You realize the operator is the creepy voice who was calling you earlier! \n\n THE END?
You just leave the phone ringing until everything around you grows suddenly still. Then all of a sudden the ground shakes and a big hole rips through the carpet. And pulls you in. \n\n<b>Now you are forever lost in eternal blackness.</b> \n\n THE END
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You hang up immediately the phone rings again and then when you pick up once more. The voice says "seven days before your car is ready for pickup." \n\nYou realize the raspy voice belongs to the car mechanic. It's because you're all alone in thc house which makes you paranoid.
You are all alone in the house. \n\nThe phone rings. \n\n[[You answer it]]\n\n[[You ignore it]]\n\n<img src="">\n\n
The voice laughs til you are fed up and start getting angry with the voice and you demand who it is calling you. the voice then starts getinng more aggressive. You violently throw the phone to the ground and the phone begins turning bright red until it opens a portal and sucks you into it.
The Call
When you pick up the phone, a weird, raspy voice starts to speak. \n\nThe voice says, "Seven days." \n\nThis short, mysterious message leaves you feeling terrified. You begin to sweat, your hands are shaking, and your skin feels suddenly clammy.\n\n[[You respond to the voice]]\n\n[[You hang up immediately]]\n\n
Kevin Lam
You warn the voice that if it doesn't tell you who it is you are going to call the police. The voice hangs up on you suddenly. When you call the police the operator answers it and you slam the phone down. \n\n[[WHY?]]
you go into a panic attack while the voice laughs and laughs over and over again. Until you have a stroke and are escorted to the hospital where the doctors are too late to SAVE you!!!
You ask who this is and the caller just gives a creepy laugh. Then you ask it what does it want. The voice suddenly yells out "SEVEN DAYS TIL THE WORLD ENDS" \n\n\nWHAT DO YOU DO?\n\nA) [[PANIC]] \nB) [[DEMAND WHO IS CALLING]]\nC) [[CALL THE POLICE]]