Yes you're brave. You can do this. You open the door and see its hand slowly wave at you while blood trickles down its mouth. Gun firmly in hand, and finger on the trigger, You shoot it in the face. It falls to the floor whilst its insides shoot out of its mouth. You can see the front door, [[do you run and try to get help |help]] or [[run to the back garden, surely you have more tools there? |garden]]
You run for your life, out of the kitchen into the passage. You look at the thing in your hand, Will it be enough to save you? You can [[run to the bedroom |bedroom]], you think you have a shot gun there, or [[carry on running? |running]]
You run straight out of the front door, you see them everywhere in your car, next doors lawn and even on your roof. They see you, and steadily walk in your direction. You run down the street, every house is the same. Where are you even running to? You only have 2 bullets left and only wearing your boxers, although in the circumstances you decide this isn't a big issue. You feel a sharp pain in your back, you really are unfit. You run for another minute and fall to the floor, what is that pain? You feel your back and there it is a sharp knife. Your last thoughts, "why did i not run to the bunker?"
You make it, jumping over the dead bodies of your loved ones. How did it get to this? You search under the bed, you know its here somewhere. Before you find it there's a knocking on the door, a repetitive bang, you search quicker. There it is, the shotgun and 3 rounds of bullets. You know there must be more than one of them outside. Do you [[open the door and use what you have to try and survive |stare]], or [[grab something else to attack the others with?|grab]]
You run, into the hall and towards the front door, you're almost there! You feel the grass against your toes and the sunlight hit your face. You've done it, you run towards the car. \n\nBut whats that? Yes, they're in your car and no, that wooden elephant isnt going to be enough for all of them. Why didn't you go back to get that gun from the bedroom? You feel a cold breath on your neck, this is the end.
You stare at the door and slowly see one look at you, it smiles. Not the nice kind of friendly smile though, the kind that says i'm going to get you. Do you [[run in the hope that it wont catch up |run]], or do you [[use the thing you've been grasping for the past 3 days to try and attack? |attack]]
Your crouching under the table with your eyes screwed shut grasping on to the one thing that could keep you alive. You hope it was all a dream, until you open your eyes and see your door swing off its hinges. What do you do? [[Stay under the table and hope they dont see you |stay]] or [[run for your life? |run]]
You hold on as tight as your hands will let you. WIth all your power you launch it across the room hitting it directly on the head. It looks at you, and laughs. I know it's not alive but what did you think a wooden elephant was going to do? Neadless to say you didn't make it out alive ...
Untitled Story
You turn around, search in all the draws "surely mia had a gun by her bed? i told her it was for her own safety". Suddenly the door flings open, you feel its presence. You stumble with the trigger, trying to aim at its face, the same moment you feel all the bullets fall on the floor. It laughs and of course, its hungry. I'm sorry, but your dead meat.
You run straight from the bedroom through to the kitchen, it's still there. Sitting at your table. Your gun in hand you shoot its chest, it screams out and you hear footsteps. You don't look, you run to the bunker in the garden. You scramble with the lock, while the one crawling through your garden heads in your direction. Quickly, its almost there. Your in. Your hearts pounding. You look around. Turn on the light. Your so glad that you were obsessed about this bunker. It's filled with food and supplies to last years. It's sealproof nobody can get in which means your not dead yet. \n\nBeing prepared for a zombie apocalypse wasn't so stupid after all.