nThe director said. \n//"The client wants it and we can't afford to lose him."//\nYou can hear her exhaling a puff of smoke.\n\n//"That's insane, ma'am!"// You proclaimed. \n//"What's gonna happen to our reputation after this?"//\n\n//"Oh right. And your "good name" is sure gonna get us some other clients after this one dumps us."// She sarcastically replied.\n\n//"I may not be very eloquent and what I do may not be considered by others to be neither deep nor meaningful." //\nYou began with one of your well-practiced speeches. \n//"But damn it if I'm ever gonna sell my soul to the devil for a centerspread on the Sunday newspaper!"//\n\nYou switched off your call and angrily slammed it onto the desk.\n\nSuddenly, it rang again.\n\n[[Rebuke your client.|mysteriousphonecall]]
[img[]]\n<<stopbgm jyEV0OHlgaE>>\nYou sat there, staring at the window. Thinking.\n\nYou felt your mouth ran dry and your throat turns to ash. You took a sip of champagne.\n\nThere would be no justifying of what you just did, no logical explanations to fall back onto.\n\nBut you did it anyway.\n\nYou realized for the very first time the futility of what you were doing and what you'd be doing for the rest of your life.\n\n"Am I doing the right thing?" You wondered aloud to yourself.\n\nYou felt sick to your stomach. But at least it would be full for the time being.\n\nJust another day, another job.\n\nThe End.
[img[]]\n\nYou breathed a weary sigh and reached for the power button on your computer.\n\nThe long-suffering machine whirled and wheezed into life. \n\nYou took out your trusty Intuos 4 pressure-sensitive pen tablet and sketch out a few experimental lines. \n\nThis one's a bit old and rusty, but it's seen you through a few close cases. You'd be loathed to part with it to go for one of the newer, shinier model.\n\nSo, the first question is, of course, how are you going to go about outlining your design plan?\n\n<<choice "safe" "Play it safe, makes it sexy but not too racy.">>\n<<choice "risky" "Play it risky, give them exactly what they want.">>
[img[]]\n\nYou brewed a hot cup of java, no sugar. This had become a bit of a habit you do before every job.\n\nYour skilled pen tip danced across the tablet. Your other hand tipped and tapped long-memorized list of micros and macros. \n\nBefore long, the finished outline materialized in front of the screen. You lighted yourself a quick smoke break.\n\nThis assignment may not be easy, but you're very good at your job.\n\n[[Pat yourself in the back for a job well done and turn in your work for the night|handin]]
[img[]]\n\nIt was done.\n\nWith a flick of your finger, all of your works was deleted. Part of the non-compete terms of the contract.\n\nYou handed in the email containing the paperworks for your resignation, the very last of which you hope to see for a long time.\n\nYou breathed a contented sigh and lighted another cigarette. You took out your retirement champagne and pour yourself a glass.\n\n[[Outside the window, a new day is coming.|dawn]]
[img[]]\nYou tapped a quick message to the art director.\n\nShe was a veteran of the business, had a reputation for being both eccentric and tough.\n\nYou've never encountered her tough side and pray that you never would have to.\n\nYou'll need to consider what to tell her carefully.\n\n<<choice "Reply" "What the hell? I thought this one was clean.">>\n<<choice "Reply" "Client wants to go in 'nude' direction. \nGo ahead or not?">>
[img[]]\n\nYou turned on your phone.\n\nThe phone wasn't new, but it had served you well.\n \nThe vibrating screen was glowing with the newest message:\n\n//"URGENT: Need to produce an outline for the newest campaign push with a female model as the centerpiece showcasing product X. OK with illustrative piece or mock-ups."//\n\nJust another day, another job.\n\n<<choice "startwork" "Get started on the piece">>\n<<choice "director" "Doublecheck with your art director">>
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You looked around. There was nothing much. \nJust your trusty computer, your tablet and a bunch of sketchbooks strewn around your desk. \nHome sweet home.\n\nlook at your iPhone|iPhone\nturn on the light|light
[img[]]\n\nYou turned on the light.\n \nThe fluorescent light flooded your tiny company-provided apartment room.\n\nIn the light of bright neon, everything just seems a bit more... melancholic.\n\nYou saw the phone still humming angrily at you.\n\n[[Read the message|iPhone]]
[img[]]\n\n//"Yeah. So?"// You countered. \n//"You didn't sign up for this job thinking that they hired you for your smarts did you?"//\n\n//"You don't understand.\nIt's not that I'm some kind of puritans."// She snapped back, sounding on the verge of tears.\n\n//"It's just that I've promised my family that I'm going to show them my works this Thanksgiving. And there's nothing on my portfolio right now that covers up more then half of my body. And my parents are just going to be so disappointed that I skipped uni for this..." //\n\nHer voice faded into a whimper, full of regrets and despair.\n\nBefore you could break the uncomfortable silence, your computer flashed up with a notice from the director.\n\n//"Hang on. I've got to get this."// You fumbled for the end call button.\n\n//"No! Please! Don't le..."// Her volume peaked for a panicked moment before shutting off completely.\n\n[[See what it is that your boss wants.|lastchoice]]
[img[]]\n\nGritting your teeth at the new tasks at hand, you force yourself to work.\n\n"I sure as hell am not getting paid enough for this." You mumbled to no one in particular.\n\nThe rework was alright, choppy but useable. You were a bit concerned about the model in the work though, since she wouldn't be comfortable in that piece of lingerie that you put in the draft.\n\n"We all have to make sacrifices for our works." You smirked at your own lame joke.\n\n[[Suddenly, your phone rang again.|mysteriousphonecall]]
[img[]]\n\nIt was done.\n\nThe new requests are already pouring in. Each one more disgusting then the last. Somebody's aiming for a promotion.\n\nYou turned off your computer for the night. Tomorrow's gonna be a tough one.\n\nIn the back of your mind, you realized that the cigarette on your lips had long since burned out. You took out your celebration champagne and pour yourself a glass.\n\n[[Outside the window, a new day is coming.|dusk]]
[img[]]\n\nYou took out a pack of cigarettes and light up a stick.\n\nIt's going to be a long night.\n\nYou swirled into action, great fury behind your mouse strokes. They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder; well, they ain't seen nothing yet.\n\nIt was over 5 o'clock by the time that you are done, the girl looked like a cross between Cindy Crawford and a horrible case of Botox gone wrong.\nOr just Kim Kardashian on a good day.\n\nYour client is gonna love the girl.\n\n//"Let's see what they make of that".// \nYou smirked to yourself and puffed up a ring of smoke.\n\n[[Send out the evidence to the creeps.|handin]]