Why am I doing all that? Because I am not allowed to make decisions myself. All i can do is making your wishes true. And even if that means letting your life to be horrible and destroy you... Because of that, we are there! [[Aren't you happy?|I Want You To Die]]
Free will is amazing thing, don't you think? Oh wait, you won't answer me anyway, I can see that in your eyes. \nBut it really is amazing. Because you have free will, you can choose. Various things. Many things. \nYou can even choose if you want to choose! Amazing.\nBut, I will not give you that comfort. You have to [[choose|A Choice]].\n\n
It's pointless.\nYou are pointless.\n[[I|Who Are You]] am pointless.\nWorld is pointless.\nLife is pointless.\nEverything is pointless.\n
Oh, so you want to die, too. I expected that. You would anyway, because you wanted to destroy the world, not everything but yourself. But I can understand your desire to do it by your own rules. \nI never really seen the point in wanting to die, to be honest. Because why not destroy the world that destroyed you, and then sit on the ruins and feel the satisfaction of completing revenge? But you, you are too empty. Your eyes are filled with void and you lived thus far only because that's what people do. \nSo now you burn, just like everyone else. But for me, you are the most beautiful human torch. Pathetic, but still beautiful.
So you have chosen to destroy everything. Somehow, I knew you would. I mean, you are broken. Are you surprised i noticed? \nI watched over you for long, long time. I was the only one who noticed your fall into the arms of nothingness. \nBut it's alright. As I said, I'm there to do whatever you want, not to judge you. \nLet's walk down that path together. No, silly, [[I|Tell Me Who Are You]] am talking literally. See? There is a road.
I am scary, you say? Well, that's unexpected! I mean you are supposed to be empty. But you surprise me every once in a while, showing that you still have something in you left. I admire you, you know. \nBut that's not what you said, right. I shouldn't change the [[topic|What Are You]].
Wait, so you don't have any ideas? Oh, just think for a moment! You could [[burn it to the ground|Fire Will Make You Warm]], or maybe send some [[deadly disease|People Vomiting Their Own Organs - What A Beautiful View]], or - my favourite one - [[start a war|Creative Weapons]]!\nThere is nothing better than people filled with hate, trying to kill each other. They become less and less human and that's... [[tasty|You Are Scary]].
Huh, what did you say? You want to die. Oh, of course you do. That'ts the point of war! It makes you feel bad. And when you look at all those dead people and know it's all your fault... It makes you suffer more, right? But it's still your own choice.\nHey, look out...\n...\nOh, too late. You are dead already? Humans sure are fraigle. But you got what you wanted. You should be happy!
I am not making fun of you. I just don't understand you. Those empty eyes of you look at me, you barely say anything and yet, yet you does not seem broken inside. How could that happen? I thought everything is going [[according to plan|You Are Scary]].
You don't understand? You won't burn only people! Animals, plants, everything will succumb to that flame. But I guess you are to empty to fully understand that. You simply don't care, do you? But that's alright, you know. I will do whatever you want and if you want to burn the Earth down, I will do it with pleasure.\nJust look at how beautiful sky is when things are burning.\n[[Where are you going|I Have To Destroy Myself Too]]?
Me? Why would you want me dead? Until now, you didn't know me. And i let you have a chance to let go of everything that is pointless! [[Are you sure you want me gone?|Leave]]
So you are hot person, right? \nSorry for the bad joke. But really... I wouldn't expect you to actualy choose burning everything! I'm impressed, really.\nIt only shows [[how big your desire to end everything is|But Will It Really Be The End]].
Wow, you really want to know me! I was called many names, but my real one is Dhum. Simple, isn't it? Are you surprised?\nOh, right, you are not talking until necessary. \nHey, so [[how do you want to see the world being destroyed?|There Are Many Ways]]
As you wish. If you want me dead, that's what I shall do. But won't you regret that? You could have your revenge. And now you will have nothing.\nBut alright. \nIt's the end.\nAre you happy seeing my blood?\nAre you happy seeing my body being destroyed?\nAre you happy seeing me, dying?\nJust say that.\nSay "[[Yes]]".
So now you want to play the hero? You want to play a person who even though being broken by world still won't destroy it?\nThat's unexpected. You are truly [[amazing|Things Are Never What They Seem To Be]]!
Just look at everything around us. Look at the pure despair. Look at the darkness. Look at all those disgusting things. \nYou either have bad or good things. But in the end, everything is disgusting and can bring you despair. Everything can make the darkness in your heart grow! \nOr maybe you don't think that way. Maybe you still have hope under that emptiness in your eyes.\nSo, what do you want to do? I will help you, no matter what.\nDo you want to [[destroy everything|I Just Want It All To End]]?\nDo you want to [[save everything|I Am The Only One Who Is Rotten]]?\nIt's all up to you.
So you regret that now? You said yourself that you want the whole world to die! And now you regret that? I thought you are much better than that. So, what about [[going back|You Can Not Undone What Had Already Been Done]]?
That's the truth. You can't change the past. You have made your choices and you can't just simply go back. Did you think I am joking? Just because you think it's impossible to suddenly give a deadly disease to everyone doesn't make it impossible for someone else. Like me. \nThat's how that story ends, right there. \nOh, do you feel weird? \nDoes your stomach hurts? \nLook at all that blood coming from your mouth!\nWhat are you talking about, I did not betray you. It's just that... You don't matter, you see. Even if you think you are different because you suffer, you are still the same as everyone else. And you wanted everyone to die. So you die, too.\nThat's how things are. \nGoodbye.
Wow, you are quite murderous! I can sense all that anger in your heart, that you always kept to yourself. It's burning beautifuly now that you have power to do whatever you want.\nActually, I quite like deadly diseases too. Just look at people slowly and painfully dying. Beautiful view. Oh, isn't that [[someone you know|I Did Not Want Them To Die]]?
You look at me with those empty eyes of yours. You are not even curious, are you? You ask me who I am just because you have been taught to ask someone who they are if you don't know.\nThat's ridiculous. And pointless. See? Everything is pointless. [[You agree with me, right?|You Always Have A Choice]]
Ah yes, war, my favourite. Just look at all those people, running around and killing each other, with various weapons. They are more advenced now! Such a massive amout of dead people after just one attack. [[Doesn't it please you?|I Want To Die]]
What am I? I am nothing. There's also [[no reason|So Why]] for me to help you or anything. I just am, and that's all.
You are horrible.