Lilly went back home and scared the guy she was being forced to marry. She acted like a creep infront of him and pretended to attempt in raping him. [[skip]]
Whagwan now sees that Lilly is so much better looking and better dressing than her. She begs Lilly to give her a makeover even though Whagwan is just 8 and shouldn't even be worrying about this. She is just jealous.\n[[teen]]
There was once a happy little girl who was the only child of her family. She always got what she wanted. She felt so loved and adored by everyone. Her name was Lilly.\n[[storm appears]]
Whagwan the evil little brat is now in jail & will be sent to private school afterwards. Lilly's parents couldn't ask for more forgiveness, they begged her to forgive them and apologized for not trusting her. Everything got back the way it used to be. Lilly is now the only child again YAY.\n
Hah. Nothing to read here. [[back to Lilly's doomed life]]
Whagwan begun stealing things from people and she framed Lilly for doing so. Lilly was being sent back home to her country so they can marry her off there early.\n[[back home woah]] [[skip]] [[TRUTH IS TRUTH]]
This happiness only lasted 3 years of her life. Then came a viscious little sister of hers.\n[[sadness continues]] [[hospital]]\n
The moment Lilly saw her new sister named Whagwan, her smile turned into a frown. Lilly felt weird. All the attention Whagwan was gettng made her feel forgotton. This hospital moment was just a beginning.
This was one little bit of Lilly's victory. Even though at home she would get scolded all the time because of Whagwan. \n[[back to the sad life]] [[changes]]
The parents are now proud of Lilly, she gets honours in all her classes and straight A's. She doesn't let Whagwan get her in trouble anymore. However Whagwan is still the most loved no matter what. That evil little ****************
Lilly was in love with the best guy she could imagine. She's now 18 and she wants to marry him and get outta her house; AWAY FROM WHAGWAN !!!! [[luck be with her]]
Whagwan got older, and Lilly's life got more and more miserable. Lilly would always get in trouble because of Whagwan. She begun to hate her life already and this is just her childhood.\n[[birthday disaster]] [[school]]
Lilly is 17 and has a boyfriend that Whagwan wants.[[back to Lilly's doomed life]] [[hahaha]]
Whagwan is a loner at school because of her rude behaviour. HAHAHAHHA\n[[teen]] [[coolest thing ever]]
Lilly is getting older and wiser. She doesn't give a crap about Whagwan as much as she did before. Now she has gotten more clever and beats up Whagwan secretly whenever she acts up and behaves evil. [[beg]] [[parents]]
Lilly is now 12 years old. She's growing up but still has to deal with her annoying mean little sister. \n[[power regaining]] [[Whagwan]]
Lilly got time for revenge when Whagwam started school. Lilly bothered Whagwan at school. Whagwan would go and tell the teacher that her sister is bother her, but they wouldn't believe her. This is Lilly's victory!!!! \n[[woohoo]] [[back to the sad life]]
Lilly has had enough. Whagwan isn't a true sister at all for trappng Lilly into this. Lilly calls in the police and they investigate finding out that Lilly is the culprit. [[apologies]]
Slowly, the evil Whagwan begun winning every family friend's and other people's hearts as well. Everyone called Whagwan adorable and cute, and they always asked Lilly what's wrong with her face and why is she changing?\n[[growing up]]
Whagwan threw a shoe at the vice principal as a joke and ran away. When she got caught, she put the blame on poor old Lilly. Lilly got suspended for a week for doing this. She shouted the truth of how it wasn't her but noone believed her.\n[[growing up]]
Whagwan begins feeling bad about everything. She apologizes Lilly for ruining the past years of Lilly's. Everything gets fine & Lilly's parents start loving her again too ! WOOOHOO
On Lilly's 8th birthday party, the evil little Whagwan smashed her cake on the floor. Lilly's party was ruined. After this, her parents still didn't say anything tp Whagwan; but instead they gave her even more love. Lilly felt totally out of the family. Everything was about Whagwan.\n[[school]]
Whagwan was turning Lilly into a heartles jerk. Lilly begun hating everyone and everything. She was rude and arrogant. She even abused Whagwan and hit her. Lilly was letting out her anger in this harsh way. This was only causing her to get more scolds by her parents.\n[[school probz]]
Despite of Whagwan's tries to ruin this relationship of Lilly's, Lilly finally moves out with her love and marries him happily. Whagwan failed. THE END