Stalactites - check. Stalagmites - check. \n\n[img[stalactite-stalagmite-1.jpg]]\n\nWHERE AM I?\n\n[[Yell|Yell]] or [[look around some more|LookMore]].
<<silently>>\n<<set $sees_black_hole = false>>\n<<endsilently>>\n\nIt's cold.\n\n[[Roll over|RollOver]] or [[sit up|SitUp]].\n\nCheckout the resources!\n\n\n
The Underground
"Call me." - Jimmy Chattin\n
Well... This sucks. Jeez... Why isn't everything pitch black?\n\nMaybe that big scary hole is up and out of here.\n<<silently>>\n<<set $sees_black_hole = true>>\n<<endsilently>>\n\n[[Yell|Yell]] or [[go to the hole|GoToHole]].
Yep. That's rock. A lot of rock. Ouch...\n\n[[Sit Up.|SitUp]]
<<silently>>\n"HALLO!"\n\n...\n\nWhere the hell is the echo?\n\n<<if $sees_black_hole>>\nThere must be an opening!\n\n[[Run carefully to the hole.|GoToHole]]\n<<else>>\n<<set $sees_black_hole = true>>\nMaybe there's a way out of the blackest thing in the room.\n\n[[Go down the hole|GoToHole]] or [[look around some more|LookMore]].\n\n<<endif>>\n<<endsilently>>
Ouch. Sleeping on rock is not a good deal.\n\nWhere is this?\n\n[[Look around.|LookAroundSleeping]]
Slime slime slime slime.\n\nThat's the light at the end of this G-dang proverbial tunnel.\n\nA breeze!\n\n[[Run|DngrTunnel]], [[yell|Yell]], or [[crawl along|GoToView]].