Another hour passes. You should sleep. But you keep clicking.\n\n[[Click|12]]
YouTube. A theme song from your childhood.\n\n[[Click|11]]
You wonder why you’re still doing this.\n\n[[Click|14]]
Email from an interesting place you never visited.\n\n[[Click|99]]
You could do something real.\n\n[[Click|15]]
BBC story about Egypt.\n\n[[Click|13]]
It’s late. You listlessly click around the internet.\n\n[[Click|2]]
Not reading, not watching, not shopping. Just clicking.\n\n[[Click|4]]
You’re not looking at anything in particular.\n\n[[Click|3]]
You think of posting something. But instead, you click.\n\n[[Click|6]]
Facebook. Mundane updates from people you barely know.\n\n[[Click|6]]
The Guardian. A story about the NSA.\n\n[[Click|8]]
Reddit. A funny image.\n\n[[Click|7]]
Twitter. An argument about something inconsequential.\n\n[[Click|10]]
But you don’t. You just click.\n\n[[Click|2]]
Lee Bradley
It’s late. You’re listlessly clicking around the internet.\n\n[[Click|2]]
You think about going out. But instead you click.\n\n[[Click|9]]