Help Sal the dog maximize his profits! To win, you must get Sal to save as much money as he possibly can, without getting into financial trouble! \n\n[[start|Beginning]]
Welcome! Said the banker.
Once upon a time, there was a dog named Sal. He had a really happy life with a loving family, but he wanted to become somewhat independent, so he decided to get a job. He found work as a guard dog for a store at night. He loved it! Most of the time he was able to just sleep, but if anyone came near, his super sensitive doggie ears and nose would wake him up and he would bark his head off. It was easy work and he started to make some money. He even helped his family buy dog food sometimes! \n\nOne day, his mom said "Sal, you can't just leave all of this money lying around the house! You need to put it in a bank!" Sal had never thought about that before. What's the point of putting it in a bank?" he thought. \n\nWhat did Sal do next?\n\nHe shrugged his shoulders and went back to sleep. I can just keep the money where I can see it, he thought. I [[don't need a bank|no bank]].\n\nOn his day off, Sal [[walked to the nearby bank|bank visit]] and asked to see a banker.