You fall 10 feet and land on something soft. It's a set of pillows. Possibly piled there in case of that specific fall? You're not sure. You look around, and realize you're in a massive treasure room, filled with Gold and Silver and Gems. A large sign on the wall says:\n\nYOU WIN
<<if $has_roman_coin eq "yes">> You are in a long corridor. It has three doors at the end. One in the [[floor |Floor Door]], one on the [[right|Right Door]], and one on the [[left|Left Door]]. <<else>> You are in a long corridor. It has two doors at the end. One on the [[left|Left Door]] and one on the [[right|Right Door]]. <<endif>>\n
You walk through the door. You're in another large room, full of mirrors. The door shuts behing you, and you immeadietly lose it, since it has a mirror on the back. Trapped in a room of mirrors! Then, a [[black opening|Black Opening]] appears on one wall. You're sure it's not the same door, but it's your only way out.
You walk through slowly, unsure of your footing. The door slides shut behind you, leaving you in complete darkness. You see a slight glow appear ahead, and slowly inch your way toward it. After and interminable time, you walk into the light. It's a table, with a figure in black sitting behind it. It has candles on either side, and two globes in the middle. The figure silently points out the two globes. The first says [[try again?|Start]], and the second says [[escape without the treasure|You Escaped]].
You appear in a large room, disoriented. It has a door to the outside, and no other openings. You walk through, and are standing on a hill. At the bottom of the hill, carved into the ground:\n\nYOU HAVE ESCAPED
<<silently>> \n<<set $has_roman_coin = "no">> \n<<endsilently>>\nYou awaken in a large room. It has metal walls, a metal floor and a metal roof. It has two doors, a [[metal sensor door|Metal Door]], and a [[large pink door|Pink Door]].
You walk through the right door, and trip, falling down a flight of stairs. At the bottom, a gate slides shut on the stairs. You realize you're in a metal cage, surrounded by slavers. One of them laughs and points to a sign on the wall:\n\nYOU LOSE
<<set $has_roman_coin = "yes">> You are in a large room, completely pink. It's rather empty. You find a strange coin on the floor, and pick it up, and go back through the [[metal door|Metal Door]].