\n\n\n\nThe gun fight ensues and both gangs are killing each other. Cornwell is taking cover behind the desk in the study waiting for his move. The gun fight stops and their is a silence in the room.\n\n"Mr. Cornwell, looks like we are the only ones left."\n\nCornwell still hidden puts his machine gun to the back of the desk and fires. He hears a scream. He stands up to see Victor lying on the floor full of bullet holes. He walks over and kneel next to him. With a disappointed look on his face he tells Victor,\n"I thought I would feel better but I don't think I will ever be okay with what I have done."\n\nCornwell picks up the gun and fires.
\n\n\nADA Cornwell drives home after the trial and as he approaches his house, he sees police cars outside his house. Distraught over the sight, he parks his car in the middle of the road and races to his house. He finds that the gang in retaliation has murdered his family. ADA Cornwell must find out who ordered the hit.\n\n[[Hit]]
\n\n\n\nVictor is brought into the precinct, his lawyer laughs at the conspiracy charge, and a police raid on his residence with a warrant turns up nothing. After Victor leaves, Jesus agrees to sign a sworn affidavit that the gang leader ordered the hit and was also involved in numerous other crimes - including drug trafficking and murder. This proves to be a fatal mistake as Jesus is shanked in prison before he can stand trial. ADA Cornwell is gunned down while getting into his car, survives, and has two choices:\n\n[[Take the vengeful approach]]\n\n[[Resign from the ADA position]]
\n\n\n\n\nADA Cornwell works with other criminals and lowlifes to kill Victor. The story continues from here with the player deciding if Cornwell gets an unregistered weapon or goes to the Cantina instead.\n\n[[Get an unregistered weapon]]
\n\n\n\nADA Robert Cornwell is addressing the jury with his closing arguments. \n"Hector Ramirez gunned down a teen in cold blood, so he could become a member of The Brotherhood of the Streets. He had shown no remorse for his actions. His attorney wants you to believe that he was brain washed and not responsible for his actions. But I want you to know that you have the power to bring justice to the victim's family and put this young man behind bars."\n\nIt took the jury two hours to return the verdict. \n\n[[Gulity]]
\n\nADA Cornwell contacts Alexander Rodgers on the LAPD. He has known him for years and working on cases with him. He makes the call and they meet in a bar to talk.\n\nADA Cornwell walks into the bar and spots Rodgers in dark corner in the back. Rodgers waves to Cornwell to come join him.\n\n"Rodgers, thanks for meeting me on such short notice."\n" No problem, I'm sorry to hear about your family. Do they know who did it?"\n"They have no leads but I think I know who did it..... the Brotherhood."\n"Well you did send one of the leaders nephew's to prison for the rest of his life."\n"They think that they own the streets. We need to take back what they stole from the city."\n"What that?"\n"Justice."\n"You know Victor Martinez other nephew, Jesus Martinez has been bragging about taking out your family."\n"Why have I never heard of him before?"\n"He only fifteen and just started working for his uncle. I think killed you family to secure his place in the gang."\n"You gonna let us do our job aren't you? I don't want you to go rogue and start killing people to get justice."\n"Don't worry about me. I have a plan......"\n\n \n\n\n[[The clues lead to a gang member named Jesus Martinez]]\n\n[[Don't play by the rules Hunt him down yourself]]\n\n[[Call your elite contact for more Intel on Martinez]]
\n\n\n\n\nThe discharge team spots a wire for an electric charge on the door. They disarm it. You all enter in guns in hand. Victor Martinez and his gang are inside. You get your guy. He's in custody and you can sleep knowing the man that murdered your family is safely behind bars…\n\n\n[[Talk about justice]]\n\n\n\n
\n\n\n\n\nJesus ends up on Death Row in San Quentin for the murder of Cornwell’s family. ADA Cornwell continues his crusade on crime and hopes to be able to bring down Victor’s gang some day.
\n\n\n\nADA Cornwell is in a motel room looking over the Hector Ramirez file.\n\n[[Hector Ramirez File]]
\n\n\n\nHector Ramirez: Age 19.\nGang affiliation: The Brotherhood of Streets\nCrimes: Murder in the First Degree. Grand Theft Auto. Aggravated Assault.\nAffliates: Jesus Martinez. \nPossible Leader: Victor Martinez ( Jesus's Uncle)\nGang's Location: Southside of LA.\nKnown for: Running Guns, drugs, and human trafficking.\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\t[[ADA Cornwell works with his friend at the police department to help him catch the killer]]\n\n\n\t[[Grief stricken ADA Cornwell takes matters into his own hands and goes after the killer]]
\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n[[Follow the evidence]]\n\n
\n\n\n\nThe gun fight ensues and both gangs are killing each other. Cornwell is taking cover behind the desk in the study waiting for his move. The gun fight stops and their is a silence in the room.\n \n\n"Victor, I'm done. I don't want to kill you. I'm not that person."\n\nCornwell stands up.\n\n"Well I'm sorry to hear that."\n\nVictor fires on shot into his chest.
\n\n\n\nCornwell and the gang are at the gate of Victor's Mansion. Cornwell is scared and don't think he will make it out of this but he would do anything for his family. They sneak into the place and find Victor in his study waiting for them. \n\n"Hello, Mr. Cornwell," Victor boast.\n"Victor, you picked the wrong person to mess with," says Cornwell.\nGuns drawn and Victor's goons enter the room. \n"Looks like we are going to have a gun fight."\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n[[Kill Victor]]\n\n[[Let him go]]\n
Point of No Return
\n \n\n\nYour contact leads you to an underground spot known as The Station where the gang normally hangs out. It appears Hector has been paying someone on the force off to keep quiet about his laundering business.\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n[[Call for back up]]
\n\n\n\n\nYou got him!
\n\n\n You show up at the scene with an army of cops. The swat team gets out. You hear a shot echo in the distance. One of your men just took out an enemy sniper hiding in the distance. The entrance to the underground club lies before you.\n\n\n\n[[I got it from here fellas]]\n\n\n[[Everyone get into position]]
\n\n\n\nYour dead. You can't go running into a gun fight without being prepared.
\n\n\n\nGood Night!
\n\n\n\n\nCornwell changes his identity, moves to an undisclosed location in the U.S., and starts a private practice doing something non-criminal like estate planning. \n\n[[Ignore Jesus pleas and have him booked for first degree murder]]
\n\n\nYou impatients kills you.
\n\n\nYou show up near the premises by yourself. You spot the entrance. You look down to find a red dot glowing on the left side your chest. It's too late to move.\n \n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n[[Go Solo]]
\n\nADA Cornwell meets Jerry and his gang at The Cantina.\n\n"What's the plan? Asked Cornwell.\n"I'll send some of the guys to the back and we will go in the front," says Jerry.\n"Do you think that is a good idea? We don't know how many people are in their."\n"We already scoped out the place and their is only five people in there. It is almost closing time."\n\nADA Cornwell and the gang make their way to the door. They enter the door and the people turn and pull guns on them. With their guns drawn, Cornwell starts to question them.\n\n"Where is Victor?" He shouts.\nThe bar laughs at him.\nHe asked again, "Where's Victor?"\nA man at the bar speaks to him, "You must have a death wish," he laughs.\n"I know Victor ordered the hit to kill my family and I want him dead.\n"If you really think you can kill him, he's at his mansion." Says the bartender.\n\n\n[[Victor's mansion]]
\n\n\n\nWith this choice Jesus reveals that Victor Ramirez ordered the hit on ADA Cornwell’s family. Cornwell remains doubtful, until Jesus’ statement is confirmed from a series of text messages Victor sent him using a disposable cell phone. \n\n\n[[Call your elite contact for more Intel on Martinez]]
\nADA Cornwell goes to the leader of the Blood Army for help. The Blood Army is a rival gang of the Brotherhood and the leader Jerry Asher won't give him the time of day. He thinks Cornwell is a snitch and will try to arrest him and his members so to prove himself they give him an address to get a weapon to kill Victor. If he succeeds in this mission they will meet him at The Cantina and help him.\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n[[Get an unregistered weapon]]\n\n\n
\n\nADA Cornwell is sent to a man they call Jesse James to get a unregistered gun to kill Victor. He finally makes it to the back door in an alley in the ghetto part of the city. He does the knock that Jerry told him to do. The door opens and a husky man in his fifties covered in grease opens the door. \n\n"How are you?"\n"Jerry Asher sent me."\n"Why would he send you here?"\n"He said you can get me what I need."\n"And what is it you need?"\n"I need a weapon that can't be traced."\n"And you think I have one?"\n"Yes, sir."\n"I think you need to go back to where you came from."\n"I can't do that. I need to kill a lowlife that killed my family."\n"Why don't I believe you?"\n"You can believe me. I have nothing left to lose."\n"Alright, this way."\n\nCornwell steps through the door into a garage of men tearing cars apart. Jesse James points him to his office in the back of the shop. He enters and takes a seat in front of the desk. Jesse James closes the door and sits at his desk.\n\n"What kind of weapon do you need?"\n"Well, I actually need a few."\n"What are you looking for?"\n"How about a 9mm, shotgun, and whatever else you got that can kill a lot of people at once."\n"Boy, what do you need that much of an arsonel for?"\n"I'm going to kill Victor Martinez."\n"Well then."\n\nJesse pulls out a duffle bag and starts to fill it with guns and ammo. After the bag is full, Cornwell pulls out a manila envelope full of money and hands it to Jesse James. You make the call to Jerry and....\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n[[The Cantina]]
\n\n\n\nA weary ADA Robert Cromwell is at the precinct demanding answers about the murder of his family. The word on the street is Victor Martinez leader of the Brotherhood is behind it because of the conviction of Hector Ramirez. The Police Chief is sympathetic and patronizing. “As soon as we get a lead we will let you know. You know how these things are.” \n\nYeah he does. He also knows bull when he smells it. Cromwell decides to take matters into his own hands.\n\nAn unshaven, ADA Cromwell is seated at Frank & Hank's bar in a seedy part of town drinking heavily with his best friend, a former Detective who was discharged from the force because of drug abuse. The Detective straightens up and is ready to rendezvous. “So you want to go after the Brotherhood, huh?” \n\n“Yeah. They got the Chief in their pocket. Even if they bring them in, they'll let them go on a technicality.” Cromwell slams his fist on the bar. But, not this time! Someone's gonna pay!\n\nThat somebody could be you, Robbie. I got friends in low places and high places too. What are you willing to do? \n\n\n[[Plot with a rival gang to kill Victor Martinez]]\n\t\n[[Kill the Brotherhood one-by-one]] \n\n
\n\n\nADA Cornwell has forensics check the shell casings collected from the scene of his family’s murder against the gun Jesus was trying to get rid of (unknowingly trading the gun with an undercover cop offering drugs) when he was picked up. It’s a match; Jesus is looking at murder one and begs for a deal, ignoring his lawyer’s advice.\n\n\n[[Listen to what Jesus has to say]]\n[[Go after Victor Martinez based on the text messages to Jesus]]
Jennifer Rose Bellis
\n\n\nYou enter the club. [[BOOM!]] You're blown away from the electric charge placed on the door.\n\n\n\n