Apparently you are unaware you are breaking many laws at this point, you choose to push your luck and you venture up the stairs, possibly delirious from all of this activity. There you find a room with three beds in it. The first bed is made of rocks, piled on the ground in a semi flat arrangement. The second bed is a giant beanbag stuff with down feathers. The third bed appears to be a sleep number bed, with memory foam pillows. Which bed do you choose? The [[first bed]] the [[second bed]] or the [[third bed]]?
Oh sweet baby jesus, this sleep number bed is so comfortable, a few minor adjustments and you are out like a light, sleeping like a little baby! Suddenly, you hear a noise downstairs. Meh, it couldnt be anyhting important, you fall back asleep. Then, you hear what sounds like three angry and ferocious bears ascending the stairs to the bedroom. Quick, what do you do? Get out of bed quickly and [[jump out of the window]] or [[wait it out]], im sure its nothing?
[[You and the three bears]]
OUCH! Thats freaking HOT! Youre tongue is burnt, do you go to the [[taste the second bowl]] or go directly to the [[the third bowl]] that appears to be just right?
You open the door to the rustic little cabin in the woods. No one is home. You glance around and see on the kitchen table three steaming bowls of what appears to be porridge. You are INCREDIBLY HUNGRY! Do you [[go to the table]] or decide this is a bit creepy and head [[back to your car]]?
MMMMMMMMM....This porridge is just right! You eat the porridge and feels really good about it. Do you go [[back to your car]] now or walk over to the [[living room]]?
You choose the gigantore chair which appears to have been built for a...giant...or a...grizzly bear, perhaps. This chair is WAY to large, do you go to the [[large chair]] or the [[perfect sized chair]]?
hmmmm....this chair is slightly too large. Do you go to the chair that appears to be the [[perfect size chair]]? Or say screw the chairs, I'm going to go snoop around [[upstairs]]?
You head back to your car. 7 miles in you are overcome by exhaustion and dehydration. You die. [[the end]]
You walk into the living room. Where there are 3 chairs. The first one is a rather large throne looking chair, the second slightly smaller, yet still pretty enormous, and a third, appears to be the perfect size for you. Which chair do you sit in to rest your aching feet? [[gigantore chair]] [[large chair]] or [[perfect size chair]]?
You jump out of the window, landing softly in some lawn clippings below. Unscathed, you get up. You have a fully belly, youve taken a nap, youre feeling pretty good. Do you [[head back to the car]] or go back in to [[check things out]]?
The END!
You got took 2nd place in the 75 meter dash. Bears are fat...and lazy...You get into runners pose, and GO! Sprint! Youre about 30 feet into the clearing when the three bears see you. They immediatly turn towards your direction. You dont think there is anyway to beat them, but maybe if you [[turn back]] now youll make it to the little cottage. or [[keep going]] and see if you make it.
It sounded like three ferocious bears...but really, what would three ferocious bears be doing out here in the forest. You decide to go back in and take a look around. Walking through the door you look towards the kitchen and see a tiny little baby bear that appears to be sobbing over a broken chair. Poor baby bear, you go closer to check things out. Suddenly a mamma bear with a striking resemblence to Sarah Palin storms down the stairs and rips your scalp off. As you lay there, contemplating where this little adventure went wrong, the lights begin to fade, in your last glimpse of reality you see what appears to be a rather large papa bear, sitting back into the gigantore chair, eating the much too hot bowl of porridge. [[the end]]
wow, thats too cold. Now that you have lumpy cold porridge in your mouth do you spit it out and try the [[the third bowl]] that appears to be just right? Or forget about how hungry you are and go to the [[living room]]?
Excellent choice...really. You go over to the pile of large rocks and lie down, quickly realizing that this bed is TOO HARD! Do you go to the [[second bed]] made from down feathers or the [[third bed]] a customizable sleep number bed?
You gain speed, the bears get distracted. You are getting ahead. There is an opportunity to circle back and head for the safety and security of the cottage. Do you [[turn back]] or [[climb a tree]]?
You knock on the door, but no one answers. Do you [[go on in]] or [[keep walking]]?
Ahhhhh...This chair is just right! The chair begins to envelope your body in comfort and bliss, you close your eyes for a little snooze and BLAM! The chair falls apart beneath you! Do you decide to get up and anoop around [[upstairs]] or head [[back to your car]]?
A charge of breaking and entering is far more appealing than certain death by three blood thirsty bears. You walk back to the house, you try the door and its unlocked. What do you have to lose at this point? [[go on in]] or walk the 32 more miles [[back to your car]]...with no water...or food....and you're wearing flip flops...
You pick up speed, youre running...But they are running faster. There's a little one, a baby bear maybe. He's fast! Baby bear is on your heals, do you [[climb a tree]] or [[keep running]]?
With a full belly you begin your walk back to the car, you pat yourself on the back for a job well done, hiking through the woods on this beautiful sunny day. [[the end]]
Mmmmmmm.... three delicious steaming bowls of porridge in front of you. One bowl looks so hot it appears to be boiling still, do you [[taste the first bowl]]? The second bowl appears to be coagulating into a cold and disgusting lump, do you [[taste the second bowl]]? The third bowl appears to be just right, do you do directly to [[the third bowl]]?
You continue to lay there in bed as three ferocious bears pounce on you and begin mauling you to shreds. With your last few minutes of life, you contemplate where this crazy little adventure could have possibly gone wrong. Slowly, the pain fades. [[the end]]
You, apparently oblivious to all characteristics of bear behavior climb the nearest tree. You get about 12 feet up and look down to see The medium sized bear...perhaps a mother bear? She is climbing up after you. Sorry friend...This is not a happy ending.[[the end]]
You are walking through the forest, you come upon house in the woods. Do you [[knock]] or [[keep walking]]?
Good idea, just keep walking, who knows what could be inside of that house! You walk for a while and come to a clearing. In the clearing you see 3 ferocious bears. There is no way around with out them seeing you. Do you [[turn back]] to the house or make a [[make a run for it]]?
You go to the second bed and plop yourself down in the middle of the down filled giant bean bag bed. You are immediatly overcome by the feathers which envelope you and suck you in like the tar pits did the dinorsaurs. You can not get out, and lie there gasping for breath contemplating where this fool hardy adventure went wrong, until, finally, unable to fight off the feathers anymore.... [[the end]]