Are you serious, you think to yourself. Your stomach rumbles.\n\n[[Eat some food]]
This is stupid, you've returned with your noodles, watching the blank screen frustrated.\n\n"Why am I watching this device?"\n\nYou grow impatient and turn to walk away, snagging the power cord.\n\n[[BOOM!]]
The laptop crashes to the floor. You struggle against turning around. It's happened. You heard it. You close your eyes, feeling the anxiety navigate its way around your brain. \n\n[[Open your eyes]]
Nothing. You close it. Frustrated. How long has it been, the microwave hasn't sounded...and you can't tell the time. You swing around noticing the microwave has reached its commanded duration. You grab your food. \n\n[[Wait|20 minutes]]
There's no water in this cup dumb ass.\n\n[[Put water in the cup]]
You're blinded by the natural light which has found its way into the room. You notice the walls, painted by a yellow hue, filled with handmades and family relics. What the? You turn around, the laptop is a miserable heap. The plant looks relieved. It's leaves extend out.
We're in business now. You place the Noodlz in and set the microwave to the programmed time you spent a month perfecting. 2 minutes 45 seconds. This heat was sufficient for perfect noodles. Pressing start, you notice the mute microwave. This is getting out of hand.\n\n[[Return to the computer]]
That was silly, how could I forget to fill this thing with water?\n\nYou drag yourself over to the sink, ripping the paper back. The water runs, but you can't hear it. Strange. The water rushes a cool sensation over your hand. Shit! Too much time distracted, wait you ran the water hot didn't you?\n\n[[Get back to the microwave]]
It doesn't react. You wait. \n\n[[3 minutes]] or [[20 minutes]]
The screen burns your eyes. It's numbing really. You stare blanky, the cursor blinking; fuck it's been blinking for hours. Your eyes shift towards the top left of the screen. What time is it?\n\n[[3:42am]] or [[4:00pm]]
You rise from your seat, dizzy. It's been a while since this digital throne has been abandoned. The room around you appears empty, a neutral grey devours its interior. Odd, you think, but again your stomach beckons. You reach for a foam cup labeled Noodlz. \n\n[[Place the cup in the Microwave]]
You spin around to your laptop, the screen has blackened.\n\n"You've left me for too long."\n\nYou then notice your desk plant, it's wilted.\n\n[[Touch the computer]] or [[Touch the plant]]\n\n
It Gets Better
Neglected. A leaf crumbles, green dust covers a small section in the pot.\n\nThe computer is still dark\n\n[[Touch|Touch the computer]]
Keep working, you will be done in time. That damn cursor is still blinking. You beat rapidly on the keys, letters appear rapidly in succession. Time flies now. You then grow hungry. \n\n[[Eat|Eat some food]]
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