The man leaned in as he spoke, and she shrunk back as spittle lapped around his slurred enunciation. Whatever she was to say was lost in her flinch, and she skirted quickly around the elderly man. "[[Was he a drinker? someone crazy?|car]]"
PHOTO Insert\n\nAge: 25\nChildren: 2, ages 1 and 3\nRace: Chinese\nNationality: Jamaican\nCitizenship: Britian\n\nFather:\nMother: \nSiblings: 11 males\n\nClosed Record: 1937\nOpen Record: 1961\nClosed Record: 1974\nClosed Record: 1988\nClosed Record: 2015\nClosed Record: 2067\nClosed Record: 2069\n\nEntry Pass Key: Yes or No
His reply left her unsatisfied and chilled. "Everyone is colored in Jamaica," came an inside voice unbidden, "What they call whites are just another shade of a brother or sister or a cousin." \n\nLess audibly, the inside voice took on her aunt's tone, more charitably and concerned. "The Chinese fleeing Mao to the British colony are colored. Beware child. You are a stranger here."
She entered and left hurried back to the car. She didn't understand these signs or why the elderly man had intercepted her path.\n\nSliding in and pulling the heavy door closed, a question came softly and in the pauses of slow drawn breathes. "Who are coloreds and why do they have a seperate bathroom?"\n\n[[His reply|unbidden]]
She turned to the closest and paused. Women she understood.\n\nHer confusion was not writ plain. She had learned to school her face in front of her elders and her peers. She had learned those lessons well of revealing one's thoughts and being beaten for them, for showing strength or for asserting. Her face was inscrutable, only the slowing of her pace giving way that her choice was not obvious.\n\n"Oh no lady, that's the wrong place for you. Whites is where you need [[to go.|car]]"\n\n
The women's bathrooms were to the left, [[the signs|signs]] only appearing once she angled past a clump of Palm trees and a family dragging a wailing 5-year old in tow.
Briar Tailchaser
She paused, uncertain which to doorway to enter. "Aren't you [[exotic looking|stranger]]. Don't worry, you're in the right place. That other door is for coloreds. You know what they are, [[right?|respond]]"