Sorry, unfortunately we live on a planet where no miracles happen and cars and traffic don’t disappear.\nYou FAIL!\n
You rent a bicycle as you jump out of the car and run to get one by screaming “I need a bicycle!” and people on the street are looking at you as if you’re insane. It doesn’t matter. The problem is, you only have a 20 pound note in your pocket and the hire cost is 5 but the guy in the shop doesn’t have change.\n\nWould you rather give that weird guy a [[20 pound note|20 Pound Note]] to get one or run to your office and [[save money|Save money]]?
You are the executive manager of a successful company and at the moment you are stuck in a traffic jam 15 minutes walk-away from your office. You need to be on time for an important meeting and introduce your new business idea to your few bosses and some other important international clients. You are in the car with your driver Sam but you are now late already since you need to arrive in 5 minutes. In the last moment you see bicycle rental service on your right side. If you are late, you will possibly harm the reputation of the company, lose the clients and consequently fail the game. If you make it in on time, you will be able to present your work, keep your own reputation good and win the game!\n\nWill you rather stay in the car and wait for [[a miracle|A miracle]] to happen or just grab your laptop, [[rent a bicycle|Rent a bicycle]] for 5 pounds and run for your JOB!
Success! You will be able to make it on time and even do a bit of a cardio before the meeting. The extras that you get from the projects your company wins worth more than 20 pound at the end! You know and follow your priorities and you WIN!
Katerina Mutafchieva\n
A game about priorities a 20 pound note\n
Come on, man, are you for real?! You are an executive manager of a massively profitable company and you want to save some short money and run, get dirty and sweaty? That is not called professionalism, I am sorry but you FAIL!