They talked about how they missed eachother and want to be friends again.\n\n[[what's new]]
they both ironically decided to skip 3rd period after lunch and their fight and met at tim hortons and sat at two seperate tables alone.\n\n[[talk to me]]
They had a small fight in grade 7 which made them bestfriends a year later they fought over a friend which was not a true friend to both of them and talked about them both behind their backs.\n\n[[grade8]]
Buddies Forever\nS.S.\n\n[[Begin the Story|Story Start]]
They both really felt hurt and wanted to apologize. They felt like they should first go to tim hortons and think about this matter and calm down before making any desicions.\n\n[[skip]]
One of them notices the other sitting on the table and decides to walk over and talk to their ex bestfriend about how they truly felt. They both came to an agreement.\n\n[[missed you]] [[friends again?]]
They both came to an agreement that they missed eachother and want things to be back to what they used to be.\n[[what's new]]
After a few months went by, they both made some new friends. This caused them to not hang out as often as they usually would. Since they made new friends, the new friends started to talk about eachother. The two bestfriends felt hurt to think that one of them would do that to the other and vise versa.\n\n[[argue]]
They were bestfriends from grade 8, and traveled everywhere together since then. They did everything together, from shopping to sleepovers to making fun of people.\n\n[[School]] [[390 Building]]\n
There convo started of very quiet but once they caught up on what they missed out on it was just like old times. They were so glad that the problems had cleared up and were greatful for eachothers companies.\n\n[[grade10]] [[science]] [[lunch]]
grade 10 was a great year for both of them. The grew together and learned new things. They both promised eachother to motivate eachother and do good in school. They both wanted to change and be succesful in their careers.
After a few months of high school they started to get bored of eachother, they made new friends, and started to drift apart. At this point they felt like they werent bestfriends anymore. They both felt like they were going there seperate ways.\n\n[[argue]]\n\n
They then started to hang out at school. They started to drift away from there old and current friends and became there own bestfriends.\n\n[[graduation]]
They are still friends in grade 11 and have media together :')\nThey hope to stay buddies foreverrrrrrr.\nMUUCH LOOOVEEE USWAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH\n\n[[future]]
They began to hang out at lunch everyday, and became as close as they used to.
One day one of them decided to add the other on facebook, hoping for the other to accept. They then started to talk on facebook an enjoy eachothers companies.\n\n[[graduation]] [[trouble]]
Ironically, they had all of first semester together. This made them feel more satisfied because they had eachother\n\n[[girls]] [[seperate ways]]
First day of grade8 they were mad to know they were in the same class, but after some days progressed they noticed the humour they both had between the class. They were both the jokers in the class and always (quietly) laughed at eachothers jokes without letting the other one know.\n\n[[facebook]]
The new rule of leaving school property had occured. Students werent allowed to leave school property during lunch. Knowing this the two girls thought that they would not obey this and go out anyways. They like to do the opposite of what is asked of them because they think its funny.\n\n[[grade9]]
they both had science class together and hated that class. but they both loved eachothers company in that class. \n\n[[grade11]]
LOL both of the girls failed french because they hated that class and had some very bad marks but still graduated from middle school. There parents were worried about them as always. They both decided to go to the same highschool even though they got accepted in other highschools.\n\n[[grade9]]\n
They want to have a great career, and hope to stay friends even hafter highschool. They prolly willl.
After they started ti get to know each other and noticed they both live in the same building. After knowing this they started to have sleepovers and they hungout more. There parents got to know eachother and trusted their daughters to visit eachothers homes.\n\n[[grade9]]
Due to their new friends and drifting apart this caused them one day to have a huge arguement over the shit talking and them not acing the same. This arguement lasted 30 mins and almost got physical till a teacher came and stopped it.\n\n[[skip]] [[apologies]]